Author's Note: I wrote this as a fill for this prompt on the Glee Kink Meme:

An AU (dystopia?) where there are laws that force gay teens to get into a civil union with each other, in order to keep them from "preying on the heterosexuals". The law would also establish gender roles inside the same-sex union, trying to normalize homosexuality as much as possible.

Kurt and Blaine both grew up in this society and, while aware that it's not fair, they accept it as fact and don't want to risk imprisonment for disobedience. They get married to eachother by the state, without their consent, and are expected to consummate the marriage within 24 hours of its official announcement. Blaine gets assigned the role of husband.

First-time sex, with both of them nervous and not really familiar with eachother. I'd love to see Blaine trying to be as gentle with Kurt as possible, feeling really guilty though he did nothing wrong.

Please give this a happy ending :)

I fell in love with this prompt immediately and am really happy I took it up. I would love to hear what you think!

Under Oath

Blaine Anderson

Kurt ran his fingers over the printed letters. In a few hours, that was the boy he was to marry. That was the name he'd be calling for the rest of his life. In the two days since he had received the letter, he'd tried to imagine what this boy would look like, but it wasn't one of those names that told you much. Not boring, per se, but not a name that jumped out at you. There was no middle name, which Kurt found odd. Perhaps they didn't think homosexuals deserved three names. Maybe they thought it would be a good conversation starting point in their life together.

His eyes lowered to the next piece of information the letter told him, below the name and the paragraph about the date of the ceremony, what it would entail, threats about what would happen if he did not go through with it as ordered.

Relationship Roles:

Blaine Anderson – Husband

Kurt Hummel – Wife

Kurt leaned his head back against his bedroom wall. Wife. Of course. Lady, Queen, Wife; they were all one and the same, really. He had expected it from the moment the interviewer stepped through his door. The government said that by talking to the teenagers they were pairing up, they could find them a more suitable match, but all those involved knew it was purely to establish gender roles. They got their list of 'wives' and list of 'husbands' and went from there. He'd heard there were decisions made based on height and star sign, but he was pretty sure those were rumours. After all, he was the only out gay kid in his town, so his sources couldn't be particularly reliable.

His eyes roamed across the bedroom he had been cultivating for years. These were his last few hours of being able to call this room his own: the government had set up accommodation across the country for newly married homosexuals, allowing them to get a degree or a job before they searched for a house together. Thousands of homeless gays was not exactly good PR. Blaine Anderson hadn't offered to pay for a house for the two of them, but neither had Kurt, so he couldn't exactly complain. He wouldn't buy a house for a forced husband he didn't know even if he had the monetary capacity.

He'd packed all of his things into boxes in preparation for the government employees who would be transporting them to his new home. He was sitting on his bare mattress in a room full of empty shelves and a beautiful colour scheme. He was still permitted to see his friends and family after the ceremony – a right which should not have felt as much like a privilege as it did – but this room could not be his unless he brought Anderson – Blaine, he had to call him Blaine – to his family home for the night. Even then, it wouldn't be his, it would be theirs. Everything was going to be theirs. A shared house, as required. A joint bank account, as ordered. Furniture, cars, pets, curtains, food bills, fucking children, all of it theirs, never his; never Blaine's, never Kurt's. He would share his whole life, even his body, with this boy that he had never met. And he was definitely a boy, not a man. That was the rule. As soon as they hit eighteen, they were put on the list for marriage and the ceremony would occur with a year. For Kurt, it had only been two weeks since that date which, for most teenagers, would have been liberating, but for him was the warning sign for ultimate entrapment.

Kurt swung his legs off the mattress and folded the piece of paper once more as he stood up. He slipped it into the pocket of his skinny jeans and walked to the door of his bedroom. He turned to survey the room one last time before pulling open the door and heading downstairs. His father, Carole and Finn were all in the living room; Carole and his father sitting, Finn leaning uncomfortably against the mantelpiece.

"Kurt," Carole said in that soft, pitying voice she had been using since the letter with the governmental stamp on it had arrived. She stood, pulling him into a soft hug. Kurt let her, wrapping his arms around her and burying his head against her shoulder. These were his last few hours being considered a child and he was damn well going to take advantage of them. He felt a hand on his back and knew his father had joined them. He could hear Finn shuffle closer.

Kurt could feel tears forming in his eyes, so he pulled away from Carole. "What do you think?" he asked, gesturing at his outfit. It was just like any regular outfit of his, beautifully put together and looking like it came from the very pages of Vogue, but it was all in the brightest, cleanest white. "I think it has just enough of the traditional vibe for them not to drag me off to a dungeon while still—"

"Still saying 'screw them'," Finn interjected with a small smile. "It's awesome, Kurt."

"Thanks, Finn."

The taller boy grabbed his shoulder unexpectedly, tugging Kurt into his arms. "I'm really going to miss you being here. I know…I know it doesn't make it better, but I wish it didn't have to be this way. I hope he's nice. And, you know, at least average looking."

Kurt laughed and let his stepbrother give him a squeeze before he was released. "I don't know how I'm going to deal with not living with you guys." He looked at each of their faces, all filled with sadness for him, and knew his last free hours with them could not be this morose. "Thank god I can cook, right?"

