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Chapter I: Home Sweet Home

"Alright! Who did it?"

Eri's voice called from the kitchen, annoyed, almost angry when she slammed the screen door, only to get a none to some reaction out of the three boys slumped & sprawled out on the living room couches.

"What is now, girl?"

Nnoitra, bored out of his mind as he flipped through the channels, asked just as annoyed from the sudden outburst that disturbed the peaceful atmosphere.


"The Car? What happened to my car? I told all of you guys before, wait for me to drive you somewhere! I mean…Look at it! I can't even go pick up groceries now!"

Her hand literally flew at the back door outside in the back yard, only revealing behind the gate a steaming, wrecked hunk of metal, that once use to be a 4 door Toyota truck.

Szayel, Telsa, & Nnoitra all looked to the sight, only to have Nnoitra start to chuckle, relaxing back into the cushioned furniture.

"Ask the others…I'm sure the kitty cat, Grimmjow should know something about that."

"You sound sarcastic…What do you know about it?"

The girl spat placing her hands on her hips with high suspicions of the two trouble makers clouding the air. But it only made the mantis glare at the brunette, knowing that he couldn't touch her, even if he wanted to.. Actually, it bothered him to no end! A shame really. He wish he could do something about that pretty little mouth of hers.

In the beginning she was a timid girl. Easily intimidated by his features & reitsu that presented itself around his being. He loved the fact that he could cause her to tremble in fear, but after only a month…She was already getting way too comfortable for his liking. And now, she was accusing him of having something to do with her stupid scrapheap.

The nerve of this girl. He thought bitterly.

"I said, ask the others…" He started with venom in the emphasized words. "I don't know anything. Now move, your making us miss the show. Idiot girl."

Eri was pissed. Beyond pissed!

She admitted there was a part of her that was still uneasy around the mantis, but this was her car they were talking about! The only means of transportation that she had to get down their steep hill of a home. She was livid. With a loud & frustrated growl, the furious brunette picked up the closest couch pillow closest to her & shot it right at Nnoitra's face.

It was a direct hit. Now, the pray mantis was the one who was pissed, only to have Eri cared so little right now about how hefelt.

"You bitch!"

"This is my house! I rightfully everything you use in it, including the food sitting in your stomach right now! All I asked from all of you when first came here was to treat me & my property with respect! Why is that so much from a couple of dead guys? Especially you & Grimmjow? You both are the worst out of anyone here! No offense guys."

She politely turned her head for a short second looking to the Octiva & Tesla who just watched the entertainment trying hard to stay out of this new development.

"I don't know! Why the fuck are you yellin' at me for anyways? The Cat's the one you want to complain to! So shove off!"

She couldn't help but glared at him darkly. His deranged attitude was getting her more & more pissed by the second.

"No, not this time! You're acting like you knew something about it before hand, which means one out of two things. 1.) You were either there when he was drunk & took the car, or 2.) You were there when he crashed it & decided to see the out come of the situation. Either way Nnoitra, you're just as responsible as he is, dumb ass!"

If only he had his Zanpakuto with him…If that was the case, he would've already chopped her up into little pieces for her insolence! But, he could only day dream about that now a days. Nnoitra found it more than irritating having to live each day so peacefully. He needed somekind of excitement & fun in this new life of his.

As the two continued to be at each other's throats, Lilinette, Hallibel came jumbling down from upstairs after hearing all the commotion; even Starrk made his way lazily down the creaking steps of her home, yawning loudly as if he had just been woken up. This time it definitely wasn't from his counter part sticking her finger down his throat.

"What's with all the yelling?" The yawning Primera stared tiredly at the two before rubbing his eyes of the much needed sleep he just endured.

More like too much needed sleep. Eri thought. That man needs to wake his ass up, anyways!

To everyone's question rising to the top of their minds, Eri pointed to the back door in the kitchen with only a few words, "See for yourself…"

They all followed to where Eri was pointing to. When their eyes observed the swinging gate out in the back yard, they all came to see what the girl was talking about & why she was so upset. Now, for the Espada's & their fraccions, they could sonido anywhere in the universe, or open a Garganta to get to where they needed, so they didn't need to rely on such things as a motorized vehicle, Eri did though. She was only human with only a few to none abilities, & still needed a car to get down the steep hill that was part of her home.

