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Grimmjow was pretending that he didn't even exist. Whenever Ichigo spotted that head of powder-blue hair bobbing slightly above the rest of the students crammed into the hallways, it always managed to disappear before he could catch up.

Ichigo was beyond fed up.

It had been a week and some change since Grimmjow had left him on the roof – a week since the asshole had begun ignoring him. He couldn't take it anymore. It was like suddenly, Ichigo realized just how much of an impact the other teen had on him. When Ichigo was seated in the cafeteria, his eyes would automatically search the room for Grimmjow, hoping that the idiot was on his way over to Ichigo's table. Most of the time, he'd catch Grimmjow leaving the caf or sauntering over to a deserted table, where Grimmjow would plop down, kick up his feet, and proceed to imagine that Ichigo was invisible. At least, that was how it felt to Ichigo.

When Ichigo went to homeroom in the mornings, his shoulders had acquired the habit of slumping in defeat at the empty desk at the back of the classroom that Grimmjow was supposed to fill with his defiant presence. Ichigo could no longer concentrate on the lectures and assignments given during that period. He'd become too used to stealing glances over his shoulder at his unlikely companion and getting a mischievous smirk or sly wink in return.

When Ichigo took smoke breaks on the roof during class, he looked for Grimmjow, but the blue-haired boy was nowhere to be found. It was too quiet up here now. Sure, the students still yelled on the athletic fields below, and birds still squawked overhead, but there was a resounding lack of deep, teasing laughter, witty retorts and snappy insults. It was pretty fucking lonely, if he had to be honest.

Ichigo pressed his back against the metal railing on the roof and tilted his head, whiskey-brown eyes studying the clear, blue sky. It was a little chilly, but he didn't care. He lifted a hand to his lips, pulled on the cigarette between his fingers, and slowly let his eyes slide shut. He hated himself for feeling what he felt towards Grimmjow – a guy Ichigo never would have given the time of day before that moment in the alley. He'd tried explaining to the overbearing teen that he was confused – hell, he still got chills thinking about just how wonderful Grimmjow's strong hand had felt on his most intimate body part. And then, there was the kissing, of course. Ichigo didn't know what it was about Grimmjow's mouth that was so utterly addictive, but he often found himself alone, craving the other boy's taste and scent, wishing he could have that talented tongue somewhere more exciting.

Ichigo hung his head and sighed a breath full of smoke. What the hell was happening to him? Why couldn't he just stop thinking about Grimmjow? It wasn't as if the blue-haired asshole really liked him. In fact, Ichigo was more than sure that Grimmjow just wanted to get into his pants. Eyes shooting open, Ichigo sat forward a little, his bent knees straightening and legs falling to the ground. Was that what was keeping him from venturing into uncharted territory with Grimmjow? Because he was afraid that the other teen didn't actually like him? How fucking precious was that? He sounded like a girl. was true, the more Ichigo thought about it. Over the recent weeks and days spent around Grimmjow, he'd come to grudgingly like the bastard. And Ichigo figured, it just wouldn't be fair if Grimmjow only saw him as an outlet in which to plug his dick. Not that it would get that far, mind. Ichigo sighed again; he was hopeless.

He climbed to his feet, mind still whirling. He was tired of Grimmjow's avoidance. He wanted to sit the idiot down and talk...but that meant risking his, uh...his feelings. If Grimmjow told him he only wanted sex at this point, Ichigo would be pissed. He hadn't been plagued with debilitating anger since that time in the alley, and Ichigo had inwardly accepted that it had a lot to do with Grimmjow's company. The jerk had become familiar and comfortable, and Ichigo wasn't ready to give that up just yet.

He tossed his spent cigarette over the railing and stomped over to the door of the roof. He swung it open, part of him hoping that Grimmjow would be on the other side, bright blue eyes arrogant and teasing all at the same time. No such luck. Ichigo shrugged and jogged down the two flights of stairs that led to the main level before cutting a left and heading for the bathroom. As he pushed into the smelly restroom, he came to an abrupt stop. A blue head turned in Ichigo's direction, piercing blue eyes stabbing into him for the briefest of moments before blue brows creased into a frown, and the sound of a disapproving grunt filled the room. The blue head turned back to the large, cracked open window, where the lithe body was perched, a lit cigarette dangling between long, slender fingers.

