20% Angel 80% Devil

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"Well now that I know your taste in cars tell me, how about your woman?" Gisele asked obviously flirting.

"Well it all starts with the eyes," Dom said feeling his throat contract at the thought of those auburn eyes, filled with life. "She's gotta have those kinds of eyes that can look right through the bullshit, to the good inside."

"Letty break up with me." Dom said as they sat together on the beach watching the waves rolling in the ocean. The Beautiful Latina was sitting on his lap, when he said this she looked up at him confused.


"You heard me break up with me you deserve better; you want a guy who'll provide for you not some loser who's going to get you dragged into jail with him." Dom said refusing to meet her eyes.

"Dominic since when have I ever needed a guy to provide for me?" Letty looked at Dom with a smirk on her face.

"I'm serious, I'm a bad guy to have around, so break up with me." Dom said still not making eye contact. Letty's smirk fell from her face and she looked at him seriously. He shivered and it wasn't because he was cold, it was because he felt so exposed under those eyes, like she could see right through him. After a long time she finally spoke.

"Dominic Toretto I don't see a bad man in front of me, all I see is a man who loves his family, who would do anything for his passion, a man who kisses me tenderly, a man who's eyes light up when he sees how well his little sister did on her test, I see a man who was once a boy that idolized his father, I see a man that is kind and considerate. You're not a bad man Dominic Toretto; you're just a scarred man. But underneath you're everything in this world that's good." Dom finally met her eyes and saw that fiery passion in them that he loved so much. In that moment nothing mattered except Letty and her eyes.