"Holy Hollow O' Mighty…!" Lilinette's voice roared to the sight of the crunched of piece of scrap metal.

"Let me guess…Grimmjow?" Halibel was trying hard to stifle her laughter before giving a playful smirk over to the distraught girl who just rolled her eyes & slapped the top of her head as she ran her fingers through her hair.

"Mm. Apparently, & asshole here, already knew something about it before-, Wait. wait, wait, wait. H-How did you come up with that analogy?"

"Eh, lucky guess. It wasn't that surprising actually, I kind of over heard him saying something about being bored…Something about drinking a little…Then, that was it. But this? This explains what all that noise was last night."

They all turned back to the dismantled truck in silence, just in awe at how much damage the panther had caused to her beloved vehicle.

"So, what now?" Starrk finally chimed in, yawning again as he started exiting the kitchen with the dark headed woman who began to pace back & forth between the living room & kitchen door frame.

"I'm gonna kill him, that's what! Or hurt him, really bad. I'm not sure which one yet, but when I do come to my decision, he's going to regret the day he ever took my car out of the drive way!"

Gritting her teeth repeatedly, Eri stomped her way upstairs, nearly fuming from her ears when she disappeared down the hall into Grimmjow's room, where the drunk laid, slumbering dormant. By this time, the very few down on ground zero began to gather around the stair case, awaiting for another explosion to occur, but for a good moment, nothing came.

"What'd you think she'll do to him this time?" Lily was the first to break the silence, asking none other than Starrk who was making his way over to the Lazy E boy chair in the corner of the living room.

"Depends, how much did the truck cost?" The dark haired man placed his cheek bone in his hand once he laid back comfortably into the chair with ease, & yet again giving out another morning yawn into his other hand.

"A lot, I'm assuming." Hal answered for them both before disappearing off into the kitchen to make herself a quick breakfast.

"Well, then this-,"

Before Szayel could put his two cents in, a loud rumbling began to take the stairs, before Grimmjow came tumbling down the steps, while his grunting rhythmically harmonized with his 'tragic' fall. When he finally ceased his tumbling he was now laid out among his brother's in nothing but his boxers & an tank top; he also reeked of nothing, but last night's booze.

"Well…Good morning, prince charming. Sleep well?"

Nnoitra grinned & chuckled at the Sexta's misfortune, but it quickly disappeared when the Eri came leaping over the 14 flights of stairs, glaring daggers at the dazed & confused Espada.

Then, it happened.

"Huh? Wh-, Hey! Get the hell off me! Damn it, woman let go of me, right now!"

There was a short pause as the human girl literally dragged the slurring Grimmjow by his legs into the kitchen, "You insolent little-, I'm not asking again!" then passed the screen door out onto the lawn where she left him there with a slam of the back door, & locking it behind her.

Let's just say, Grimmjow was now more than confused, he was oblivious to what the hell just happened; unfortunately, his lost questions would be answered clearly when his eyes caught Eri's hands doing something against the wall near door.

He knew what that meant.

"Oh no, Eri Riko…Don't you even think about- AH! Fuck, that's cold! Damn it Eri!" Yep, she did it, & Halibel got a front row seat to Eri setting on the sprinklers to full blast.

It was already hitting the first month marker since they came to live with the human girl Eri Riko. Out of all them, she was having the hardest time dealing with the fifth & sixth Espada.

They were always getting into trouble, or causing it trouble, either way you looked at it they were usually up to no good.

"And stay out there…" She replied staring back at Grimmjow through the glass hoping the man could read lips, but she did feel somewhat satisfied & walked over to the refrigerator to something to quench her sudden thirst.

First thing to catch her eye, was the orange juice bottle of good old, Sunny Delight. The exhausted brunette was so parched from already having a stressful morning with school work, & her boss yelling at her for not coming in, even though today was her day off, but the car was just another thing to add to the list of things to worry about.

As if it could get any worse… She thought sadly before hearing another voice bring her back to reality.

"Feel better?" Hal asked setting a plate down on the table near her.

"Mm?" The girl's eyes shifted from the bottle before Eri pulled away with a last gulp of juice to linger down her esophagus.

"Oh yeah…! Much better now that that's out of the way, but now, I have no car to get to work or to school…" Eri only sighed saddened even more as she put the juice up to her lips again to take another sip,

"On top of that, we're running out of a few things around here too…" She added.

