~Kanna's Laughter~

Always so emotionless, Hakudoshi thought as he looked at Kanna from across the room. It's just not right she should show something at least once in awhile. She wasn't even looking at him or giving him any attention at all, she just sat there staring in to that mirror of hers. Naraku wasn't here, so he thought this is the perfect time to test little Kanna. Even Kagura had wondered off, no time could be better. "Hey, Kanna" he said softly. She turned away from the mirror and looked at him with those blank, dark eyes, "Yes?" she said in her soft voice.

"Are you really as emotionless as everyone thinks?" Hakudoshi asked with a smirk. She just blinked at him and replied quietly, "I am what I am" he expected that sort of answer from her, she wasn't going to shut him up so easily. "Is it a show you just put on for Naraku?" Kanna didn't appear to be offended by his question at all, "All I can tell you is, its just how I was born"

"Well Kanna, I think you really need to be put through a test just to see how truly void you are" he explained, "And I'm just the one to do it" Hakudoshi stood up from the ground and began making his way towards Kanna, she just watched him blankly. "I bet I can make you lose control" he said as he drew closer. Still the girl had no reaction to his words. He knew words weren't going to faze her, actions had to do that, the right type of actions that it is, he thought with a small laugh.

He kneeled down in front of her and then grabbed her mirror as quick as he could. Even that didn't bother her, with a calm smile he sat the mirror behind him. "So Kanna, are you ready?" she didn't answer, she simply looked at him and blinked. "I'll take that as a yes" Hakudoshi then wrapped his hand around her ankle and pulled her foot towards him, still nothing. He slipped off her sandal and tossed it to the side and then looked down at her pale foot, it seemed so vulnerable, as did the girl it belonged to.

"Okay Kanna here we go" Hakudoshi began wiggling his fingers across the bottom of Kanna's foot and she quickly began to squirm. "Oh, already a reaction" his fingers began scrabbling faster on her foot, this was really fun to him especially we he heard a little squeal come from Kanna, he felt triumph. Her foot was moving violently trying to escape his fingers but it wasn't happening. "Let's see how long you can take this" he then grabbed her toes to hold her foot still and then he used the hand that had been holding her ankle.

A smirk on his face, Hakudoshi moved his fingers along the arches of Kanna's small foot as he held it firmly in place by the toes. Her eyes watering, Kanna finally cracked. From the small girl came loud, high-pitched laughter that filled the room. That pale face of hers was turning red in the cheeks, "H-hakudoshi! ..hahha...stop!" she shouted through her uncontrollable laughter.

"Well, it looks like you failed the test" he said with that devious smirk on his face. His fingers wiggled merciless on Kanna's foot, this was very, very pleasurable for some reason, maybe it was just from seeing Kanna lose control. Either way, he didn't plan on stopping for a long time.