They had tried to normalise the ceremony as much as possible. Kurt's family sat on one side of the room, staring at Blaine's family on the other side. Neither set were sure whether they should cross over and greet each other. Was it really right to meet your son's step-family before he'd even met his own husband? After a few minutes, Kurt's family got to see Blaine, who was led into the room to stand at the end of the short aisle. The boy looked terrified, pulling at the sleeves of wedding-appropriate suit and glancing repeatedly at the door Kurt would enter from. His brother, or the man Burt assumed was his brother, would occasionally catch his eye and give him a thumbs-up and then a reprimanding frown, making Blaine drop his arms to his sides and stand like he was supposed to be there. Burt couldn't help but be struck by how young this boy looked. He knew Kurt had the tendency to look like a child, so he shouldn't have been surprised, but it was far more noticeable in a boy who was not his own. It hit him all over again how wrong this was, how unready these two children – for they were children, really, regardless of what law said – were to be joined to each other so completely.

Without warning, music started up. It was the classic wedding march, of course. Both families turned to the double doors at the back of the room and Blaine stiffened, looking like he was about to faint. The doors opened and Kurt stepped through them, eyes flicking automatically to his family, who gave him encouraging looks, then to Blaine. Their eyes met, seeing for the first time the eyes they would stare into for the rest of their lives. Kurt tried to breathe normally and keep walking, suddenly feeling less nervous and more terrified. Blaine smiled at him just a tiny bit and Kurt noted that his soon-to-husband was really quite beautiful. He had warm eyes which stayed fixed on Kurt's, guiding to the end of the aisle.

As Kurt processed towards him, Blaine was utterly shell-shocked. This boy was beautiful. Beautiful. He couldn't fathom his eyes, which seemed to have no distinct colour, glittering even in the fluorescent lights of the ceremony room. Blaine took in the boy's – Kurt's, Kurt Hummel-soon-to-be-Anderson's outfit and couldn't help but smile. The undercurrent of defiance was perfect and all at once Blaine was sure he could learn to like and maybe love this boy. When Kurt stopped beside him and the man uniting them began to speak, they kept glancing at each other, trying to take in this new person, scope out what they were like. The first time they caught each other doing this, both of them blushed, but smiled shyly. Blaine mouthed 'hi', earning him a roll of the eyes from Kurt and a silent 'hello' in reply. Then they turned back to the man in front of them, trying to look as though they were concentrating. They were far more focused on each other than their own wedding.

Eventually, the words the man was saying began to sink in; those about spending their lives together, supporting each other no matter the circumstances, anything and everything until death did they part. They promised themselves to each other with nervous smiles and quivering hands as they pushed rings onto the other's finger. They didn't kiss, even when they were told they could. Neither boy was quite ready for that when they had only heard the other say two words out loud. They settled for a respectful hug and a walk back down the aisle with their arms only brushing against each other, no hands held.

They were provided with a reception in the same building. Over glasses of champagne, their families introduced themselves while Kurt and Blaine just watched each other. Kurt saw how charming Blaine was with his parents, how he managed to drag laughs out of Finn and Burt with talk of sports and a smile from Carole when he complimented her dress. Kurt decided very early on that Blaine had a beautiful voice; it was distinctive but not intrusive, the kind of voice you could listen to for hours. He hoped that Blaine thought the same of his.

The other boy's parents seemed a little reserved, but Kurt had expected that. The whole situation was uncomfortable. Blaine's brother was the most talkative, but he kept pushing Kurt towards his new husband, evidently trying to get them to bond. It only really worked when they sat down to eat, Blaine and Kurt forced together by the seating plan. They started a tentative conversation, but when their families purposefully turned from them to ensure they carried on, they became more confident. By the end of the meal, both boys were laughing, talking more than they had hoped they would and getting along better than they could have wished for.

Eventually, they had to leave their families and head for their new house alone. The car ride was silent, both boys nervous once more. Without really talking about it, they spent a while exploring all of the rooms, looking at the furniture they had been provided with, the small amount of complimentary food in the fridge, what things they'd like to change. When it couldn't be avoided any more, they ended up together in their bedroom, sitting at opposite ends of the bed, legs crossed, staring at the bedspread.

"I have no idea what I'm doing," Kurt said.

"Me neither." Blaine peered up at him from under his lashes and caught Kurt's eyes. Both boys blushed and laughed a little. "At least we know it's awkward for both of us."

"I just can't believe we're married. I just…I don't even know you."

Blaine sighed and crawled a little closer to the other boy. "I know, but it's done now. And I like to think myself very lucky in getting such an attractive husband." He grinned at Kurt, who blushed even more, looking away. Blaine launched into speech again. "Oh, God, I'm sorry. That came out all wrong. It was way too forward and just…I'm not creepy, I swear. It's just that we're married and we're supposed to…consummate it and, god, Kurt, I'm so nervous, you wouldn't believe."

"Blaine, it's okay, I get it. Really, I do." He took Blaine's – his husband's hand, noticing how it fit well in his. Another relief. "And I have a very attractive husband, too." He smiled and squeezed Blaine's hand before taking a deep breath. "So. How much longer do we have before we're supposed to have…you know?"

Blaine glanced at the clock on their new bedside table. "Nineteen hours and…thirty-four minutes. But don't feel pressured into doing it now," he said quickly, looking back at Kurt, who was surprisingly still holding his hand.

