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Chapter 3 – Purple Respite

Mace finally felt the effects of the adrenaline wearing off, his body became heavy, and his movements became painful and strained. He finally stopped and set down the female he was carrying before collapsing next to her against the sewer wall.

"Get back here!" a female voice shouted and Mace sighed. It looked like the Zeltronian hadn't fallen behind as he had thought she had.

He looked up and watched her approach. Mace saw now that her hair was black and was slick due to a combination of dirt, sweat, and sewage. The Zeltronian caught her breath and put her hands on her hips "What the hell are you doing you sorry excuse for a Jedi?" she questioned loudly as her bright purple eyes narrowed.

Mace rolled his eyes "Beautiful and abrasive what a lovely combination." He thought to himself. "I'm tired and can go no further. Your friend is injured and for now, we are safe. The clones won't bother searching the sewers for a ghost and two prostitutes. They'll most likely kill whoever gave them the information. "Mace explained.

"I guess that explanation works for now, but the fact remains your trouble and you just cost us a night's wages. Our pimp will have our hides if we even consider going back to him without any money and we can't work until we've paid him off or we'll be killed on sight if we're seen working the streets. You have just ruined our lives Mr. Jedi." She said as she pointed a blaster at him. "What are you going to do about it?" she questioned.

Mace sighed and called on the force, and then with a wave of his hand he ripped the blaster out of the Zeltronian's hand and flicked it into the water with a solid plop. "First off." He said as she stared at him with a look of pure malice on her face "Who are you?" he asked.

She didn't respond and Mace sighed once again he seemed to be doing a lot of that nowadays but it was time to get serious he was on the run and they were all injured and she wasn't helping. He reached out for the Force again and wrapped it around her and slowly lifted her off the ground until she was floating about 3 feet in the air.

She started shouting at him but he used the force and forced her mouth shut. Mace struggled to stand and when he did, he looked at the Zeltronian with ice in his eyes "Let me start over so that we understand each other. I am a Jedi that is being hunted by clones and I need a way off this planet, I don't have time for you or your problems. I have enough energy left in me to kill you right now and be done with you, but right now, you and your friend are useful to me. We are all injured and your friend is unconscious and I can heal us to the point where we can survive. For now I need you to trust me." Mace finished and lowered her back down to the ground and then staggered back until he supported himself with the help of the wall. "Now who are you?" Mace asked again.

She considered the black man's argument and didn't like it one bit but he was right, he could kill them but he hadn't. He had saved them from the clones and seemed to be trying his best to befriend her. It didn't sit well with her. People didn't operate like this and even though he tried to sound threatening when implying their usefulness, it sounded forced and desperate. So she gave him the benefit of the doubt for now "My name is Mira and my sister's name is Daesha. That's all your getting for now." She snapped.

Mace nodded his head "I'm Mace Windu." He replied. Mace then covered Daesha with the cloak he had pilfered from the muggers earlier in the day and placed his hand on her head and closed his eyes. He could vaguely hear Mira's demands for him to stop but they were drowned out as the force flooded into him.

Mira stopped her shouting as she felt the air change around her and looked down at the kneeling Jedi; power was rolling off him and was making the air heavy. She had always thought the force was an internal thing but she was feeling its power right now. She could only stare at him and wonder exactly who she and her sister had gotten themselves involved with.

Mace felt the caress of the force in his mind and slowly willed it into the injured Twi'lek lying before him. He coaxed it into her body and whispered for it to heal her wounds and restore her energy because he knew they were going to need it. He then slowly but surely put her mind and body at rest as he induced a healing trance. It wouldn't heal everything but she would be able to move when she awoke.

Mira felt the air grow lighter and assumed Mace was finishing whatever he was doing. She watched him remove his hand from her sister's forehead and with difficulty rise to a standing position. He turned and looked at her and she saw his eyes faintly glowing purple, but she also saw the tiredness in his eyes she had seen that in the eyes of countless mercenaries and soldiers while on the job. This Jedi had probably seen things that would make a normal man go mad.

She quickly pushed those thoughts aside and looked down at her sister, who appeared to be asleep but she looked at peace for the first time in months ever since the incident and was unable to sleep properly. "What did you do to her?" Mira asked flatly, as she narrowed her eyes at the worn out Jedi.

"I put her into a healing trance it will allow her body and mind to rest peacefully while the Force heals her wounds. She'll be back on her feet when she comes out of it but will still be in pain. Now it's your turn, you're injured and the trance will help you recover." He finished before gesturing foe her to lie down next to her sister.

Mira had seen Jedi use healing trances, they worked, and the man was right she could feel the pain becoming worse and knew that if something weren't done she would probably die from it. "I don't like it but it's the only option we have right now. No funny business and what about you if you go into a trance as well we will be helpless down here." she finished in a slightly accusatory tone.

"I will enter the trance as well but only a light one, the force will wake me if any danger is close and I'll in turn wake you and your sister and we'll hopefully escape." He finished in a tired tone "Now come and lie down you must rest."

Mira slowly walked past him and readjusted her utility belt so that she wouldn't be sitting on it and, sat down beside her sister careful not to agitate her own wounds, and slumped against the cold wall. She felt pain and exhaustion course through her body and realized she hadn't been this drained for a long time

Mace kneeled down and placed his hand on her head and repeated the process he had done with Daesha moments earlier.

Mira looked up at him as she felt the Force flow through her alleviate her pain, she saw that his eyes glowed with purple and she smiled, it had been so long since she had relied on someone else because they had always betrayed her. Mira reluctantly put the last shard of her trust in this mysterious and slightly irritating man and hoped that she wouldn't regret it later. Then a sense of peace and calm entered her mind as she gave into the call of the Force telling her to rest and heal.

Mace slumped down beside her and pulled the blaster he had pilfered from Drax's body into his lap, it was a small thing and only good for about 30 shots. It would have to do for now. He tried to call on the force but found that it would not come, and he sighed but tried once more, he reached out with all his will and found only a single thread to grasp on to. No power flowed through him and he realized that the events that had played out over the course of the last two days had left him with utterly no strength.

He was about to give up when he heard a female voice in his mind that called to him he was on edge but had no strength to resist it. The voice bloomed in his mind and he felt warm and protected, for an instant he thought that he was dying before the voice coaxed him to rest. He could not resist it's call and fell into darkness.

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