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"Well, everything seems to be in order here little lady, although I must admit this is highly unusual," Phil commented to the young lady in front of him.

"Well, I come from a large family, and it made more sense just to send me here rather than pack up and move everyone in order for only me to go to Hillwood Academy, sir," a petite red-headed girl in a lacy pink dress told him. She had a small, brown suitcase with her as well as a pink and gray plaid backpack bulging with text books and a note from her parents, ensuring that they knew where she was and that they would pay her monthly rent. The girl was a rather pretty young thing, and apparently quite bright and talented. She had just been accepted into Hillwood Academy For the Gifted, nicknamed as The Academy by the locals.

"Yes, your parents seem to have explained that in their letter," the old man stroked his chin while staring suspiciously at the letter, "Still, we don't usually get 17-year-old girls asking for a place to stay. Well, no matter." He finally turned to face her, putting down the piece of paper. "What d'ya say to seeing you room?"

The girl, who had been standing nervously up until this point, smiled and nodded enthusiastically. "I'd like that very much, sir."

"Oh, enough with that 'sir' nonsense. Call me Phil, we're practically family!" With that the old man chuckled at his own joke as he lead the redhead up the stairs and through the hall, stopping before a door just like any of the others.

"I believe this should be to your liking," Phil addressed his new tenant as he opened the door. Her smile widened.

"I believe that this will do nicely," she assured him.

"Well okay then. I'll leave you to get settled, Miss Stevenson."

"Please, call me Lucky."

"Okay, Lucky." The old man scratched his head in confusion, "How in the heck did you get saddled with a name like that anyhow?"

"I'll tell you later," Lucky said, her face still holding that smile.

"Alrightie, you can tell it over dinner!" Phil suggested, "We haven't heard many good stories since Shortman's been gone."


"Huh? Oh, yes. Shortman. My grandson, Arnold. You'll meet him in a few weeks. He's finishing up his summer vacation at his cousin Arnie's," he explained as a large crash resounded through the hall. It seemed to have come from the kitchen.

"Oh, no! Pookie!" Phil exclaimed, jumping in realization, "We'll talk later, Lucky! I hope you enjoy the Sunset Arms!" With that, he made a swift exit. The redhead simply smiled as she entered her new room.

After surveying the worn bed and creaky nightstand, Lucky decided that unpacking could wait After retrieving her orange cell phone from her backpack, she pressed a few of its buttons and held it up to her ear.

"Hey, camp buddy," she greeted an old friend of hers, smiling wickedly into the phone, "You'll never guess what my parents did to finally resolve my problem. You know, the one about living too far away from the Academy? Well they got me my own place to stay!"

A few blocks away, a blonde girl was doubting what her friend was telling her. A place to stay in Hillwood? What kind of parents did that?

"Seriously, Lucky, lay off the soft drinks. You're getting those crazy ideas again."

"Really? You're the one calling me crazy?" the other girl retorted.

"Alright, fine. So where are you staying? Anywhere near my house?"

"Oh, I think so. A little place called the Sunset Arms-"

"Did you say Sunset Arms?" the blonde was in even more disbelief.

"That's right, and you know what's funny? The man who runs this joint has a grandson named Arnold-"


The phone call recipient winced as her oddly named friend allowed a maniacal laugh to escape from her lips.

"So I guessed right then, didn't I? This is where HE lives, isn't it, Helga?"

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