"I…Can we, I don't know, kiss first? Otherwise it's just a bit…sudden."

"Yeah, of course, I wouldn't ever expect us to just jump straight into it." Blaine saw Kurt smirk a little. "Sorry," he said. "That wasn't supposed to sound so—"

"Blaine, seriously, it's okay." Kurt took the boy's other hand. "This is going to be awkward. It's going to be scary. I can deal with that."

Blaine nodded, raising one of Kurt's hands slowly and pressing his lips to the back of it. "I'm so sorry about this Kurt. I just need you to know that. I also…from what I have learnt of you so far, I think you're wonderful. I mean, when you walked down the aisle in your white skinny jeans, I knew we were going to get along on some level."

"Oh, really?" Kurt asked, arching an eyebrow. He had to admit, Blaine kissing his hand and being so sweet was making this situation a little better.

"Really." Blaine stared at him for a second before leaning forwards and pressing his lips gently to Kurt's cheek. It was brief and very chaste and he sat back quickly. "Was that okay?" he whispered.

"Yeah," Kurt said with a squeeze to the other boy's fingers. "Thank you."

"Tell me if I'm going too fast. I know we're on a ticking clock, but we can go as slowly as you like within that timeframe."

Kurt nodded and shuffled a little closer to Blaine. Their knees were pressed against each other, the point of contact warm, but not as scary as Kurt had expected. For now, he trusted Blaine. He knew he wasn't ready to have sex with anyone, but he had to and Blaine was doing the best that he could. Kurt couldn't help but like the boy.

"So, before we start, I guess I should ask if you've done anything like this before," Kurt said, looking away from Blaine again.

"You mean…You mean sex?" Kurt nodded. "No, not at all. H-have you?"

"No," Kurt said with a laugh. "God, no. I'm the only gay kid in my town. Not exactly many opportunities."

"Me too. So we're on an even playing field then?"

"And you're making sports references. I demand a divorce." Blaine looked panicked and Kurt immediately lifted a hand to the other boy's arm. "Hey, Blaine, I was joking. I…I do that. Defence mechanism. Don't take it to heart, okay?"

"Right. Yeah, of course." He sighed. "I wish I had a chance to learn more about you before we…"

Kurt pressed his lips together as he nodded, trying not to cry. He'd long ago accepted that this was the way it was going to be, although he continually resented the iniquity of it. It had become something expected. But now, sitting on a bed with a boy he had both met and married just a few hours ago, it was hitting him all over again how ridiculous and unfair this was. He was more scared than he could remember ever being; more scared than when he was being beaten up every day; more scared than when he walked down the aisle.

"What's your middle name?" Blaine asked, pulling Kurt out of his thoughts.

He blinked a few times to clear the tears from his eyes as he processed what the other boy had said. "You noticed that, too?"

Blaine laughed, the action making him clutch harder at Kurt's fingers, and nodded.

"Well, technically it's Eugene," Kurt said, feeling himself blush. "But I tend to go by Elizabeth. It's my mother's name."

"But I thought…The woman I met today was called Carole."

Kurt looked up, seeing that Blaine was frowning. "That's my stepmother. My mother died when I was eight."

Blaine's eyes widened, his forehead creasing further. Kurt noted that he had one of the most expressive faces he'd ever seen. All the emotions could be read from the slant of his eyebrows, the set of his mouth. It was intriguing.

"Oh, Kurt, I'm so sorry. I didn't intend—"

"Don't. It was a long time ago. It's not your fault. Anyway, the government would probably prefer Elizabeth. At least I conform more to my role that way."

Blaine gave Kurt such a heartbroken expression that the taller boy had to work very hard not to start crying again. "Oh, Kurt. I don't expect you to keep to that, you know. You can be whoever you like. You can be the breadwinner or whatever. We both can. You can…you can even…top, if you like."

Kurt shook his head. "They'd know, Blaine. Although they can't argue with me working for a few years, can they? It's just if we – I mean when we have children."

"We don't have to have children if you don't want them."

"Blaine," he reached up and cupped the other boy's cheek, surprising even himself, "let's cross that bridge when we come to it."

The other boy nodded. He put his hand over Kurt's, slotting his fingers between the other boy's and lifting it from his cheek. He gave Kurt a questioning look and, when he received a tiny nod in return, pressed a light kiss to Kurt's palm. He kissed Kurt's hand again, this time at the heel, then his wrist. He paused, lips against the other boy's skin, and looked into his eyes.

"It's okay," Kurt said. "It's good."

Blaine pressed his lips to Kurt's wrist once more before lowering their joined hands to the bed. Then he leaned forwards, stopping with the tip of his nose brushing against Kurt's. "Can I—?"

Kurt tilted his head, cutting Blaine off as he pressed his lips to the other boy's. He noticed immediately how soft Blaine's lips were, then how Brittany had been wrong: they didn't taste like burgers and dip at all. They tasted just a little bit like wedding cake and beneath that was something Kurt couldn't describe, something he assumed was just Blaine. The other boy brought a hand up to hold Kurt's cheek, moving his lips carefully, trying not to push too far too fast. He pulled back after only a few seconds, not realising that Kurt wouldn't have minded if he hadn't. He let out a breath that almost constituted a laugh, eyes flicking repeatedly to Kurt's and away again.

