Chapter 1: Panda Printed Horror

"Maka…come Maka…hmmm." It's hazy, those thoughts of last night. I hardly remember a thing…it had something to do with a classmate and this fizzy green stuff. Hmmmm, but It's obvious I'm missing a few things which would be irritating if not for me just waking up. "It's not like a straight A student to be late-"

That got me to snap my large unique emerald green eyes open, only to meet an equally unique red colored pair starring back at me. Who…who is this kid and why is he….why is he?

Realization dawned on me. This kid was in my room.

This kid was in my bed.

Oh. My. Shinigami.


"YAAAAAAAAAAAH MAKA-CHOP!" Immediately I reached for my special edition dictionary (the one with Spanish and English translations) and slammed it down upon the perverts head imagining butter as I did so. I leaped out of my bed so fast that I nearly over my alarm clock and to my relief, found myself still in clothing, although I don't remember going out in my bookworm pajamas.

"," The kid rubbed his throbbing head frantically, his face scrunched up in pain, he scowled at me through winced eyes. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?"

If it wasn't for the fact that I had spotted the time on my alarm clock, I would have personally thrown him out and locked the door behind me. But I did. So I cant. I cursed for a moment then decided to actually help the situation. "You." I pointed a stern finger towards the pervert, being extra careful not to touch him. "If your not gone in three minutes, you'll get worse then a meager Maka-chop. I'll kick your ass into next week!"

The boy with the creepy eyes gave me a cheeky knowing smile and said the words that would have me crawling for days to come. "That's not what you were saying last night."

My cheeks hit boiling temperatures at the same time that my balled fists reached breaking point. I was afraid of this. What exactly happened last night? Clearly he knows, and knows that I don't know, and I just hit the bastard. "GRAH! I don't have time for this!" If I did then I would strangle him until he told me exactly what happened last night. But I don't. So I cant.

Instead I run to my 'small but just large enough' closet, click on the light, and begin the impossible. Meaning yanking on some plain jane jeans, black muscle top, and socks.

With a peek through the blinds to make sure that he was indeed gone, I was out and home free. "Keys, keys, keys…backpack!" Just for the record: I am never this disorganized.

Which is probably why my day went from bad to hella worse.

I couldn't work or think at all. I barely made class on time and had to suffer questionable looks from Liz and Patty. Unlike Tsubaki who minded her own business, the sisters loved details and lots of them.

Details that I don't have.

Details that I wish I had.

Details that he has.

Who is he anyways? I swear I've seen him around somewhere.

Oh well, I'll deal with who he is as soon as I figure out what went on last night. Clearly something happened that I cant just blow off and ignore. What compelled me to end up in some bed with a creep like him? I cant even imagine myself talking to someone like him.

This sucks. That's it, after work I'm going to go and look for him so that I can beat the snot out of him and get my answers. A lanky delinquent with red eyes and snow white hair cant be THAT hard to find.

"You okay Maka?" Kid who sat on my left asked. His smooth voice snapped me right back into reality that is classroom time.

I felt a slight pang of guilt that went as far as my toes. Kid and I have been in the same class as long as I can remember, due to the fact that we're overachievers. I've always been near the top of the class with him right behind me.

Think of something Maka, you cant just say 'Heh it's nothing, I only woke up in bed with a strange red eyed man and cant remember a dang thing.'. Yeah that'll blow over well. I don't say anything of that, I say "Late night, cant stop studying heh hah."

Smooth yeah, he totally doesn't believe you.

Thankfully Kid is good natured and allowed me to get away with this. "of course, Never too late to study for this months test." Crap. "But if you ever need anything, you have my number."


"Maka, Kid do the two of you have something you want to share?"

I will never get over that blood chilling voice that belonged to none other then Professor Stein. We both hung our heads and continued to work a blush creeping up our necks. I'd love to keep talking to Kid to reassure him that nothings wrong, honestly though I don't really enjoy lying.

I've always gotten along with Kid. We're both hard workers and over achievers, plus we get along. It's because of our love for books that we always have something to talk about, so it's almost always comfortable between us. Until he has one of his symmetrical break downs, even I cant handle that.

The bakery, or rather Razzle's Pastries is where I make my money. I roll dough, fill cupcakes, and bake.

I loved every second of it.

This place, it would be my home if I could legally get away with it. I loved everything about this place as long as nothing was burning and Papa kept out of the kitchen. Even the busy hours made me smile.

It was like being in a library, only one that smells of cake, frosting, and butter. Mmmmm butter.

Nothing could ruin my day…er make it worse.

I really need to stop saying such things.

Just as I'm brining out a new fresh batch of Chocolate chip cupcakes I see it…or rather him. Him and his crazy snow white hair, he's eying some of the turnovers that I had just made.

No way…this…this…THIS ISNT HAPPENING! No fricken way!

"YADAH!" I nearly dropped my tray in frustration. Did he come here to mess with me? If so then I'm going to kick his ass even if Pap is watching. "Wh-wh-what? Why?"

The man looked at me as if he wasn't surprised; he even had the nerve to stuff his hands into his black slacks.

Holy crap is he…is he dressed up? Now that I think about it there was a stripped vest on my floor…"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"

"Maka…your voice." Papa shushed me; I shifted my platter to one hand and grabbed the man with the other. Papa eyed us as I pulled him into the kitchen the door flapping shut behind us.

Once inside, my friend answers a question that really shouldn't have been answered. "I'm buying cookies, duh. Goodness are you always this psycho?" He kicks at the floor leaving nice little black marks.

"Only when I'm being stalked!" I set my muffins down and cross my arms. Now is the perfect time to get what I want from this jerk! "Now tell me what happened you cretin!"

The man took a look at the wall clock and shook his head. He pointed a thumb to the exit. "I gotta jet. Stop by Death's Brew and then we'll talk." He began walking so I grabbed his shoulder and yanked him back.

There's no way that I'm allowing him to just walk out, especially not all cool like. "Or you could save me the trouble and tell me what I want to know!"

"Sure," The jerk wore a cocky smirk and reached deep into one of his pockets. "If you don't want these back.!"

My day plummeted. I seriously didn't think my day could get any worse, but it did and it came in the form of panda printed panties.

Ones that I recognized a little too well, now I'm sure of it, he really is a pervert. What kind of guy walks around with panties in his pockets?

The panties that he pulled from my drawers while I was in the closet.

This cant be happening, but clearly it was.

"Y-Y-You…" There isn't a word for him. He left whistling, grabbing one of my cupcakes as he walked out his other hand shoved back into his pocket.

It's probably a good thing he left, for right across from me was a deadly kitchen knife, one that I knew how to use a little too well.

TADAH! Hiii! This is my first SOUL EATER fan fic and I'm having a good time. I don't have a computer at home and am currently typing this at the library so updates may take some time, I'm hopping to have one out next week! I do have the story planned out.

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