Outside their hotel…

Rallen: so this is the place…

Jado: I guess so

Jeena: the addresses match

Krux: so this is it

Komainu: yep we're here

Maja: how many rooms did Mega and solo get us?

Gronos: 4 I think

Gelberus: well let's check in

Everyone else: good plan

Jado and Maja's room

Maja: this is nice

Jado: 498 channels! Some hotel!

Maja: Impressive

Jado: yes it is, yes it is

Krux's room

Krux: this isn't bad

Gronos and Gelberus's room

Gronos: heh I could get used to this

Gelberus: me too

Rallen, Jeena, and Komainu's room

Jeena: (lays down on the bed) wow, this is soft

Rallen: a TV and a computer! Niiiiiiice

Komainu: you're telling me alright

Rallen: well, the interview starts tomorrow, we should rest