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Chapter 2- A heart warming welcome!

The room went silent as the light blinded them, hiding the secret of the figures entering the room. The group watched in wonder as they felt a familiar presence wash over their bodies like a warm summer wind.

Hikaru and the other two took a few steps forward and was looking around.

"They've done an amazing job rebuilding the castle."Umi said as she carefully analyzed the room. She smiled as her eyes settled with a soft tint to them.

Hikaru then stepped out of the light, she was so grown up now, her long red hair complimented her slender shoulders and thin waist. Her shirt was tightly placed around her breast. She looked around and her eyelashes would blink ever so often.

"Yes, it is amazing, they've done a really good job, wouldn't you say so Fuu?" she asked as the third figure stepped out of the light and into the room.

Fuu looked around and nodded. "Oh I agree,it is really beautiful. Cephiro has changed to the people's likings. It warms me to know that the kind people of Cephiro made such a beautiful country by their own will." she said. She no longer wore her glasses, contacts were now her thing. Now her long eyelashes can fully show their beauty among her emerald eyes.

Lantis and the others were standing their perplexed.

Clef took a step forward and was monitoring their spiritual powers. The Magic Knights had changed so much that he didn't quite recognize them.

'This can't be 'them'...the magic knights are children...not...women...oh! Our worlds have different times changes! This is them! The magic knights! They've returned!' he thought.

He smiled and walked forward and visibly relaxed. "It has been many seasons since you all have returned to us...welcome to the new Cephiro...Magic Knights." he said proudly.

Lantis and Ferrial were starring in shock and was stuck in space as Clef exposed their identity. Love, happiness, and shock coursed through their veins as they wanted to run towards 'their' knights and wrap their arms around their grown bodies, but they managed to push down the tingling in their fingertips that burned to touch their cheeks.

The magic knights turned to them and smiled, not the old childish smile, but the smile of women. They walked forward and was a few feet away from everyone.

"We've returned to hear the story of the new Cephiro...and to see the ones we love again." they said calmly together.

Clef smiled and looked at them. "How...exactly did you return?" he asked skeptically.

The magic knights smiled. "Actually...we don't really know ourselves. We met up by chance at Tokyo tower in our world, and then I remember the painful longing to return to Cephiro to hear the new story...and then the floor left out from under us and we were falling down to Cephiro." Umi said.

Hikaru only nodded in agreement with Umi, her eyes were fixed on the tall masculine man a few feet away with those deep eyes that seemed to pour into her soul. The man returned her gaze with the expression that matched her own. Fuu laughed softly to herself as she watched the two. Umi to laughed. The two then pushed Hikaru forward causing a blush to rise on her cheeks.

Lantis then came back to reality and to took a brave step forward. He was now in front of her. He so badly wanted to reach out and run his hand through her long soft hair. He looked into her ruby red eyes and swam in their beauty. She had grown so much, this he knew well, it was obvious. He knew she was no longer an ignorant child. He knew she'd know now exactly what she'd want in life. He silently longed she'd want to be with him. He knew that this young woman in front of him was the former pillar. He knew he couldn't change that, but he still hoped to hold her one day.

Hikaru looked into his narrow-handsome eyes. She then smiled a feminine smile up at him.

"Lantis...how have you been?" she asked in a unwavering and grown voice.

Lantis looked into her eyes as he responded. "I have been doing well. And yourself?" he asked softly.

Hikaru blushed and smiled. "I was lonely without my Cephiro family." she said smiling.

Her smile shot through his heart like a arrow, it was a pleasant feeling. It warmed him on the inside. Her smile tore at him more, it made him want to pull her to his strong chest and hold her their until morning. He then inwardly shook his head as he disposed of such dirty thoughts. But after all he was a man...and she was...a woman...a woman indeed.

Hikaru saw a look of compassion in his eyes. She couldn't help but blush even more. She returned his heart racing gaze with her own. She looked at him through her long thick eyelashes and smiled.

Clef cleared his throat, causing the two to tear away from the longing gaze they shared. He smiled and then began to talk.

"We have much to discuss, we must after all tell you all how things now work in Cephiro." he said smiling.

Sierra sighed and shook her head and then went and placed a hand on Clef's shoulder. "Master Clef, I know the knights must be tired, won't you wait until the morning to give your grand tour?" she asked as a small smile traced her lips.

Clef sighed and smiled. "I suppose you are right. Magic Knights, please make yourself at home, you all have done so much for the land of Cephiro, it is time we repay your great deeds." he said.

The three girls smiled. "That isn't necessary Master Mage, we have all that we could ever want right now, we have once again returned to Cephiro, not to fight, but simply to see the ones we hold so dear in our hearts." Fuu said. "So please don't worry about such things as payment, we love Cephiro and all of it's people, we were more than willing to serve this country. We three have learned so much from Cephiro, precious memories are stored in our hearts of this beautiful place that we take with us everywhere we go. That is more than enough payment." she finished.

Hikaru and Umi nodded in agreement. "Really, just being here is more than enough." Umi said.

Clef smiled. "Such kind hearts...we are honored to have such brave and strong hearts in our homeland. Magic Knights your legend has been told throughout the land. We now host a festival each year in the spring to share the brave and dangerous struggles you've all been through. All of Cephiro knows of your bravery and will always know in the generations to come. You've changed our lives immensely." he said.

The three knights smiled their gentle smiles that warmed everyone in the room. "You have honored us greatly, but I assure you we did not do this for honor. We did it to protect the ones we loved. But I guess that having a festival isn't so bad." Fuu said brushing her golden hair behind her ear.

Hikaru nodded. "I love festivals! I wonder what one is like here." she said smiling.

Lantis couldn't help but smile. It is true indeed that Hikaru had become a woman, but she was still the same old Hikaru...he liked that. It warmed him to know that this is the woman he fell in love with.

Clef smiled and nodded. "Sierra will show you all to your staying rooms. Please rest as much as you want, food will be served to you if you wish." he said.

The three women smiled. "Thank you so much Master Clef." Umi said blushing a little.

Sierra then turned to them and took their attention and started to walk out of the room.

Clef smiled. "Oh and one more thing Magic Knights..." he said. The three knights turned around with smiles on their faces.

He smiled. "Welcome home." he said warmly.

The three women smiled soft smiles. "It's good to be home." they said together as soft as a feather gliding through the wind, as calm as a steady river flow, and as warm as the flame of a fire...

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