"Was that alright?"

Kurt kissed the corner of Blaine's mouth, gently bumping his nose against the other boy's cheek. "You don't have to ask me that every time."

"I-I want you to know that I respect you and I won't push you."

"If I want to stop, I'll tell you. You have to trust me, Blaine."

Blaine looked into the other boy's eyes. "I do."

Kurt smiled, taking Blaine's chin in his hand and bringing their lips together for another, longer kiss. "Then make love to me."

Blaine let out a tiny choked sound at Kurt's words. "Now?"

"There isn't really any other time."

"It still feels too soon."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Blaine, it's not our decision. It's theirs." He waved a hand vaguely to indicate the greater force controlling their relationship. "Kiss me again and we'll go from there."

Blaine was about to protest again, but Kurt gave him a hard look, just daring him to try. The shorter boy bit his lip as he nodded, then leaned closer again. He kissed the very corner of Kurt's mouth, then trailed his lips across his cheekbone, darting his tongue out to lick at the shell of his ear. Kurt shuddered against him, putting a hand on Blaine's knee. Blaine did it again, amazed at the whimper it brought out of Kurt. He kissed just under the other boy's earlobe, but stopped before he kissed down his neck. Instead, he brought his lips back to Kurt's, which were parted in a gasp. He traced his tongue around Kurt's mouth before letting it slip inside. Kurt immediately moaned, pressing his fingers into Blaine's knee and bringing his other hand up to grip at the other boy's hair. Blaine placed a hand on Kurt's cheek, angling the other boy's head to kiss him deeper. He groaned into Kurt's mouth, head dizzy from the sensation of running his tongue along Kurt's. Both boys unwittingly moved closer to each other, knees overlapping as they clutched at each other, tongues licking at each other's mouths.

Finally, Blaine pulled away, blinking his eyes open slowly and finding Kurt staring at him.

"You're very talented with your tongue, Mr Anderson."

Blaine laughed, bumping the tip of his nose against Kurt's. "So are you, Mr Anderson."

Something changed in Kurt's eyes. The brightness, brought on by kissing, dulled and he seemed to shrink in on himself. Blaine realised what he'd done and brought a hand to Kurt's knee, rubbing his thumb back and forth across it in a way that he hoped was comforting. "Kurt, I'm sorry," he said. "I didn't mean to. I know you're not used to that yet."

"It's fine, Blaine."

"No, it's not fine. I upset you."

"You called me by my name. I just have to get used to it, that's all. Please, just carry on." Kurt put a hand on either side of Blaine's face, staring straight into his eyes. "I'm fine now. What you were doing felt really good and I don't want to ruin it."

Blaine placed his hands over Kurt's. "You couldn't ruin it. You're perfect."

Kurt smirked at him, pulling his hands out from under the other boy's. Blaine dropped his to the bed. "I don't think it will take you long to figure out that that's not true, Blaine."

Blaine tilted his head, considering, before kissing Kurt swiftly. "Can we just," he whispered against Kurt's lips, "accept that I think you're perfect?"

Kurt couldn't say no when he could feel Blaine's words spoken onto his lips. He wrapped his arms around the other boy's neck and kissed him hard on the mouth. He immediately licked at Blaine's lips so that Blaine's mouth opened, allowing Kurt's tongue to enter. Their tongues tangled together again as Blaine wrapped his fingers around Kurt's hips. The taller boy crawled into Blaine's lap, straddling him. Blaine immediately pulled back.

"Wait, what are you doing?" he asked, eyes wide and breath ragged.

"Kissing you."

"This isn't—"

Kurt was starting to suspect Blaine would do this all the way. He knew the other boy was trying to be respectful, trying to show that he cared and that he thought Kurt mattered, but every time they stopped, Kurt's nerves just increased. They were just kissing. It was pretty harmless. Once they reached the further stages, he was pretty sure they would have to pause while he adjusted to the situation, but for now he was happy to carry on. For that reason, he cut the other boy off with a kiss again, running his fingers through Blaine's hair as their lips moved against each other. Blaine seemed to give in and his arms snaked around Kurt's back, tugging him closer. Their hips moved against each other and both boys groaned.

Kurt moved his hands to the buttons on Blaine's shirt, undoing them with fingers well-practised at the art. As he reached Blaine's stomach, the other boy broke away from him. Kurt pressed a finger to his lips to stop him from protesting, undoing the last few buttons with one hand. This had Blaine staring at him in awe.

"I have some very complex clothes," Kurt said in explanation, surprised at how husky his voice was.

Blaine simply nodded, rubbing his hands up and down Kurt's back. Then he reached up and started to unbutton Kurt's shirt, albeit much more slowly. Kurt tried not to shiver every time Blaine's fingertips brushed against the skin of his chest and stomach, but he'd never been touched or cared for this way before. Every part of his body seemed hypersensitive; his lips felt bruised, but in the best way he could imagine. He pushed Blaine's shirt off his shoulders and let the other boy do the same for him. He couldn't help himself from clasping Blaine's face in his hands and kissing him almost desperately. He wanted it now, more than he'd ever expected to. Blaine was so kind, so handsome and really did the most fabulous things with his tongue. Kurt had always wished he could be in love for a moment like this, but considering the circumstances, he thought that this was nigh on perfect.

