One cold fall night the small, young nation of Iceland was jolted awake by a searing pain in his stomach. It felt to him as though a volcano had erupted back on his island, he didn't live on the island as his brother Norway took care of him but he still felt the blasts and heat as though he were actually standing in the middle of the volcano.

Tears stained his cheeks as he sat bolt up right in bed, "Noregur! Noregur! Hjálp!" he cried out in Icelandic between burning pangs, hoping his elder brother would come to him. "Storebror Vær så snill, Hjelp meg!" he called out in his brother's native tongue.

When Norway reached his brothers room he was shocked to see his little brother shuddering and crying out in such pain. He quickly rushed to Iceland's side and placed a steady hand on his shoulder to stop the trembling.

"Iceland, what's wrong?" he asked when his brother had stopped moving and lie back in his bed.

"It hurts so much, make it stop Norway, please, please make it stop," he sobbed, clutching his elder brothers hand tightly, even in his helpless state.

Norway laid his hand across Iceland's forehead and pulled it back, "You're burning up Iceland," he stated but was certain Iceland didn't hear him; he knew instantly from his baby brother's febrile state that the pain he felt was from a volcano eruption.

"Noregur, big brother, please make it go away, it hurts so much," Iceland continued, not as wildly, but still as pained.

Norway wrapped his arms around his small brother and held him there, whispering comforting words to him until the tremors lessened and his fever went down a little.

The siblings sat there in silence, Iceland leaning into his brother's thin frame, his breath fell strangled and hot on Norway's neck.

Norway stayed with his arms around Iceland, stroking his silvery hair away from his face and rocking him back and forth.

"Big brother…" Iceland sighed tiredly and wrapped his arms around Norway's waist.

"What is it Iceland?"

"I'm scared… can I sleep with you in your room tonight?" he asked quietly and laced his fingers through his brothers.

Norway smiled at his little brother's innocence and stood up, "All right, Iceland."

At the confirmation Iceland immediately hooked his legs around Norway's torso to be carried out of his room and into his brother's.

Iceland's weakened body trembled as Norway carried him the short distance to his room and he really worried about his brother. He physically had to unwrap Iceland's limbs from around his body and carefully place his little brother in his bed.

Iceland whined quietly and reached his arms out in an attempt to get Norway to lie down.

Norway's heart broke at the sight of his helpless, ailing brother flushed and shaking with the pain, finally he laid back in the bed and Iceland instinctively pushed his small body up to lie on top of his.

Norway took a second to adjust to the newly added weight and when he got comfortable he moved his hand to Iceland's back and rubbed it trying to ease some of the pain.

Iceland wrapped his arms around Norway's neck with what little strength he had and nuzzled his face into his older brothers shoulder.

"There, you'll be okay Iceland, just go to sleep and it'll be better in the morning," he whispered into Iceland's hair.

"It will?" Iceland asked quietly and lifted his head to look into Norway's eyes.

Norway swallowed his uncertainty; he didn't know if his brother would feel better in the morning, he didn't want to lie to him but telling Iceland the truth would only scare him.

"I think so, now go to sleep," he replied.

Iceland smiled a little, "Ég elska þig bróðir," then kissed his cheek and rested his head where it had been.

Norway nodded and stroked Iceland's hair listening to his uneasy breathing, waiting for him to fell asleep.

It took a while but soon Iceland's breathing slowed down, evening out into the deep breathing that accompanied sleep, and his heart stopped pounding. Only then did he allow his eyes to close and sleep to overtake him, when he was sure his brother would sleep easy and not be troubled by fright.

A/N: I don't know what to make of this fic, I love the idea of sibling love and one taking care of the other.

Translations: Noregur! Noregur! Hjálp! (Icelandic for "Norway! Norway! Help me.")

Storebror Vær så snill, Hjelp meg! (Norwegian for, "Big brother, please help me!")

Ég elska þig bróðir (Icelandic for "I love you brother.)

Also, should I continue this? Yes, no..?

Tell me what you think I guess, please. ^^