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Magic Knight Rayearth-Returning to Cipphero!

Chapter 1

Hikaru sighed as she ran a brush through her long hair. She was now 18 and was getting ready for college. She hadn't been back to Cephiro in nearly 4 and a half years. She missed all of her friends back in the other world, but most of all she missed her first love, Lantis. She smiled in remembrance as she thought of the rare days where she and Lantis had fought together.

The last time that her and her other friends from Earth had went. Umi was now working in the offices with her mother and father's company, and Fuu was busy with her piano lessons, so Hikaru was pretty much alone most of the time, other than her brothers.

She sighed and looked up at the sky. She then smiled as an idea ran across her mind. She would go to Tokyo tower. She had went there everyday for the past four years on her way home from lessons or kendo practice.

Hikaru smiled and giggled as she walked up the tower. She sighed when she reached the top, she looked out the windows and out towards Tokyo, her home where there were no such things as monsters or magical swordsman's. She smiled even softer at the thought of her magical swordsman, Lantis, protecting his homeland and the people of Cephiro. She really wished she could return there one day.

Hikaru smiled and laughed. "Well I should get home now, father is probably worried." She said and turned only to bump into two ladies. She backed up and bowed low, "I am sorry!" she said. The women that she bumped into just giggled and smiled. "Hikaru-chan, it is alright, it is us! Umi and Fuu." They said smiling.

Hikaru looked up and then smiled in shock. "Oh wow it is you guys!" she said smiling and hugged them both at once. "What brings you guys here today?" she asked them. They smiled back at her and looked out at Tokyo.

"Well I was practicing my piano recital piece when all of a sudden, I had the strong need to come here. It was like I was being pulled. Me and Umi had met up half way and she to had that feeling. We figured that just maybe you had felt it to, but we wanted to confirm it with our on eyes."Fuu said smiling softly and pushing her glasses up on her nose. Umi nodded in agreement.

Hikaru laughed and smiled. "I felt the same way so I came here…and because, I hoped that in some weird way…I would be able to go see Lantis." She said smiling out at them and then turned and looked out the window.

Umi and Fuu stood on either side of her and smiled. "We to, want to go back and see the ones we love."Fuu said smiling. The three, now grown young women, looked out over Tokyo smiling. They all sighed and smiled.

"I want to go back there." They all said at once. They the laughed and hugged each other again. They closed their eyes and huddled in a circle like they did when they had returned from Cephiro the last time.

Hikaru smiled and pulled back. She smiled at the other two girls, who to smiled at her.

"We need to hang out more." Hikaru said smiling.

Umi and Fuu nodded in agreement and was about to say something but then the floor started to move underneath them. Hikaru stared in shock as they slipped through the floor and they were drifting a sky over a watery land with floating mountains with crystals on them. The three girls screamed and held their skirts as they fell down into a lake. They all came above water and gasped for air.

Hikaru looked around and started to smile really wide as she immediately recognized the place, her second home to her, Cephiro.

"I knew something good would happen if I went to Tokyo Tower today!" Hikaru squealed and smiled. The other two nodded and followed Hikaru as she got out of the water. They rung their hair out and their skirts. All of them had hair that was past their bottoms now, they were taller and developed breasts and curves. Truly adults now.

Hikaru smiled and stretched and looked around. "Now let's just go find the others." She said smiling. The three older knights started to walk into a town that was full of people who stopped what they were doing and looked at them and then smiled widely and ran to them. "The Magic Knights! You have returned! Oh what joy there is in Cephiro today! Master Mage will be overjoyed." They said and hugged them in welcoming.

Hikaru smiled and then waved to them. "We were actually just heading to the palace now, can you tell us where it is located now?" she asked. They all smiled and pointed to the crystal castle up on a hill. "Up there." An elderly woman said.

Hikaru and the other two knights bowed and smiled. "Thank you kind citizens, we will be on our way now, we have dear ones we are dying to see." They said and then started to race up the hill like old times.

After a few minutes of running they finally arrived, huffing at the gates, they stood up straight and walked in past the barrier and into the front door of the castle. They were on edge and were almost running again to find Master Mage Cliff and the other ones they loved.

Meanwhile Master Mage Cliff was sitting in his throne room talking with Lanits and the rest of the group. Ascot was sighing. "There was a strange present that I picked up while riding on one of my beasts. It seemed so familiar but I can't quite remember." He said.

In Japan, one year is equal to three in Cephiro, to the citizens of Cephiro, twelve years had passed by. They missed the knights as much as the knights had missed them.

Hikaru and the other knights huffed as they approached the throne room. They slowed and stopped outside and smiled.

The people inside and looked up at the feeling of three presences. "Come in whoever you are, show your faces in front of me." Cliff called.

The door slowly opened and it groaned as it did so. The light was bright behind the knights so the people in the throne room had yet to see who they were.

The three knights smiled and walked forward slowly coming out of the light….

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