When he reached for the button of Blaine's pants, the other boy hesitated. Kurt felt Blaine stiffen underneath him, about to pull back. He broke away from him. "Are you okay?" he asked the other boy. Blaine was trying so hard to make Kurt feel comfortable; the least he could do was return the favour.

"I remembered what we were doing and I…" He blinked shyly up at Kurt from under his eyelashes. "I got scared. But I'm fine."

Kurt stroked his thumb across Blaine's cheek. "Are you sure?"

Blaine just kissed him, guiding Kurt's fingers back to the button, which the taller boy quickly unfastened before pulling the zip down. He scratched his nails up Blaine's stomach, loving how Blaine gasped into his mouth. He scrambled off the other boy's lap, unbuttoning his own jeans. Blaine slapped his hands away, taking over. Kurt let him, smiling up at him even though Blaine was looking at the jeans and not him. The other boy tried to tug Kurt's jeans down, but Kurt had to lift his hips before Blaine managed it.

"These are very skinny jeans, Kurt," he said, staring down at them as Kurt shimmied a little to get them off.

"I thought you liked them," Kurt said, a little breathless as Blaine pulled them all the way off and dropped them to the floor, too. The shorter boy hovered over Kurt, brushing his lips against the other boy's.

"I do. It doesn't stop them being difficult to get off."

Kurt giggled against Blaine's lips, raising his hands to the hips above his own and hooking his thumbs under the waistband of Blaine's boxers. He pulled both them and the pants off so that they pooled around Blaine's knees. The shorter boy shifted so he could kick them off, then turned back to the other boy, trying not to be shy about how completely naked he was.

Kurt hooked his thumbs under the waistband of his briefs, then paused. He looked up at Blaine, trying desperately not to look at inappropriate places regardless of how curious he was, and tried to breathe. Blaine caught this look and reached out to stroke Kurt's arm.

"It's okay," he said. "Do you want me to…look away?"

Kurt shook his head quickly. "No. We're…we're about to have sex. You should at least see me naked."

"I don't have to if it makes you uncomfortable."

"Blaine, I'm going to be blunt, okay?" The other boy nodded, a frown forming between his thick eyebrows that Kurt couldn't help but think was cute. "You're about to put your…" He steeled himself. "Cock inside me. I think that's a little more personal than a bit of nudity."

Blaine sucked in a breath through his teeth, making a hissing sound. "You're right. Do you think I could…?" He placed his shaking hands over Kurt's, slipping his index fingers in next to Kurt's thumbs. Kurt gasped at Blaine's skin on his, closer to his cock than any other person had ever been. They were pressed right over his hipbones and he squirmed a little in pleasure before nodding and removing his hands. Blaine caught his eye and both of them were surprised by how dark the other's pupils were. Kurt leaned back on his elbows and watched Blaine's eyes trail down chest to where he was loosely gripping Kurt's hips. Both boys were breathing more raggedly and although he could feel himself blushing all the way down his neck from the embarrassment of it, Kurt was completely hard. Despite how awkward it was and how little he knew the other boy, he was about to have sex. Actual, real life sex. That was undeniably exciting.

Kurt saw Blaine glance down further and watched the other boy's eyes widen as he took in the bulge in Kurt's briefs. He looked up to Kurt's face again, mouth open a little. "Kurt," he said, the word coming out broken in a way that made Kurt irrationally want him closer again.

"Kiss me," he said. "Please."

For the first time, Blaine didn't hesitate. He surged up Kurt's body and pressed their mouths together, kissing him deeply. Kurt moaned, running his fingertips up Blaine's arms as he licked into the other boy's mouth. He could understand why people did this so much: it felt heavenly. Blaine, who had been hovering just above him, lowered his body onto Kurt's, pressing all of them against each other. Kurt gasped and pulled back from the kiss, closing his eyes and leaning his head back into the pillow. He could feel Blaine hard against him and fuck, he just needed to breathe for a second.

"Kurt? I – is this okay? I'm sorry—"

"Blaine, please stop apologising. It's fine. More than fine. I just need a moment, okay? It's a lot."

"Yeah. Yeah, of course." Blaine leaned his forehead against Kurt's collarbone, breathing heavily. "Tell me whenever you need to stop."

Kurt trailed a hand up the other boy's back. "You, too. Don't go all cavalier on me and do things when you don't feel comfortable."

"Wouldn't dream of it," Blaine said and Kurt could feel the other boy smiling against his skin. Blaine pressed a gentle kiss to the hollow at the base of his neck. "How are you feeling?" he asked, resting his nose in the place he had just kissed.

"Am I allowed to say horny?"

Blaine lifted his head and caught Kurt's eye before bursting into laughter. He leaned his head into Kurt's neck, chuckling, back shaking. "Yes," he said, coughing the word out between laughs. "Yes, you definitely are."

Kurt smiled down at the boy in his arms, feeling a strange flutter in his chest. He stroked his fingers up Blaine's spine, right up to the back of his head, where he ran his fingers gently through his hair. He curved his neck and pressed a kiss to the other boy's forehead. Then he hooked two fingers under Blaine's chin, tilting his head up. "Laughing is all well and good, Mr Anderson, but what are you going to do about it?" he asked, eyes sparkling. Blaine gaped up at him momentarily; it should have looked stupid, but Kurt somehow found it both attractive and endearing. Then Blaine snapped his mouth shut and leaned up to kiss him again. It was brief but seared through Kurt's body, making him push his hips up into the other boy's. Blaine pulled back, kissing down Kurt's neck, sucking a little on his collarbone.

