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By Techno Skittles

He was jazz. Cool, calm, collected, soothing and rational. The music genre suited his personality fittingly in her opinion. It wasn't much of a surprise that it was his favorite genre either. They just went together like peanut butter and jelly. Cheese and crackers. Cookies and milk.

In the midst of battle, he was the one who remained rational within the rushing panic. His red eyes surveyed the field, spotting an escape route in the worst situations or a spot to corner the enemy in the worst. He guided her with his natural leading abilities paired with his rough, suave voice and smooth, comforting words. Meanwhile, she was running through her own thoughts two million miles a second, thinking desperately and rashly of ways to protect Soul and win (in that order of course).

When she lost it, he found it and picked it right back up from where they left off. Strike them there, it's their weak spot. And she always listened faithfully, her full trust put into his hands, secured in his pianist fingers.

In stressful situations, he was the one to keep calm and silent. His mind worked in search for a solution while hers was in a snarled jumble, making her more flustered than their problem called for. As she paced, biting her lip as a nervous habit, he stood off to the side, thinking thoroughly.

When she panicked, he rationalized and found a way out of their predicament. Do this, it'll get us out of this mess. And she followed him immediately, knowing that he always thought with her best interest in mind.

In heated arguments, he was the one to never raise his voice or overreact to a harsh comment. He only stated his side of the story calmly (or occasionally with a bit of edge) and stuck through while she shouted and accused, yelled and smacked, screamed and cried. That stoic expression hardly left his face, for one wrong move could set her off like a fireworks finale. And he knew well that it was best in everyone's health and interest that she was as contained as possible.

When she fumed, he listened silently and restrained from shouting back. Calm down, take some deep breaths and pause for a moment. And she complied (albeit reluctantly), because she understood that he wanted to quit before things got out of hand.

In embarrassing moments, he was the one to recover first and attempt to fix things. He offered a credible explanation to throw people off and they were always well thought out. While she blushed and stuttered, he pulled off looking bored and calmly explained everything without stumbling once.

When she was humiliated, he was cool. Don't worry about it, but you are kind of cute when you blush. And she'd flush all the way to her chest, bringing a hardcover to his head, because despite being cool and collected, he was still an idiot.

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