Grimmjow was still ignoring him, but this felt worse. It was like the bastard had just completely dismissed him. Ichigo felt his upper lip curl back in a fearsome sneer, even as his body propelled itself forward without his permission. He had no idea what he planned to do, but the careless way Grimmjow behaved around him rubbed him the wrong way. It made him so angry, he wanted to punch something. Instead, Ichigo stomped over to Grimmjow, those sharp blue eyes back on his face, wary and upset. Ichigo ignored the look. He ignored everything. Crimson rage flowed through his veins as he stopped in front of Grimmjow. He wrapped his hand in the collar of the boy's worn t-shirt and set their faces millimeters apart. Ichigo stared into Grimmjow's hypnotizing, cornflower blue eyes that were totally astonished at the moment.

"I like you, you dipshit," he muttered, lips literally a breath away from Grimmjow's. He lowered his eyes to them, knowing and remembering their softness before settling back on that mesmerizing blue gaze. "So, stop fucking ignoring me."

With that, he closed the small gap between their faces and shut his eyes, his body almost sagging with relief, yet tightening with anticipating desire. He wanted Grimmjow. And he needed the idiot to see just how much. He slanted his lips across Grimmjow's and parted them, his tongue sliding forward. Ichigo let a hand creep into Grimmjow's soft blue mass of hair, where his fingers gently massaged. Grimmjow stubbornly didn't move for a few moments, but whatever it was that was holding him back, crumbled into a million pieces. He groaned, one strong arm winding around to grip the back of Ichigo's shirt, effectively tugging Ichigo between his legs. Ichigo opened his eyes just in time to see Grimmjow toss his half-smoked cigarette out the window. With another hand in play, Grimmjow gripped one of Ichigo's ass cheeks, kneading and pulling him even closer still.

Ichigo deepened the kiss as an erection slowly began sprouting in his pants. He could feel Grimmjow's legs around his thighs, clamping and keeping him from moving anywhere but closer. Grimmjow's kiss felt almost desperate, definitely needy. His tongue probed and battled with Ichigo's, making Ichigo moan with unabated lust. It was surprising. Yes, he knew that he liked Grimmjow, knew that he wanted to partake in more sexual activities, but the degree of want was kind of scary. Not too long ago, he'd considered himself straight. Grimmjow had changed all of that with one well-placed hand down Ichigo's pants.

But Ichigo was frustrated. The kiss was amazing as usual, but he was still pissed with Grimmjow for ignoring him – for not even bothering to give Ichigo a chance to debate the issue. He pulled back from the kiss so that there was no more tongue, but their lips were still more or less pressed together.

"Stupid jerk," he grumbled. "The hell'd you have to ignore me for?"

Grimmjow sucked his teeth, his voice a mixture of amusement and anger. "You pissed me off, idiot." Grimmjow's tongue darted forward and slid across the seam of Ichigo's lips before retreating into his mouth again. "There I was offerin' ya a perfect solution ta all a'yer angry, sexual frustration, an' you thought I was jokin' around."

Ichigo nibbled on Grimmjow's bottom lip, drawing a quick, gasping moan. The noise made him even harder than he already was. He tugged on Grimmjow's feather soft hair and lowered his mouth to the other boy's jaw, his lips trailing down underneath Grimmjow's chin. He licked a wet line to the teen's Adam's apple before suckling and continuing lower to the strong collarbone.

"Fuck, Kurosaki," Grimmjow growled. "Sure took ya long enough."

Ichigo chuckled as he slipped a hand beneath Grimmjow's t-shirt, his palm ghosting across washboard abs and a muscular chest. Using his teeth, he toyed with the collar of the blue-haired teen's shirt. And that was when Grimmjow's words settled into his lust-addled brain. With a deep scowl, he reached up and harshly pinched Grimmjow's left nipple.

"Owww! What the hell, you fucker?!" Grimmjow snapped, grabbing Ichigo's wrist.

"So, that's all this is to you?" Ichigo spat, eyes on fire as he glared into Grimmjow's angry, oceanic gaze. "A solution?"

Grimmjow frowned and averted his eyes. That wasn't the shocking part, though. Ichigo's lips parted in disbelief as he watched a pink blush slowly cover Grimmjow's cheeks and ears. With an adorable pout, Grimmjow stared death at the window as he said, "I figured that was the only way ta get ya ta be interested."