"If you want me to stop, just say." His lips were still against Kurt's skin and the other boy moaned, tugging slightly on Blaine's hair where his fingers were still tangled in it. Blaine took this is as encouragement and continued to trail his lips downwards. He pressed tiny kisses to Kurt's sternum, eyes flicking up to the other boy's face constantly to check that he was okay with this. When Kurt leaned his head back, stretching out his neck and arching his back a little, Blaine couldn't stop himself from licking a stripe across to one nipple, sucking it into his mouth. Kurt keened, his other hand grabbing Blaine's shoulder, pressing his fingers hard into the skin so it turned white under the points of pressure.

"Blaine, Blaine. God, why does that feel so good?"

Blaine grinned, then licked around the edge of Kurt's nipple before sucking it back into his mouth again. He groaned at the way it hardened to a nub against his tongue and the vibrations made Kurt tug on his hair again. Blaine acted on impulse, biting lightly before he pulled back. He lay his cheek against Kurt's chest, breathing heavily. "Still okay?"

"So okay. Just," Kurt pulled Blaine's hair insistently, "more."

"You sure this isn't too fast?"

"Blaine, please."

Kurt sounded so sure, so full of want and Blaine couldn't help but oblige. He returned his lips to Kurt's skin, kissing down the centre of stomach. He trailed his fingertips down Kurt's ribs, barely brushing the skin, and goose-bumps formed under his touch. Kurt slipped his hand from Blaine's shoulder to the back of his neck, his legs involuntarily spreading further apart. Blaine sensed the movement and stopped. He had suddenly realised exactly what he was doing and was momentarily overwhelmed. He pressed his forehead to Kurt's stomach, trying to keep himself calm.

"Why are you stopping?" Kurt whined above his head.

"Kurt, I'm sorry, I need to…I need a moment."

Blaine felt Kurt's fingers let go of his hair, stroking his scalp instead in a movement that was actually soothing, which he supposed was the intention. "It's okay," Kurt said, voice suddenly a lot softer. "Take all the time you need."

Blaine paused where he was, breathing steadily against Kurt's stomach. He could do this. He could. He had to. If he didn't, he was not the only one who would be imprisoned: he'd be taking Kurt down with him and Blaine could not do that; Kurt didn't deserve that. "Thank you," he said, "for being you. I couldn't have dealt with it if I hated you. I know I haven't known you long, but…you make me feel safe."

"The feeling's mutual."

Blaine took a few more breaths before lifting his head again. "Okay. I'm okay."

Kurt stroked Blaine's curls back from his forehead, smiling down at him. "You're doing amazingly."

"I don't have any technique. I'm just muddling through here."

"Well, it's definitely working," Kurt said. Blaine caught his eye and saw the smirk.

"You're cheeky," he said with a grin.

"And you're sweet. Now, if you're good to carry on, what you were doing felt really good." He tilted his hips up, letting his erection brush against the other boy's chest and enjoying the way Blaine's eyelids fluttered. Blaine just moaned in reply before pressing a kiss to Kurt's navel. He considered for a second, then darted his tongue out, dipping it into Kurt's belly button. The taller boy cried out and grabbed Blaine's hair once more. He did it again, licking slower this time, letting his tongue flick languorously out of the dip. Kurt's hand flew from the back of his neck to the bed beside them, gripping the sheets hard in his fingers. Blaine could still feel Kurt's cock bumping against his chest and the sensation made him just want to rut into the bed.

He slipped his fingers under the waistband of Kurt's briefs again, kissing further down his stomach. "I'm going to…" He tugged at the material and Kurt lifted his hips to make it easier. Blaine pulled the briefs off, trying not to gasp when Kurt's cock was bared, hard and lying flat on his stomach. He dropped the item onto the floor on top of their other clothes and stopped, just staring at Kurt's cock. He'd never seen one in real life before and he couldn't help himself.


He heard the nervousness in Kurt's voice and snapped his head up to see the boy leaning up on his elbows, watching the boy between his legs with a worried expression.

"You're beautiful," Blaine said, kissing the side of Kurt's knee.

"Thank you," he replied, looking relieved. "So are you."

"I thought that the moment I saw you," Blaine continued, considering for a second before pressing light kisses up Kurt's thigh. He heard the other boy gasp and felt the thump of him falling flat onto the bed again. Blaine wanted to ask if this was alright, but he had a feeling Kurt would yell at him for being too much of a gentlemen, so he carried on, kissing and licking at Kurt's skin until he reached the juncture between thigh and hip. There he stopped, sucking at the skin. Kurt's skin tasted better than he knew a person's could and the scent of him, so strong where he was now, made his head spin. He couldn't deny that he was attracted to this boy.

