20% Angel 80% Devil

Chapter 4

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Dom's Pov

"Ain't afraid to get a little engine grease under her fingernails." I said, while all those memories I'd forgotten had sudden flooded back and yet there was still one more.

"Letty! I spent an hour on your hair and another hour on your dress but this ruins all of it." Mia yelled at Letty.

"Mia, it's no big deal nobody will care!" Letty shot back.

"I'll care!" Mia yelled. I was just observing the two, especially Letty. I'd just gotten out of prison and both of them had grown up a lot, even though things haven't changed. Apparently Letty had come up with a compromise that she'd go to homecoming and let Mia dress her up as long as Mia wouldn't bother her about wearing dresses anymore. They kept on bickering until Mia got fed up with it and went into her room to fix her make-up. Letty sat down on the couch next to me and sighed in relief of being away from Mia. Even if she was 16 she was truly truly gorgeous.

"You look nice tonight Letty." I said trying to start some kind of conversation, with the beautiful girl next to me. She looked up at me with a tired look on her face.

"Thanks Dom. You look normal tonight." Letty replied. I let out a low chuckle. "She really missed you when you were gone you know?" She said out of the blue. "I didn't move in here on purpose, every night Mia would call me, and I could hear her crying on the other end so I'd come over here and hold her until she'd cry herself to sleep. Then one time I tried to leave the house and she'd start crying again. So I always had to stay here but her bed was too small so I'd sleep on the couch. Eventually half of my clothes were in Mia's closet and eventually I was just living here. Vince did the same mostly because they wouldn't let Mia live alone and all of your relatives were trying to get her to move in with them but Mia wouldn't budge, so Vince took over the role of overprotective, older brother. But even that wasn't a good enough substitute her. We all really really missed you Dom. I missed you." In that moment I forgot everything, every bad thing I'd done, every person I'd ever hurt, my dad, Mia, my team, and all I saw was Letty.

I didn't know what I was doing I just leaned forward and kissed her sweetly on the lips but with Letty it wasn't very sweet for long. Eventually we pulled apart needing to breath. I looked at Letty, her lips were swollen and I'd messed up her lipstick. Mia was going to kill us. Then I remembered something.

"Letty, what was Mia yelling at you about before?" I asked wondering why my sister would want to change about the perfect girl in front of me. Letty smiled and showed me her fingernails.

"She wanted me to clean the engine grease out from under them."

Gisele stood up and walked over to Dom, with a defeated look on her face.

"That doesn't sound anything like me," she said. He looked into her eyes and saw a beaten blackness, no fire.

"It ain't" Dom replied and walked away. Gisele looked down and after him realizing she'd just been shot down. Then she walked out of the garage and joined the party.

Nobody's Pov

Unbeknownst to the two talking a figure had been listening to the entire conversation, hidden underneath one of the cars. Once the two were gone they stepped out and looked at the door that the man had walked through. With tears in their eyes they said,

"That's right bitch, you ain't me."

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