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Hey guys and gals. Rhadiox here. My Batman Universe is coming up very nicely. I still trying to come up with a name to call My Batman AU other than My Batman AU. I can't really do BatTales because there is already a CatTales going on. I want it to sound cool, like it was actually a publication by DC. If you have any suggestions, send me a P.M. But that's another subject.

This is my somewhat anticipated epic, Batman: World So Cold. It's my first for My Batman AU. I'm not going to tell you the plot but it has to do with Mr. Freeze and Barbara's surgery to give her back the use of her legs. Each Chapter will be the name of a song I use as inspiration for the entire story. Each song is part of the soundtrack for the entire story. I will post the soundtrack once it's done on my profile so if you want to make a playlist sometime or something.

Here's something in the story you should know. Jean-Paul Valley is dead and I don't plan on bringing him back. Other changes will be listed on my profile page. I really really think you ought to check it out to see some differences in my Batman AU. I'm keeping everyone in character and there are no OC's anywhere in this fic. It's written in 3rd person for most of the fic, unless we get into an inner monologue.

Other than that, enjoy the story.


Batman: World So Cold

Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane sat just off the shores of mainland Gotham City on an island. Arkham was a prison of sorts; a modern Alcatraz with highest security standards. The most ruthless and horrid criminals that were deemed by judicial rule to be mentally unfit for the majority of society were sent here. To be locked in Arkham meant there was little to no expectation of recovery, no matter how much therapy and other assorted methods were taken into effect. It was not a prison. It was a mad house.

The standards remained strict. The regulars, people who were nothing but criminally insane, were kept in small cells that held the necessities; a bed and a toilet. They received normal privileges.

The rogues, however, were kept on a separate floor. These were the inmates that Arkham was most known for; the names that most people have heard of from somewhere or another. These inmates were under strict guard but given a time to leave their cells to eat and converse with each other. They were allowed some privileges, but not many. Each of their cells was made specifically for them and were under constant surveillance by guards and live feed cameras.

Then, on the lowest floors, were the most dangerous of the inmates. Those that were a high threat and were rarely let out of their cells. Only a few were here. These were the only true prisoners; most likely never to see the light of day again.

On the rogue gallery at the end of the hall was the cell of Victor Fries. It was by far the most customized cell on the floor, air locked and insulated to maintain a constant temperature of -89ÂșC at all times.

On the far side of the cell, Victor hunched over his work desk. He was tired and frustrated. He growled and crumpled up the paper he had been working on. His frustration grew to anger and he violently flipped the table, breaking it against the wall. He took shallow breaths trying to compose himself. Finally getting under control of his emotions, he walked over to a very large machine.

"Nora, my love. How I miss you. You look as beautiful as the day we met. So beautiful, yet so cold; cold and lifeless like the cell we are in." He stared at the woman inside the machine. Nora Fries, his wife, had been diagnosed with a kind of disease where the cells of the body started to reject the host. Slowly but surely, she was dieing. Victor, being the leading scientist in the field of Cryogenics, had cryogenically frozen her in the hopes of someday finding a cure for the illness. For eight years, he had searched for a cure with no luck and Nora's time was running out. It seems that being frozen had only slowed the progress of the disease, not stopping it's progress completely. Victor was at a loss on what to do. Here in Arkham, he did not have the needed resources to help Nora. He was only allowed so much to work with and that was not enough to keep his wife alive. Now she floated in a tube, unmoving except to the sway of the liquid that she was contained in.

"My love, I swear we will be together again; whatever the cost. I will find a way to save you." Victor said as he placed his icy blue hand on the glass that separated him and his wife. His voice kept a monotone at all times; only his volume changed. His troubles and hardships had changed his view of the world. It had turned his heart cold and ran his emotions dry. "We will be together again soon Nora. I promise."

Suddenly, an explosion rocked the cell. "What!" Victor stumbled and fell against the wall. His eyes widened when he saw Nora's case rocking back and forth. He rushed over and put his body against the machine's side to stop it from tipping over. A second explosion, then third soon happened and Victor was wondering what was going on outside his cell. He could hear faint sounds of gunfire.

Could it be a riot? He shook his head. No, he could hear return fire from weapons different than that used by Arkham security. Someone was breaking into Arkham Asylum. The question was why?

The sound of gun fire was getting closer now. The assailants were definitely on this floor. Without warning, the door to the cell busted open in a bright flash of light. Victor shielded his eyes and moved in front of Nora's case. Smoke clouded the entrance, making it difficult to see. Suddenly, Victor was hit in the back of the head and forced to the ground by an unseen figure. He fell on his hands and knees, but quickly recovered and hit his attacker with a heavy uppercut. The figure flew back into the wall, while two more rushed at Victor. He elbowed one in the face and booted the other to the ground. Those two fell, but still more and more came. Victor threw one off his back and smashed his fist into another ones face, but he was unable to handle so many attackers at once and was finally pinned to the ground. "Release me!" Victor's cold voice growled. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a group of the figures unhooking Nora's chamber and picking it up. Victor's red tinted eyes widened in horror, which quickly turned to rage "No!" He broke free of his captors, sending them across the room. He rushed to Nora's machine and shoved the assailants away before they could do anything more. Suddenly, he was tackled by a much larger figure than the others and they both fell to the ground. This figure quickly kicked up from the ground into a neutral stance. Through the smoke, Victor tried to make out who the figure was. The smoke obscured details, but the shadow was a familiar looking one.

"Batman!" yelled Victor. He was answered by a dark laugh.

"Not quite." The figure brushed his cape behind him, blowing the smoke out of the way. Victor looked on at this new costumed man. He looked like the Batman, but his costume was different in several ways. Instead of a black color pallet for the suit, it was a mixture of gold, red, and black. His face was hidden under a hood and a cape was a deep crimson. He He held up his hand and clenched his fist. "Stand down, everyone!" The stranger ordered. All the other assailants stopped where they stood as the smoke began to dissipate, giving Victor a chance to see how many there were. At least fifteen ninja clad men surrounded him.

"What is the meaning of this!" Victor raged.

The man finally looked up at Victor, giving the Arkham inmate a good view of his face. It was hidden behind a mask that resembled a skull.

"I'm sorry for my men." The masked man apologized. He had a slight accent which Victor could not place. "They can be most unruly in these kind of circumstances."

"Who are you and why are you here?"

The masked man chuckled darkly. "I am nothing but a simple man of humble origin. You can call me Azrael. I have come here to offer you a chance of freedom and to return that which you hold most dear."

Victor was confused for only a moment until his thoughts rested on his wife. "Nora?"

"Yes. I can bring back your wife to you. That is if you carry out my end of the bargain."

"And that would be?"

"Simple; Kill the Batman."

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