He noticed that Kurt was whimpering, hips moving back and forth while Blaine continued to suck a mark into his skin. The shorter boy pulled back at once, having forgotten himself, so wrapped up in everything about Kurt. He put his hands on the back of Kurt's thighs to ground himself before lifting his head and kissing the head of Kurt's cock. The other boy let out a yell, arching his back. Encouraged, Blaine repeated the action, then sucked the head into his mouth. Kurt's eyes rolled back in his head and he moaned loudly. Blaine nearly pulled back to make sure he could carry on, but Kurt pushed on the back of his head; not with a great deal of force, but just enough to tell Blaine he was not to take his mouth away. The shorter boy gripped Kurt's thighs harder and sank his mouth further down Kurt, trying to memorise the sensation of the weight on his tongue, of the other boy filling his mouth.

He felt Kurt's hips rocking back and forth and braced his forearm across them. He didn't think Kurt would deal well with him choking. He hollowed his cheeks, drawing slowly back up Kurt's length, unsure that he was doing it right. The way Kurt was keening and flexing his fingers against Blaine's scalp gave him some confidence. All of a sudden Kurt was tugging on his hair, pulling him back. Blaine pulled his lips off Kurt, trying not to notice the ridiculously erotic popping sound that made.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I'm far too close. We need to…we should…" Kurt was breathing too heavily to speak coherently. He tugged on Blaine's hair again and the other boy moved up over his husband's body, laying them chest to chest, both boys gasping at the skin-on-skin contact, and kissed him.

Blaine propped himself up on his forearms, groaning at the way Kurt moved to kiss his neck. He leaned across to the drawers by the bed. As the husband, he'd been informed that everything they'd need would be in there. He pulled the drawer open with more difficulty than normal – Kurt sucking on his collarbone was very distracting and his fingers kept slipping. Something clattered inside and he reached around blindly as Kurt's hands stroked up his back, then down, slipping daringly over his ass and making Blaine hiss.

"Okay, okay," he said, laughing. "Patience, Kurt."

"No," Kurt replied, sucking on Blaine's neck again.

Blaine succeeded in grabbing something which felt right and lifted his hand out of the drawer, dropping the pile onto the bed. He didn't even look at it, leaning down to kiss Kurt breathless instead.

He had to pull away soon, just to check that he'd got what he needed. A full, unopened bottle of lube and numerous condoms were on the pillow next to Kurt's head. The other boy turned to look at them.

"A bit ambitious, don't you think, Blaine?"

"Oh, shh, I couldn't see what I was doing. You're very distracting."

Kurt just hummed in reply and pulled Blaine's lips back to his. He was feeling insatiable. He heard the other boy pick up the bottle next to him and uncap it one-handed. "Kurt," Blaine mumbled against his lips, "I need to…"

Kurt let him go, still shocked by how much he wanted to keep kissing him. Blaine squirted some of the liquid onto his fingers, rubbing it around as he got used to the texture. He looked down at Kurt and saw the flash of nervousness across his features.

"Try to relax, okay?" He stroked the fingers of his clean hand through Kurt's hair and the other boy nodded, letting out a heavy breath. Blaine had to look away from his eyes to trail them down his body, letting his hand slip between Kurt's legs. The taller boy seemed to be undecided between spreading his legs wider and snapping them shut. Blaine kissed his knee, letting his lips linger for more time than was necessary. "We can wait for a little longer."

"No," Kurt said, placing his feet further apart. "Now. Now or I'll never do it."

"Kurt, that's not really encouraging."

"Blaine, please, just…"

Blaine looked up at him one last time, kissed his knee again, then flicked his eyes back to his hand, moving it slowly down behind Kurt's balls. He stroked at his perineum, just lightly, but Kurt gasped above him. He slipped his finger lower, tracing it over the puckered muscles of Kurt's entrance. Encouraged by Kurt's moans, Blaine pressed the tip of his finger inside. The way Kurt yelled in pain immediately made him want to pull back again.

"I'm sorry," he said, stroking Kurt's calf and keeping his finger completely still. He tried to stop himself from thinking about tight Kurt was around his finger, how hot he was. He had to concentrate on getting Kurt through this.

"It's fine. You can…go further," Kurt said, gripping the bed sheets in anticipation. Blaine complied, pushing his finger in slowly, right up to the knuckle. Kurt's breathing was becoming laboured as he stopped himself from screaming. He just had to focus on that tiny part of it that felt good. "Move, Blaine."

"I don't want to hurt you."

"It will get better," Kurt replied, even though he wasn't strictly sure if that was true. He just needed something to happen.

Blaine drew his hand back, pulling his finger almost completely out of Kurt, then pushed it in again. The boy gasped above him and Blaine thought it sounded more like a sound of pleasure than pain. He set into a rhythm, pumping his finger out of Kurt and feeling the boy loosen around him. "Does it feel good?" he asked.

"It's better now," Kurt said before breaking off into a moan. "Another one."

Blaine nodded, more to himself than the other boy, then pulled out of Kurt. He picked up the lube again, spreading it over his fingers, before pressing two of them into Kurt's hole. Kurt's back arched as he let out a shout. The stretch burned, but there was something about it that made him want more. He reached a hand out blindly, scrabbling at air for a moment before Blaine gripped it, holding tightly. Kurt squeezed the other boy's hand and moaned as Blaine began to move his fingers back and forth, occasionally scissoring them. Soon, Blaine was pushing in deeper and moving his fingers inside Kurt, searching. He brushed against a nub deep inside Kurt and the other boy let out a scream of pleasure, fingernails biting into the skin of Blaine's hand.

