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"The Dragon Prince" This story will be loosely and I do mean loosely, based off of the classic movie, the swan princess.

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The year was 1918.

A king who ruled the large and mighty kingdom of the Red eye's Black Dragon had become fearful. For along with war, he had grown old, and had no child to take up the throne. Just when hope seemed lost, a summer day came where the sun seemed to be shinning even brighter than normal. On this day, the king was blessed with the brith of a son. A prince, who had eyes that were a warm,sparkling, gentle brown.

And he was given the name, Joseph.

That winter, the king of the Blue eyes white Dragon kingdom ,who was at war with the Red eye's, faced the same problem. He too was growning old and had no child of his own for the throne ethier. Yet, on one Decemeber night, when the snow fell hard, and the moon seemed to shine just as bright as the sun, this king too, was blessed with a son. A prince who had eyes that were a deep,shining, saphire blue.

And he was given the name, Seto.

The two kings loved and did everything they could for their sons, dispite the on going war. However, the war was taking it's toll on the kingdoms. So the kings decied to end the conflict the only way they could of. And that, is where our story begins...

1935, The castle in the kingdom of the Red eyes black dragon.

Seventeen year old prince Joseph or Joey, as he perfered to be called, was standing in the throne room of the Red eye's castle. To say he was upset with what his Father decision would be the understatement of the year. He stood there with his mouth hanging open at what his Father had just said before he explodied in surprize.

"SAY WHAT? You want me, to marry the prince of the kingdom we're at war with? You can't be serious!"

"I know you're upset Joseph-"

"Father, Please, I keep telling ya to call me Joey."

"And I keep telling you that I don't approve of nick names. Joseph, this war has been going on since before you were born, we have to end it sometime.
I'm not sure that I like this deicision myself. But I'm at my wits end and besides, this way I know your taken care of."

"But what if this dosen't change anything? For all we know this could be a plot to lower our defences or attack us from the inside. Plus I would rather marry someone for love, not to settle a conflict."

Joey's Father got up from his seat and placed a hand on his only son's shoulder. He looked at Joey with love and pride as he spoke.

"Joseph, I'm glad that you feel this way. Not many people in this day and age would follow their heart the way you. I wish this was settled another way, but perhaps you will grow to love this man. Hopefully he is as warm and caring as you are. And will be a great ruler as well."

Joey looked down at the floor in thought before he looked up and nodded to his Father in understanding. The king smiled before hugging Joey and sending him to pack for the trip there that night.

Mean while, in the kingdom of the Blue eyes white dragon, Prince Seto and his father were having the same conversation. Seto wasn't to please about the sitution either.

"Father, you can not be serious with this decision. We've been at war with the Red eye's for nearly ninteen years! And you want to give up by having me marry their prince?"

"I don't like it either Seto, but both I and the king of the Red eyes kingdom agree that this war has gone on for too long. I would rather keep going until our side won this in victory. But too many lives have been lost. I hope you will understand that this is our only option. Besides, I would rather for you and Mokuba to live peacefully for once."

Seto turned his eyes to the next room to see his little brother playing chess with his younger cusion. Mokuba was born five years after Seto and because of the on going war, he was hardly allowed outside. Seto decided that his Father was right. By ending the war in a union, mokuba would finally be able to go out and meet other kids his age. So he agreed to the arrangement.

"Very well Father, perphaps your right. Peace would be a nice change for once."

Seto's Father smiled, glad that his son had approved of the arragement. Seto was then dismissed and he left for his room. Seto however had a bad feeling about this whole thing. His father was never one to back one from any challege. He knew his father had to have something up his sleeve to keep the war going. And that made Seto fearful.

On the way, he ran into his first cousin Yami. He had spikey star shaped hair that was blond, voilet, magenta and black. He also had deep, voilet eyes mixed with crismon, that could easly charm any women. Yami walked towards his cousin with a slight smirk on his face.

"So, I've heard your Father has declared an arraged marrige between the two kingdoms." Yami stated.

"He has."


"I excepted."

At this, Yami looked at Seto like he had just grown a second head. For you see, Seto was not excatly a people person. An arraged marrige was the last thing Yami thought Seto would argee to.

"Do not get me wrong cousin. I am hardly looking forward to this. However, the war between these two kingdoms has gone on for far too long. More people will die if this doesn't stop, besides I don't want Mokuba to have to live in fear his whole childhood, like I have."

Seto explained as he and Yami walked down the hall.

"Ending the war like this doesn't mean that all fighting and pain among the people of the kingdoms will end. You do know that." Yami stated as they reached Seto's room.

"Of course I do cousin. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to make sure my fiance isn't harmed on his way to the palace."

"His? Your marring a prince?"

" Like I said, I am hardly looking forward to this." Seto said as he left his cousin in the hallway while he went to his room.

(But if I don't go through with this, Father will continue the war until the entire kingdom of the red eyes is taken over. And I can't let that happen. I can't let him sacrafice more people of these two kingdoms, just so he can have a victory.)

Seto thought to himself as he gazed out the balcony of his room. He then went to his closet and reached for one particular outfit to change into. A moment later Mokuba came to the room in search of his older brother. Only to find the doors to his balcony open. The curtains blowing gently in the September wind...

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