Full Summary: Mace Windu survived the fight with Anakin. He sent a galaxy wide message to the other Jedi warning them of the Clone's betrayal and Palpatine's plans. He told them to flee to the far reaches of the galaxy where ancient fortresses of the Jedi existed. They're esistence was erased from history. The only ones who knew where they were included Yoda and Mace Windu. These were the last strongholds of the Jedi built for times such as these where Jedi could rebuild and prepare for war. This is his story, about a man who must let he old ways of the jedi go to embrace new ways. These are the chronicles of his journey as he rises to become the leader of a new age of Jedi and the one history remebers as the Purple Warrior. This is the story of the challenges he faces along the way and how he learns to love. Enjoy

Chapter 1 – The Survival of the Purple Warrior

He fell and fell. It felt like the fall was never going to end; the hole in his stomach burned. He closed his eyes and waited for the impact; he prayed that others would be able to flee from the horror that was coming. He then entered a state of serene calm and accepted his fate; soon he would be one with the Force. With this in mind Master Mace Windu of the Jedi Order fell down into the depths of Coruscant and awaited his union with the Force. It was the will of the Force and who was he to argue with it.

As he closed his eyes one final time he felt a small voice in the back of his head whispering to him "Why should this be the end you've survived injuries like this before, and with your power you could live so why accept death when you can save yourself." The voice whispered.

He shook his head "This is the will of the Force; there is nothing I can do about it. It is my time." Mace responded feeling a little stupid at answering the voice in his head.

"How do you know the will of the Force? You have the strength and skills to survive so do it." The voice responded.

Mace frowned "I am falling to my death and I am arguing with myself over the interpretation of the Force. I must be going insane. Regardless there is nothing I can do now all is lost." He said with a sigh of resignation.

The voice in his head was silent for a moment "You're a coward." it said to him.

Mace's eyes snapped open "What did you say?" he growled.

'You heard me. You're a coward. You're taking the easy way out, therefore you are a coward, a weak scared little coward." It taunted.

Mace's eyes now burned with anger "You dare call me a coward I am no such thing." Mace bellowed.

"Yes you are you're taking the easy way out. You're afraid to fight. You have the power to save some of them. You know what's going to happen. Anakin and Palpatine won't stop until every Jedi in the galaxy is dead. They're headed to the temple right now and the Jedi will be slaughtered. All because you're afraid to fight, hiding behind a pathetic reason to give in. They're deaths will be on your hands. Send out a message across the galaxy warning them all of what is coming. We've been betrayed and you will give in and let things carry on. Wake up and do something about it. But you won't will you you've been crushed and defeated so go to your death like the spineless coward you are and carry with you the burden of knowing that you could have saved many of them." It finished in a cold harsh tone that made Mace angry.

It had insulted him. He was Mace Windu and a silly tiny voice had accused him of being a coward he'd show him.

Mace opened his eyes and shifted his head, and saw that his lightsaber was a foot or two to is right falling right along with him. He reached out with the Force and felt blinding pain course over his entire body, but he pushed past it and reached out harder than he ever had before. He used all his will power and punched through the pain, and then with even greater effort he called his lightsaber to him and activated it. Mace knew that his strength was fading fast, but with what little strength remained he flipped himself around into an upright position and glided closer to the metal wall next to him. With all his might he raised his lightsaber and plunged it into the metal.

His body jerked violently and he slid down the building side with no decrease in speed, bur slowly his speed diminished and he came to a stop right above a sewage pipe. Mace was confused, his lightsaber shouldn't have stopped his fall or even slowed it down. He should have kept falling with his lightsaber cutting through the metal.

He dismissed the question and focused on the situation at hand. He gathered Force energy and started to swing backwards and forwards several times, and then he deactivated his lightsaber and using the Force enhanced strength in his arms threw himself into the pipe. He breathed a sigh of relief, he was alive for the moment but he couldn't relax yet he still had a message to deliver.

With all his will he reached out to the Force and saw a shining light, he let it envelop him and give him power. He was within the Force's embrace and could feel the mind of every Jedi in the galaxy even Anakin and Palpatine. Mace dwelled on Palpatine for only a moment and felt the evil in Palpatine's mind, and cringed. There was so much evil in him, but he saw something else as well; they appeared to be memories and specific ones too.