With that she took an even longer gulp of her juice & exhaled happily after feeling even more refreshed.

"I see. How much does one of those contraptions cost?" Halibel asked, her mouth filling with the goodness of pancakes that she made, thanks to the help of Eri showing her how to make them straight from the flour.

"Roughly, around 2,000 or more."

"Jeez, you humans are robbers?"

"Not all of us, just the retail guy that sells you the car." Eri joked, "I mean, I guess I could always buy a used car. They'll cost no more than 700 to 800, & that I can afford." They both silently laughed at the slight humor in cheap cars. Anyone can almost afford them.

By this time, Eri had finally taken a seat across the table from the Tres Espada, & grabbed a cup for her juice before sipping from the brim of her glass.

"Okay, I'm curious, & I'm too nervous to ask anyone else, but-, do know if Lilinette, or any of the boys would take me to the store?" When Eri asked this of the sharp, green eyed woman, she felt uneasy about it, wondering if it was worth even suggesting it to her. She was afraid she'd take it the wrong way.

"You mean excluding Nnoitra, & Grimmjow?" Halibel chuckled only getting Eri to roll her eyes with a smile tagging at the side of her lips, "Of course."

"Hmm. Maybe. Most likely, if you ask Lily, first. I'd do it myself, but Szayel said he needed help with some new prototype he's been working on. He's been working for Soul Society apparently."

"That's okay, thanks anyways."

"Don't worry, I'm sure Grimmjow can find some way to repay you for the trouble he's caused." The comment made Eri snort her laughter back.

"Yeah okay, by what?"

They both went silent trying to stifle both of their laughter, but it seemed perverted comedy seemed to get the best of them as they fell into a giggle fit.

"Anyways! No thank you, I like my men a little lighter on the eyes now a days." Her laughter softened when she spoke leaving Hal to smile as soft as her words.

"Is that right? Well, too bad for him." Eri nodded with muted words while staring blankly into her now empty glass.

"I was wondering where you two ran off to! Who would've known it would be right here in the kitchen?" Lilinette's voice came looming over the brunette as the green haired fraccion wrapped her arms around Eri in a great big bear hug that nearly terrified the living soul out of her, "Lily…You scared me…" Eri giggled softly to her body's startling.

"Oops! I'm sorry!"

"No biggie. Hey, I got a question for you…"

"You do?" Lilinette tilted her head to Eri's sudden shy behavior, "Yeah well, I kind of need a way to…Get to the grocery store you see…" Eri trailed off softly, feeling her nerves start to get the best of her.

Sure, she acted tough when it came to some situations, but in cases such as this, she was like a small child asking for a new toy she just saw & wanted.

"I mean…I hate to-,"

"She needs someone to sonido her to the grocery store now that the cars out of commission."

Halibel was quick to finish Eri to the pun, only making the blue eyed brunette to blush with embarrassment. She even began to stare down at her feet, twiddling her fingers in front of her.

"Halibel…" Eri mumbled.

"What? Don't be afraid to ask favor. She won't bite you. I hope."

Lilinette growled glaring over at the Tres with the site of irritation puffing up in her cheeks, "Shut up! I will not! And yes Eri, of course I'll take ya! Who knows, could be fun!" Her grin widen suddenly as she put up a finger with an idea, & then Lily turned to around to face the living room.

"Hey Starrk!" She called. There was no answer.

"Starrk?" There was still no answer.

"Excuse me." Lily smiled sweetly to the other two girls before stomping off into the living room where she needed to wake up a certain someone. All the while, the girls in the kitchen began a familiar count down.


"Owe! Lilinette! Stop it! Owe! Owe! Ah! Son of-, that hurt! Wait, no-, please no, not there! Ah!"

The two listening could only cringe with every bang & yelp they heard; only to hear the painful groans of the injured Starrk, "Wake up, you jerk!"

"Ugh…What it is…?" He groaned back rubbing his face to awaken himself more, but it seem to have failed him as he looked to his other half.

By this Eri had already been standing in the kitchen's door frame, watching the two with a blink or two of her big blue eyes.

"Eri needs me to take her to get groceries, & you're going to help us bring them home, got it?" Lily pointed down at him, eyeing him with a glint of danger in her eyes, that made Starrk gulp back uneasily.

"Me? But Why?"

