Chapter Six

"So Max tell me about yourself." Chris smiled gently at me as he drives, the building of my flat coming near. I gulp and decide to wait till we get to the parking without telling him anything.

"So are you going to tell me anything?" Chris asks again, his eyes flicking towards me. I shake my head, he nods, understanding me.

"Okay, so… uh, are you… free this err weekend?" Chris is suddenly shy.

I glance over at him and smile nervously. "I don't think so."

"Um good, so do you want to err.. Go out with me. I don't mean a date or something! Just for fun, you know." Chris swallows and turns the car onto the car park of the flats.

"Yeah, sure I would love to!" My voice goes higher than I want it to.

Chris looks over at me, a grin widens on his tanned face. "Shall we catch a movie then?"

"Oh yes! There's a movie that I heard is good, we could watch that," I smile.

"Great! Can I just have your phone number so when I get here I can call you." He pulls out his blackberry and hands it to me. I type in my phone number, my insides bursting with happiness. I start to get out when Chris runs out and opens the door for me, I blush lamely and whisper a thanks to him.

"I'll walk you to your apartment, if you don't mind." Chris stuffs his hands in his pockets and stares down at the ground, afraid to look me in the eyes if I say no.

"Thank you, I would love that." I try to make him feel comfortable.

We walk by each other sides towards my apartment, I lead the way up the stairs and I start to fiddle with my fingers cautiously when we get to my door. We stand there, staring at each others under the stars. I gulp and my cheeks redden when he leans in.

Suddenly the door of my apartment flies open, we leap into the air with shock and fright. Without knowing I grab Chris' hand. He glances at me in surprise but I don't acknowledge him. We turn to the open door with bright light streaming out from the inside.

I frown when I see a man standing there, he has cubby red cheeks and greying black hair. It is the silver grey eyes that make me gasp, the man is Marshall, the man who I long forgotten, the man whose looks had totally changed. I smile at him but my face drops when I see his face. He looks afraid and his eyes are full of fear, he abruptly grabs me and jerks me inside, I pull Chris in with me. I glance up at Marshall in surprise but he is gazing at Chris.

"Who is this?" His voice is low and menacing. Next to me, Chris takes a slight step back.

"This is Chris, a friend of mine. He drove me here. Marshall it had been years-" I start.

But I'm cut off by Mom screaming and lunging at me. I fall to the floor under her heavy weight. She kisses non-stop on my forehead, teas dripping onto my face.

"Mom what is the matter with you!" I exclaim.

"I thought you were missing! I was so scared and worried but Marshall stopped me going out to find you." Mom cried, her tight grip squeezes the breath out of me.

"Maxine, we thought she had you." Marshall says tersely.

"She?" I ask, even though a chewing thing inside me makes me know what who he meant. Chris glance around with a confused expression on his face, he sares at me questioning.

"You know who I mean." Marshall grimaces, he crosses his arms over his chest with a blank look on his face.

"No I don't," I insist, hoping that the doubt in me is just a lie.

"Leena is alive." Those three words shakes something inside me, I begin to shiver violently, tears stain my cheeks.

"No." A weak whimper escape my lips.

"She is around here, I send the police force to find her. We just found out after one policeman spotted her yesterday. I came straight here to keep you, Kate and Daniel safe." Marshall quietly says, he pats my arm awkwardly.

I tremble and wrap my arms around Mom, I glance at Chris who is frowning. I know that he will be asking me who Leena is, and I know that I will have to tell him the truth even if it chases him away.

Then a thought comes back to me, "Where is Danny!"

"We don't know, he went to work this morning. I called his boss but he said that he left at lunch. And he isn't here," Mom sobbed.

I stare at Mom before I blanked out.

I wake up in dark room. I mumble and feel around for anything at all to hold onto. A warm hand grasps me and I grip it hard. I grumble for the lights and the bare bulb flashes to life. I glance around to see Chris next to me. He smiles down at me gently.

"Where am I?" I ask.

He chuckles slightly, "In your room."

"Oh," I just say. Ah yes, he is right. I'm in my bedroom, I then blush when I realise that I am alone with him in my room. I wonder what he thinks of my dull room.

"Are you okay?" He squeezes on my hand, staring into my eyes.

"Yeah, I'm okay now. What happened?"

He gazes at me with surprise in his eyes. "You don't remember! Well, I can't really tell you because I don't understand it myself." Something dark flickers through his eyes but I dismiss it, thinking it is just that he is tired.

"I can't really remember, only that Marshall swung open the door when we were about to-" I cut off when I remember everything. When Chris leaned down to kiss me, when Marshall acted strange, when Mom was sobbing, when they told me that Leena is around and that Danny is missing. "Oh my god! Where is Danny!"

"Is Danny your brother?" Chris asks.

"Yes, I now remember everything! Where is Mom and Marshall, I need to talk to them." I cry out.

"Whoa, wait wait! They are okay, they are in the living room. You can see them soon but can you just please explain everything to me first." A pained expression comes onto his face.

I stare at him and gulp. I know that he deserves to know the truth, so he could leave me and be safe. "Chris, you are not going to like what I am going to tell you."