He let them come to him, he saw the Chancellor talking with the cloners about order 66. HE saw Palpatine explaining order 66 and how the Chancellor could order all of the clones to turn on any perceived threat. He saw the Chancellor implement Order 66. Mace realized that with the power he had he could send the images he received across the galaxy to the mind of every Jedi. He saw that Anakin was just gearing up to leave towards the temple. He saw Palpatine confronting Yoda and knew what he had to do. With the power the Force had given him he connected with the mind of every Jedi in the galaxy except for Yoda, Obi-Wan, Anakin and Paplatine and sent his message.

"Comrades listen to me, we have been betrayed. The clones will turn on you. Run, escape." Mace mentally screamed. Then he realized where would they go? They would be hunted and Palpatine wouldn't stop. They needed a safe haven. Anakin was never told about the most remote of the outposts, those secrets were for Mace Windu and Yoda alone. They're existence erased from the archives long ago so they couldn't be found. They were places of old, used in dark times like these. He quickly reconnected the link "Quickly for all in the temple copy the archives, then destroy them no one but us can use them there is too much information. Then run, and flee. The rest of you find a ship and avoid the clones they have not turned on you yet. Strike them down while you have the element of surprise and steal a hyperdrive capable ship. Everyone scatter to coordinates. Maters and Knights, divide yourselves among the ten locations. They are strongholds of the Jedi built long ago and they're existence erased from the archives. Hide and do nothing wait to be contacted. Until then train, use the knowledge stored within the archives of these refuges to prepare for the time when we fight back. For now run and hide. There will be those that can't escape, and for that I am sorry. Any others, who get lost hide on populated worlds, discard your lightsabers and Jedi robes. Find a way to reach these places by any means necessary. Here is the proof of our betrayal. May the Force be with us." He sent the images he had gotten from Palpatine's brain along with the ones of his own encounter with Palpatine and his fight with Anakin.

He then severed the connection and in a moment that would confuse him for the rest of his life prayed to the Spirit Kara, protector of travelers and those who face persecution, and a deity of his homeworld to watch over his comrades and friends.

Mace would never really figure out why he did so. Perhaps it was a moment of desperation or helplessness, or even the fact that he had no one else to turn to. However he still did it.

As he lay there in that dirty sewer pipe, within a centimeter of death he smiled. He had survived long enough to warn them. He had helped to save the Jedi and gave them the opportunity to live and find refuge among the stars until they were ready to fight back. It was enough, and with this in mind he could die without any regrets and become one with the Force.

His eyes started to close and he saw a white light coming towards him, and he welcomed it. However a figure appeared before him and raised a hand and forced the light to recede. Mace struggled to see the figure more clearly.

The light died down and he saw a woman with the same skin tone as him hovering before him in the darkness. Her eyes burned a brilliant purple and a wave of black hair fell down her back. It shined even in the dark. Her face was heart shaped with high cheekbones that made her a vision of perfection. She wore a purple dress that flowed around her body and seemed to move and shift around her legs like it was alive. (you can find a link to the picture I envision her as on my profile. Just change the color of the dress to purple and the hair to black.)

Mace was at a loss for what was happening "Who are you?" he questioned.

All she did was smile "I always liked you Mace WIndu, your courage and strength as well as your affinity for the color purple. Purple is my favorite color. You prayed to me after so long, and I am happy for that so I will grant your request this one time and protect as many of the Jedi as I can. I will also save you. The force can't have you yet, there are still things for you to do and tasks for you to accomplish." She said in a soft tone.

"You can't be Kara, you're only a made up being." Mace argued.

She laughed in a musical voice "Child, the force works in ways that you will never understand. My existence came to be when people who were force sensitive created me. The combined efforts of your people's belief in me and the will of the force brought me into existence. The same thing is true for many other gods and spirits in various cultures across the galaxy. The Force exists in all things, but mortals channel it through their minds. A person's beliefs can be very strong and sometimes they literally believe us into existence. Never think that you can comprehend the force child, you surrender to it and let it guide you. You don't force your will upon it. Consider these things while you live your life." She finished.

Mace took the information in and only nodded because he could do nothing else.

"I have healed your wounds and made a slight adjustment to your body. It will aid you greatly in the conflicts that are coming. For now rest and when you awaken think on what I have said and consider praying to me and the other spirits every now and then. You might be surprised at what happens." She said in an amused voice.

Mace once again nodded.

"Now sleep and recover, you will need your energy when you awaken child." She said in a soothing tone.

Mace watched her fade away and felt the blackness of sleep envelop him.

His last waking thought was that he was in for one hell of a ride when he woke up.

End chapter

Author's note: Well folks what do you think good or bad. The goddess thing was a one-time deal. I used it to show Mace that the force wasn't how he pictured it. That will play a major role later in the story.

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