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"Master, this was left outside" The small creature cowered as it spoke to the man before him. The man was handsome by any standards, tall, lithe, black curls and dark brown eyes. His skin was pale but not unattractive. The creature held a bundle almost as big as it was. The bundle was tightly wrapped and squirming in its arms. His master didn't turn around until the bundle let out a dreadful wail.

"What is that?" The men turned see the creature clumsily holding the bundle. He sighed and took the bundle in his arms, unwrapping it slightly. The babe inside was small, not even a few days old. Despite its age it was already beginning to grow hair, a beautiful dark reddish brown color that curled. It waved its arms at him and looked him straight in the eyes, the babe had his eyes.

"Is there a letter?" He asked

"Yes Master" the creature said handing him the piece of paper. The man took it and dismissed the creature. He sighed and moved to sit down in front of the fire propping the baby up in his lap as he unfolded the letter.

'Tom, I know that this is the last thing that you expected to find this morning, but she needs you. Things are getting more and more complicated by the day and I really don't know who to trust anymore. Albus wants a war with you and I will follow my husband. I loved you Tom, but what you are doing isn't right, and I hope that she will change you in ways that I never could. Know that she is in danger Tom; I hid my pregnancy from them. Tom any child you have they will take from you. They will take her and I fear for her life if they do. You are the only one with the means to keep her safe. She doesn't have a name, I couldn't bare to name her knowing I'd have to give her up, and also her birthday is September 19. I hope you'll learn to love her Tom, please for her sake love her. Yours, Lily Evans-Potter.' Tom sat the letter down and looked at the baby, he and Lily Evans had had a very brief relationship at the end of her seventh year. She had hoped to change him for the better but he was young and set in his ways. Seeing the beautiful thing they had created their last night together made his heart swell. For Lily, whom he really had loved, he would give this child whatever she required.

"I do believe the first thing you require little one is a name. Isn't that right Princess" Tom said rocking her. She gurgled up at him and clapped her hands happily causing a book to fly into her hands. "Like books do you princess, I should have guessed, I like them too. Let's see The Legend of Troy,"

"GAH!" The baby said smiling as he opened the book; the first page was a picture of Helen, holding the hand of her daughter. The baby placed her hand on the little girl and then stared up at him.

"Are you naming yourself princess, Hermione, Hermione Riddle? I like it now for your middle name, since you seem to be so all knowing, we'll name you Hermione Cassandra," He said softly. The infant began to fuss and Tom sighed "Shh don't fuss,"

"Maybe I could be of some use" Tom turned to see Narcissa Malfoy standing in the door way. "Don't look so startled, you look confused, here hold her like this"

"What are you doing here Cissa?" He asked as she conjured a bottle and helped him feed the babe.

"Well I was coming to deliver the good news, but it seems that you have some of your own as well" She said softly

"You must tell no one of her Cissa, she is in danger, the other side will take her if they discover her presense here" Tom said looking at Narcissa, he had first met her apprenticing under her father after Hogwarts. She made quite an impression on him after she showed her strength as a woman by not backing down when her father wished for her to marry him instead of Lucius.

"She will be safe here Tom, I will tell no one, what is her name" Narcissa asked smiling at her friend, her long blonde hair an odd trait she had inherited from an aunt stood out like the sun in the dark room and her silver eyes never left the baby.

"Hermione Cassandra Riddle" He answered handing the baby off to her so she could examine her.

"I do hope my child is as perfect as yours Tom, She will break many hearts when she is older." Narcissa said smiling at the baby "I will make sure that you have all the proper necessities and a house elf that is educated in the ways of children within the hour. If you need me please just call"

"Thank You Narcissa, I'm assuming your news is that you are pregnant as well"

"Yes, I am, we believe it will be a boy," Narcissa said winking as she moved out of the room.

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