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One day Gold asked me a question I thought he was too oblivious to ask. We were sitting on a bench in National Park, finishing an argument we had. What was the argument about? I didn't know. We had stupid arguments everytime we met, so somewhere along the line I stopped remembering most of them.

"Hey, Silver, how come you're always running?" he asked while he ate the ice cream in his hands, with his Aipom and Quilava sitting next to him while I had my Croconaw standing near me silently.

I stared at him in surprise for a moment. I didn't expect him to ask that. I bit my lip and looked away, giving the impression I didn't care, which made Gold growl for thinking he had been ignored. I didn't want to tell him. Or anyone, for that matter. The reason why I ran? I ran to protect them. They may thought i didn't like them, but I did. Gold, Kotone, Blue and Yellow...I just wanted to protect them from the things I was already in. Save Blue, who had been in it herself, but she finally had a normal life again, and I didn't want to take that away from her. If I ran, I'd catch the attention of people, and they'd bother me instead of them. I didn't care if I took the the pain, I just wanted them to stay safe.

I gave a smug smirk at him and replied, "It's just fun to watch the losers who hate me chase me endlessly."

Too bad that was a lie.

"Hmph! Cocky as ever, Silver." Gold grumbled with an annoyed sigh.

"Say whatever you want." I said.

Gold looked over at me and grinned that grin he always had when he came upon me on accident on his travels.

"Then how about I find a way so you don't have to run anymore?" Gold suggested. "So you can stick with me and the others?"

I laughed at him.

"Good luck with that, Gold." I encouraged him as I stood up and walked away with my Croconaw, hearing him say my name as a goodbye as I left.

I'd look forward to the day I wouldn't have to run anymore, and could be normal and stay by my friend's side. Until Gold found that way for me, I'd continue to run. Just like I am right now.