"Blaine," Kurt moaned, writhing on the bed as the other boy smiled, brushing his fingers over the nerves again. Just as Kurt started to push back onto Blaine's fingers, trying to fuck himself on Blaine's hand, the other boy pulled out. Kurt gasped at the loss, pulling on the hand he was holding in protest. He managed to blink his eyes open and lift his head to watch Blaine pick up a condom, struggling to open.

"Just leave it," Kurt said.

"What?" Blaine looked up at Kurt. "No, we should use them."

"Blaine, we're married virgins. Just leave it."

Blaine frowned at the condom in his hand before placing it on the bedside table. "This goes against all the things I've ever been taught, you know."

"I know," Kurt said, carding his fingers through Blaine's hair and leaning up to kiss him softly. "But go with me on this."

Blaine sighed against Kurt's lips. "I can already tell how this relationship is going to go."

Kurt laughed and pushed Blaine's shoulder. "Stop it. Now, would you…?" He paused, not really wanted to specifically ask.

Blaine smiled at him, saving him from having to find a way to articulate it. "Of course." He kissed Kurt again, but this time it was hotter, bringing Kurt right back to the writhing mess he had been before. Blaine pulled back, both of them breathing heavily, and picked up the bottle of lube again. He squeezed some out and slicked up his cock. He looked up to see Kurt watching him with an almost hungry expression and he moaned, moving back to hover above the other boy. Kurt wrapped his legs around Blaine's hips and let Blaine reach a hand between them, aligning himself. They locked eyes. "Ready?" Blaine asked.

Kurt nodded, reaching up to cup Blaine's cheek. Blaine seemed to ground himself, then started to push inside, keeping his eyes on Kurt's all the while. The boy beneath him keened, face screwing up with the pain of the stretch, but didn't look away. Blaine moved slowly, pushing all the way in until he was buried completely inside Kurt. He let out a heavy breath and stilled himself. Kurt was tight, so much tighter than he'd imagined, and hot, god. It was so hard to stay still, but he did, watching Kurt's face as he adjusted.

"Okay," Kurt said after a minute. "You can move now."

Blaine pulled out slowly, as far as he could, before thrusting back in. The movement was harder than he had intended, but he hadn't been able to stop himself. Kurt, however, didn't seem to mind. He moaned, eyes closing in pleasure. Blaine ducked his head to suck at the other boy's neck, moaning against Kurt's skin as he continued to thrust into him. He kept his pace slow, letting them both get used to it. Kurt dug his heels into Blaine's back, pulling him deeper, then arched at the feeling. He let out a broken moan into Blaine's ear that made him push in faster.

They were lost from then. Neither could care that they had only met that day, that they were required to do this by law. They were wrapped up in each other's heat as they moved together, Blaine fucking into Kurt faster, deeper each time. Kurt returned each thrust, arms wrapping around Blaine's back and fingernails scratching at his skin. Blaine pressed wet, open-mouthed kisses along Kurt's jaw. He captured Kurt's lips in messy kiss, their tongues searching each other's mouths desperately and Blaine pushed into him. Kurt suddenly pulled his mouth from Blaine's, head tilted back as he whined.

"There," he whimpered. "God, Blaine, there again. Please."

Blaine just moaned in response, hips snapping faster as he tried to hit Kurt's prostate each time. The other boy was unravelling underneath him, pulling Blaine closer with his legs and arms, kissing him passionately. Kurt could feel his orgasm building deep inside him, uncoiling, hot tongues licking at his muscles.

"Blaine," he said against the other boy's lips, hips thrusting to meet Blaine's, "I'm so close."

"Me too," Blaine moaned, thrusting erratically into Kurt's heat. He reached between their bodies, slick with sweat, and wrapped a hand around Kurt's cock. He pumped it only a couple of times and Kurt was arching into him, a moan ripped from his throat as he came between them. The sight of Kurt's head thrown back in ecstasy and the way his muscles tightened around Blaine sent the other boy over the edge. He stilled inside Kurt, wrapped around him completely, and his orgasm hit him. He came deep inside the other boy, moaning Kurt's name into his ear.

They stayed like that for a moment, suspended, before Blaine's arms gave out and he fell onto Kurt's chest. They were breathing heavily, Kurt still holding Blaine tight against him. Blaine shifted, pulling out of Kurt, and the taller boy whimpered at how empty he felt. He dropped his legs from around Blaine's waist, too weak to hold them there any longer. Blaine grabbed one of the towels that had been placed at the end of the bed and wiped their chests clean, then lay against Kurt's side, letting the other boy put his arms around him again. He threw an arm across Kurt's chest and rested his head in the crook of his neck, their legs tangled together.

"That was…" Kurt's whisper trailed off.

"I know." Blaine pulled himself closer, kissing Kurt's neck. "Can I say something crazy?"

Kurt entwined his fingers with Blaine's where they rested on his chest. "You can say anything to me."

"It might scare you."

Kurt twisted his neck to press his lips to Blaine's. "Say it."

Blaine stared up at him. "I think I'm falling in love with you."

Kurt watched him for a couple of seconds, then broke into a grin. "That's not crazy," he said. "It's…it's actually wonderful, because I think I'm falling in love with you, too."

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