Jeremy was always an odd boy. He never knew how to react to the other children at school, and so most of his time was spent on his own, reading books, while the other boys would play games. He would get taunted, his thick glasses and odd behaviour.

He was smart though, and did well in his lessons. Well, most of them. Of course sports was not his forte, he was skinny and weaker than the other boys, and didn't like physical contact, flinching if anyone went to touch him




The words hurt. Words. He liked words, words were his friends, when no one else was there for him, books were all he had. This got to the point where he would become possessive over his books. They were all he had, and he knew that one day he wanted to be a librarian. Not the most exciting of dreams but he knew one thing,

Books would never leave him.

He liked things a certain way. And as an adult would be the same. Something happens, when things aren't right. The children would tease him, rip books, and throw them around to see him get so worked up. Shouting at thin air;


He saw many doctors in during his childhood, always insisting he was better. But nothing changed, he was still the same little boy, on his own. Typed words on a page being his only companions.

He couldn't help it. He wanted more than anything to be normal. And when he was grown up, seeing the silent sing, he wished he could be like other people. He wished he could have friends, and not be so scared of things going wrong, not have to lie about being better.

Jeremy Goode is an odd man. But he knows one thing.

He needed '50 Greatest Coastal Walks of the British Isles Volume 2', or things can't ever be right.

Not now silent singer…not now

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