Ichigo tried unsuccessfully to hide a grin. "What? And you called me cute?"

Grimmjow's eyes whipped around, distressed and ticked off. "Fuck you, Kurosaki. I'm not cute."

Ichigo wasn't listening anymore. What the hell had he been mad about? He gripped Grimmjow's waist and settled their hips even more tightly together. He could feel a distinct bulge at the front of Grimmjow's jeans, so he rubbed his own against it. They both expressed pleasure at the friction: Grimmjow moaning, eyes closed and head tilted back, and Ichigo groaning, eyes closed and head lowered. He started rolling his hips, imitating what he wanted to do to Grimmjow. He hooked his arms underneath Grimmjow's knees and spread them apart, a devilish gleam in his eyes as thrust forward hard. Grimmjow's arms flew around his neck, even as he gave a sexy yelp, and glacial blue eyes snapped open in surprise.

Ichigo buried his face in the side of Grimmjow's neck, alternately licking and nipping the skin there. He was beginning to pant, just imagining the two of them naked in this position. "Fuck," he grunted into Grimmjow's neck, breath moist and warm. "I wanna fuck you so bad."

There was silence. It even felt like Grimmjow had stopped breathing. Ichigo hoped he hadn't said something wrong. He slowly lifted his head and glanced into Grimmjow's eyes, only to have his own widen. Those blue pools of usually cold aloofness were smoldering, the pupils dilated. His cheeks, ears and neck were flushed, and he was biting his bottom lip in the sexiest way imaginable.

"Oh, shit," Ichigo muttered as heat raced through his body and headed straight for his dick.

"Wh-who said you'd be fuckin' me...a-asshole..."

Ichigo narrowed his eyes and smirked. "Is it OK for you to be so mouthy in this position, Grimmjow?" Ichigo gripped the backs of the blue-haired teen's knees and gave three, hard thrusts in rapid succession. Grimmjow's hands scrabbled for purchase (one in Ichigo's hair, the other gripping Ichigo's shoulder) as he hissed and moaned a curse. " know you want it."

"F-fuck off...K-Kurosaki...unh," Grimmjow ended with a whimper as Ichigo rolled his hips again. Ichigo started to laugh, but Grimmjow pulled him into a rough kiss that was wet and hungry and had Ichigo making needy sounds at the back of his throat. Just as soon as it started, it was interrupted. Grimmjow pushed Ichigo's shoulder away, separating their faces as he panted. "Le-lemme suck yer dick now."

Ichigo stared at Grimmjow, not sure he could get much harder than he was after that ridiculously hot statement. Even though he knew what the other teen was up to – knew that Grimmjow needed to get his feet back under him and have some semblance of control once more – Ichigo oddly didn't care. In fact, he was looking forward to having Grimmjow's mouth sliding over him in the most intimate of ways.

"You sure about that?"

Grimmjow rolled his eyes as he completely pushed Ichigo away and slid off the large window sill. He didn't say a word; instead, he snatched at Ichigo's belt, undoing the metal buckle, then going for the button and zipper of his jeans. It seemed like zero seconds flat before Grimmjow had Ichigo pressed against the wall, pants and boxers down around his knees.

"Mmm, finally," Grimmjow hummed as he lowered himself to the floor, palmed Ichigo's balls with one hand and gripped the base of his shaft with the other. "I've been wanting ta do this fer so long."

He gave a few expert pumps with one hand before he lowered his mouth to the head of Ichigo's length. Ichigo bit his bottom lip as he watched Grimmjow's tongue circle the helmet of his erection for a second before it disappeared into Grimmjow's hot, wet, soft mouth. Ichigo grunted, toes curling. His hand immediately went to the back of Grimmjow's head, where he gently encouraged the teen to take more of the length into his mouth. Grimmjow lifted lust-hazy blue eyes and moaned, making Ichigo's toes play piano in his sneakers. He'd never thought something like this would ever actually happen, and especially not in school during school hours.

"Shit," he hissed as Grimmjow's head bobbed up and down his member, wetting it as he went lower and lower. "Oh my God, Grimmjow!"