"Because you're a lazy ass & you can carry more because you're a man! I mean come on! We're not going to be able to carry much with just the two of us! Now go on! Get! What are you waiting for an invitation? Get the led out! Get moving!"

"Owe! Stop pushing me, Lilinette! Alright, alright! Okay! I give!"

Starrk leaped forward a little trying get a distance between him & Lilinette who was chasing him half way up the stares till she stopped half way when the Primera raised up his hands in defeat.

He praised that it even worked on his behalf, "I'm going…"

With that he raked his fingers through his hair & muttered his way up to his room, hopefully to get ready & not fall back to sleep, which Lily feared the most, but grinned at her notorious triumph.

In a way, Eri couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable…Or was it anxiousness? She wasn't really sure which one, but the fact that Starrk was actually going to join them on their trip to the store, made her…Excited. Yeah, that's the word, excited.

Eri never wanted to really bother Starrk into going with her & the gang anywhere sometimes because he always just seemed content sleeping, & she always seem to feel overwhelmed by him for some odd apparent reason…And it was never in a bad sense either, she just felt nervous around him.

Of course she knew only very little about him, but from his calm appearance & lazy features, he didn't seem as bad as the 13 Gotei made him out to be, & that made Eri curious about the mysterious.

She had tried maybe once or twice to start a conversation, but it always ended up with Starrk falling asleep. Not out of boredom but out of the fact that…Well, hey it's Starrk!

"Uh, Lily? You didn't have to force Starrk to come with us…You know, we don't need everything today…" wow, for a girl with an abrupt temper & a booming voice to go with it, she sure could change that scary attitude into the sweetest & gentlest one…

"Hmm? What's wrong"

"What? N-Nothing, I just… I mean, do you really think he's going to want to um, you know…Go?"

"Ha! He has no choice in the matter!" A sly & mischievous grin appeared on the little fraccion's face, "Hee, hee, don't worry Eri, he doesn't mind! He'll be fine you'll see."

"Oh, um, well, it's not like I'm worried…Or anything…"


Damn you Lily…

"Anyways! I need to get my wallet before we go anyways. I'll be back in a second."

"Um, what about clothes?" Eri just perked her head to the side before looking down at her blue platted Pajama pants & the dark blue tank top she had been wearing since she woke up.

"Hmm? What about them?"

"You're not going to get dress?" Lily cocked a brow in confusion while crossing her arms.

"No, I'll just go in my PJ's."

"You're going to go out in your PJ's?" The fraccion was baffled. She had never heard of such a thing!

"Yeah, sure why not? It's the weekend! No one's going to care. If they do, who cares? I don't." Elise stated, only to get Szayel to chuckle from the couch as he ease dropped on their conversation; although he doesn't call it ease dropping, he calls it an observation!

"You don't think people are going to look at you a little oddly?"

"So? Let them, I haven't done laundry & I'm just too lazy to put on anything else." Eri began to pull at her spaghetti strap with two tugs, which gave the scientist all he need to throw his hands up in defeat.

"Further withdrawn." He laughed.

"Hey, Tesla! How about you? You want to get out of the house? Get some fresh air?" Eri attempted to give a gentle invite, but Nnoitra merely snorted, like it was a joke.

"Yeah right! He's staying here with me."

"What is he? Your boyfriend?" The brunette rolled her blue eyes as she muttered only to see Lilinette behind her trying to stifle her laughter, while the Mantis on the other hand, seemed to be getting madder by the seconds ticking by.

"I swear to Christ, Eri! You keep letting your mouth slip like that & I'll fucking rip you apart with my bare hands."

"Well, I'm talking to Tesla!~ Not you."

"He's my fraccion. He goes where I go." He stated throwing his hands behind his head as he leaned into the couch more, obviously not going to back down from this.

Eri scoffed, rolling her eyes again at his arrogance. He always acted like he owned Tesla, & he acted like this was Los Noches still; but it wasn't!

This was her home…

"Everyone in this house is an equal…" She started slowly trying to keep extremely calm as she spoke to him, "Fraccion & Espada alike."

Yeah okay, her unusual cool words meant nothing to him. He was silent for a few seconds, beginning a new staring contest with Eri before he turned his glaring sights on Tesla, who tensed up at the sight of his 'Master's' cold biddy eyes.

