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Annoying Nicknames

Growing up, everyone acquires some kind of nickname they're called by the people who are too lazy to say thier whole name. Silver was one such person, and he really really hated it. Sure, Sapphire, Diamond, Crystal, and occasionally Yellow had nicknames they were called by as well, but none of them minded it like he did. That was most probably because thier nicknames weren't as outrageous as his were...

Being in the presence of a respectable guy like Red who knew first hand how people like Silver would get if he got angry, Red called him nothing off the line of "Silver". Mainly because...He had seen what Silver had done to Gold when angered and did not want to experiance himself.

"Oh! Hey there, Silv! Er, I mean...Silver!" Red would greet with one of his usual innocent smiles that he was known for.

Silver would simply nod at his senior to show he was listening, and say nothing more. Red would continue on smiling as he talked to the red head, knowing very well he'd rarely get any kind of worthy reply, nonetheless. Silver had to admire Red's tolerance with him, but if he grew up with Green...Well, there wasn't much to be surprised about.

Green was a complete jerk to him every time they met so Silver didn't even have the so called "priviledge" of being called some silly nickname. They hated each other almost instantly the first time they met, and have been so since then. However, occasionally, there would be times when Green just felt the urge to annoy the crap out of him.

"Hey there, SILV." Green would call mockingly from where he sat as he watched Silver take just one step into the room.

"Hello there, fag." Silver would retort emotionlessly, which would result in them having an argument-as usual-once again.

Now, Blue was differant from them all. She got away with a whole lot more than anyone ever will. That reason might've been because Silver had grown up with her since he was two, and she was the only person he was close to while he was a "slave", as he put it, for the Mask of Ice. Not to mention he had always loved her, but was smart enough to never tell her those feelings. Being the younger brother to her was more than enough to him.

She was always the one to lift the mood during those times, and would do the most craziest things to make sure he wasn't always focusing on the bad.

"Awwww, Silly-willy, smile for me! You look so cute when you smile!" Blue would pester as she hugged the redhead from behind as he sat on the couch, who had his arms folded.

Silver would always end up stammering something inaudible as he blushed uncontrollably and pushed her off, giving some kind of excuse why he had a reason not to smile and why she shouldn't call him such a rediculous name.

She never listened, unfortunately.

Gold was the worst out of all the Pokedex owners when it came to nicknames. Silver sometimes cursed the day he said Gold was his best friend, because after that the amber eyed assumed he was allowed to call Silver all kinds of things. Usually every single time he called him one of those many nicknames, he's always get hit, but would always end up recovering and doing the same thing the next day.

"Hey there, little Miss Silvia!" Gold would shout on one of the days he felt the most happiest, running up to Silver and patting him harshly on the back.

"That's not my name, you moron." Silver would spit at him, his steely namesake eyes glaring daggers at him.

"Really? It's not? Then...What should I call you? Princess Silvia? Miss Silvette? Silvy? Silverina? Silverini? Silly-willy-billy-fo filly-nilly-sh-"

All those voiced words at one person could earn nothing but a kick in the balls when it came to calling Silver a name, in the end.

Crystal was the most reasonable and respectable person out of the people Silver got to know from Johto. She was an assistant to a Professor, and a pro in capturing pokemon. He liked her more than anyone out of the Pokedex holders he knew because, like him, she hated any nickname that was given to her. Especially from the annoying Gold.

"Hey, what's wrong with you?" Silver asks as he walks into the lab to see Crystal rubbing her forehead in irritation.

"Gold happened." she answers, snapping the pencil she was holding in her other hand.

"...What name this time?"

"Krissy Wissy." she hisses in disgust.

"Oh...I suppose he's in Emergency care right now?"

"Yes. I'm sure his 'moon' and 'sun' will recover eventually."

Silver couldn't help but snicker at how scary Crystal could be if made mad.

Everyone else outside of the Kanto-Johto Pokedex owners called him by his real name, which made him very happy. However, there were still SOME people who called him horrible names he wish were never invented. There was a few people, as he came to found out, that went beyond Gold... The fangirls.

"SILVYYYYY!" shouts a girl as she stretches her arms out toward the redhead.

"SHIT!" Silver shouts before he immediately starts running.

Silver shall forever hate nicknames, that much he can guarantee himself.


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