He was trying not to get carried away, but with that blazing stare hitting him, and the sight of his dick sliding in and out of that wet mouth...Ichigo didn't think he could hold back much longer. His hips started moving of their own accord. He was guiding Grimmjow's head in a steady rhythm that matched his slowly rolling hips. Liquid heat pooled in his stomach as he stood helpless to look away from the extremely erotic sight of Grimmjow giving him head. Pleasure washed over him in an undulating wave. Ichigo tossed his head back against the wall and gritted his teeth; he so wasn't going to last.

Grimmjow turned into a beast. Ichigo wasn't sure if it was the muffled noises he was making or what, but whatever it was, triggered a reaction in Grimmjow that should have been illegal. Grimmjow reached down to his jeans and pulled himself free, hard and leaking. Ichigo groaned at that too. He wanted to touch Grimmjow – maybe even return the favor he was receiving at the moment. Just as his thoughts went there, Grimmjow's hand moved over his own erection, fast and precise. Ichigo was forced to anchor both hands in Grimmjow's hair as the teen's head moved faster and faster, loud, slurping noises echoing in the bathroom. The visual, the sounds, the was enough to make Ichigo snap. His hips worked in time to Grimmjow's sucks until he was essentially fucking the blue-haired boy's mouth.

"Oh, hell yeah," Ichigo growled. "Just like that, Grimm. Unnhhhhh..."

Grimmjow's eyes rolled closed as he moaned, the hand on his shaft tightening around it and pausing. The head was extra red, like it was on the verge of exploding. Ichigo couldn't deal. One hand left Grimmjow's hair and slid around to underneath his chin, cupping it and gently lifting, even as his hips pistoned back and forth, his length gliding between kiss-swollen lips.

"Look at me, Grimm."

It took a few seconds, but Grimmjow eventually opened his eyes and held steady gazes with Ichigo. His hand went back to moving, but his mouth was still, allowing Ichigo to control the pace. Ichigo slowed for a handful of thrusts, then he picked up speed, fucking harder, faster. Grimmjow's throat made the most wonderful and erotic gulping sounds as Ichigo brought himself closer and closer to the edge of release. He was wound tight like a metal coil as he closed his eyes and hissed again. Suddenly, his orgasm hit him like an anvil falling out of the sky. He gasped and cried out before biting his fist to hush the desperate sounds, even as his body shuddered and his toes curled so hard they cramped up.

Moaning around his shaft alerted Ichigo to Grimmjow's release. Grimmjow's brow was creased in beautiful ecstasy, eyes narrowed to frosty slits, and the grip on his length seemed inhuman. He'd disrupted the flow of semen spurting from his dick so he wouldn't make too much of a mess, Ichigo assumed. The sight was still one to behold. Grimmjow was absolutely gorgeous in the throes of an intense orgasm.

He finally pulled away from Ichigo, Ichigo's member slipping out of his mouth wetly. When Grimmjow huffed a blissful sigh, Ichigo arched a brow. "D-Did you...?"

Grimmjow slowly climbed to his feet and smirked. "I guess. Still wanna kiss me?"

Ichigo scowled and pulled the idiot into a scorching kiss full of tongue and sinful promises. After they separated, he tucked himself away and fixed his pants, watching as Grimmjow did the same. They were quiet, but it wasn't awkward or filled with aggressive tension. Things have clearly changed, Ichigo thought as he perched on the large window sill. He let his eyes greedily devour Grimmjow as the teen washed his hands and fixed his clothes. He was hopelessly addicted to the bastard now. He wanted Grimmjow to teach him more about being with a guy – no, more about being with him. Ichigo didn't realize he was smiling as he observed Grimmjow running wet hands through his hair in an attempt to tame it, until the blue-haired teen was standing in front of him again, a weird, but not unpleasant look on his face.

For a while, all they did was stare at one another. Just as the bell rang, signaling the end of the period, Grimmjow reached forward, placed a hand at the back of Ichigo's neck and drew him forward. Once they were nose-to-nose, Grimmjow smirked.

"I'll see ya later...Ichigo."

With that, he left Ichigo with a quick peck on the lips, his tall, slender form disappearing behind the bathroom door. Ichigo didn't know what to do at first, body still humming from his tongue-tying orgasm. He thought he should be ashamed that he'd just thoroughly fraternized with another guy, but he couldn't muster the energy. Nor did he want to. He liked Grimmjow. Screw anyone who might have a problem with it.

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