"Tesla . You're staying here. Got that?"

"Yes, Nnoitra-Sama…"

The mantis turned back to Eri one last time, seeing her mouth agape. He smirked, "And that's that."

Usually, Eri would've exploded again, but this time, she sighed pulling all of her long hair over one of her shoulders in frustration as she turned around to walk off in defeat. There was no time for nonsense…

"Whatever. Sorry Tesla." The fraccion seemed bummed he couldn't go, but none the less gave an unnoticed smile, & bowed his head as Eri went up to her room to get what she originally needed for the trip to the store.

Her wallet.

She hurriedly jumbled through her dresser drawers finding what she needed & threw on some fuzzy slippers & a baggy sweater before heading out.

But just as she stepped out of her bedroom door, Eri had bumped into something…Or someone. A gasp escaped her when she fell into that someone, but the person had embraced her in mid-fall, saving her the pleasure of falling flat on her face.

"Eri…" A tired voice called her name, causing the girl's stomach to churn & flutter with a warm sensation.

She knew that tired voice from anywhere…

She hesitated to look up for a second, before she came face to with a pair of enchanting steel blue iris's. It made her insides turn into goo as they stared back with concern.

"Oh Starrk…Sorry." She felt like she needed to swallow, her throat was killing her from being so dry all of a sudden.

"You alright?" He asked softly.

"Mm-Hmm." Was all she could reply pulling away from his broad shoulders & chest.

"Who were you yelling at this time?" It was such an abrupt question that it took Eri a minute to realize what he was referring to.

"Oh, just-, don't worry about it." She paused smiling at him warmly before nuding her head towards the stairs, "You ready?"

"Yeah I guess." He sighed, just before looking the young woman up & down questionably, "What about you?" Starrk seemed to notice Eri was still wearing her Pj's with an over-sized Cartoon Network Sweater, which only made the girl smile & giggle quietly & sweetly.

"You know, your counter part asked me the same thing? But! It's because comfortable in them…And I'm lazy. I don't want to get dress."

The Primera was actually taken back by this answer, chuckling gently under his breath after wards when he realized how much they were similar…

They were both La- Azy.

"Is that right? Well then, we shouldn't keep Lilinette waiting…" He swayed his hand to the side, intiating for Eri to go first, being the polite gentleman he was, "Oh why thank you."

"No problem." With that he gave one more small yawn, wiping away a sleepy tear from the corner of his eyes.

The two nearly galloped their feet down the stairs, already seeing Lilinette tapping her toe while she waited for them in the kitchen's door frame, "Jeez! About time. Espeically you, Starrk! What kept you?" She asked more taunting to make the man grumble under his breath, which only got him a kick a in the shin from his green haired friend. Starks growned trying to keep himself from howling out in pain.

All the while, Eri just couldn't help but giggle at the rough housing, but feel bad at the same time.

Poor guy… She thought with an unnoticeable gentle smile paste across her lips.

"So, how does sonido work, exactly? I mean I've heard of it, but…" The two stopped their abuse towards each other & looked at Eri with blank faces.

"Oh yeah! Like this!" Lilinette excitedly gripped onto the girl's shoulder.

By the time Eri blinked her eyes, she suddenly found her feet on cemented pavement, her sights set on the busy streets of Karakura...

"Where the hell is she?" Bellowed the soaking wet Panter.

"…Eri? She went out with the Primera & his fraccion; getting grocery, that's all." Szayel said boredly trying to enjoy a strange anatomy book he was reading up on.

"What? That fucking bitch! I'm going to cero her when she gets back! Who the hell does she think she is throwing me out like that?" Grimmjow growled as went up to his room fuming pissed.

That look in his eye said it all. He wanted to kill her for waking him up the way she did, but even though that was true, a part of him told him he had no reason to be angry for what she did; which pissed him off more!

That damn woman…Just wait until she gets home…I'll give her a piece of my mind, I swear it! He slammed his bedroom door trying with all his might trying not to break it off the hinges, but with a close of his bathroom door, the door shifted to the side, only falling off one of its hinges…

Next- Chapter II: To the Store & Back

She always smiled, at least for the most part.

Seeing her happy made them happy.

When they thought she was mad, she really wasn't. Maybe annoyed, but not mad.

Now scared…? That was new… It had been a long time since that look of fear filled those eyes... And now it's back.

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