Maryse walked backstage trying to calm the nerves she always got when about to do a segment or meet the crowd. Maryse was nervous partially because she was about to become Ted Dibiase's On-screen girlfriend and partially cause this was RAW she was gonna be on live and if she messed up they weren't gonna be able to delete that scene and shoot another one. She looked at the mirror beside her one more time making sure she looked perfect. Her hair hung down her back in big curls and he outfit was simple yet fashionable. She was perfect. Now all she waited for was Ted, Virgil, and the camera man to show. She turned around her intention was to look at the time but instead she was met by a certain superstar.

" Maryse" The one and only John Cena said.

"John. What do you want, I don't have time for you" Maryse said in a very Maryse-like way.

John was taken aback. Never in one of his dreams had he ever had she reacted this way to him. In his imagination they looked like they were perfect.

"Maryse, I'm not the same guy I was back then. I know I hurt you, i know what i put you through-"

"John just Shut the hell up, you have no idea what i went through. You're probably the same jerk you were in high school i know Rosalie is so don't tell me you know what i went through the humiliation, the verbal bullying, every time looking over my shoulder hoping i did not see your sister you don't know half of what i went through"

" Come on Maryse i said I'm sorry for what I did to you in high school what more do i have to do?"

" Drop Dead."

At that moment the Maryse felt like she loved the Cameraman.

" Maryse you part is in 3, 2, 1"

Maryse turned around hitting John with her hair in the process and waited for her cue


Virgil is sitting waiting for Ted.

"What's up Ted?" He says as Ted Diabiase walks in.

"Look, I asked you to meet me here because I wanna talk."


" Virgil we've, we've known each other for a long time. Right?"

" Ted I've been knowing you ever since you were a little kid."

" That's why I, I wanted to apologize for my actions last week. I embarrassed you in the ring, and for that, I'm sorry."

Virgil nods while looking down

" That being said, Your services will no longer be needed."


" See, I've decided to... Upgrade. Come on in"

Maryse walks in and immediately grabs Ted's arm and smiles first at Virgil then at Ted then looks down.

" I found someone who.. actually appreciates the power of money"

Virgil looks from Ted then at Maryse

Maryse says something in French and smiles at Virgil (Sorry as hard as I tried I couldn't find the translation to what she said. Sorry)

Virgil looks to Ted

"But Teddy, you're gonna need me. What are you gonna do for protection? "

"Go to the drugstore"

Ted motions for Virgil to leave

Maryse waves and says something else in French

and Virgil looks at her like shes crazy and looks at Ted asking what that means

"Your Fired"

Virgil and Ted have a stare-down and the Virgil leaves.

Maryse and Ted smile at each other.

End of Scene

Maryse and Ted looked at one another and before they knew it they were leaning in towards one another before there lips could touch they both heard a voice.

"Hey Maryse! Hurry up I have to ask you something!"

Emmett's voice came through the other side of the door.

Maryse and Ted only got far enough to were their foreheads were touching.

Ted didn't know what just happened.

"I should go"

Maryse nodded and lets go of his arm. And watched as he walked out the door trying to figure out what happened.

"Hey, 'Ryse I saw- what's wrong?"

"Nothing, i was just thinking."

"Trent Barretta told me that John and you were arguing earlier what happened?"

"Umm...nothing he just came up to me and expected me to forgive him for what he did to me in high school."


Maryse could tell he was already mad. Emmett didn't even wait for her he walked to the superstar locker room. The locker room everyone shared or at least the people that didn't have their own locker room. He immediately found John Cena who was alone in the locker room. Maryse was trying to calm him down as he walked.


John immediately turned around and saw Emmett McCarty

"Emmett Emmett, calm down. Calmez-vous, ce n'est pas la peine. C'├ętait il ya longtemps"

Maryse knew talking in French would calm him down cause it confused him.

"What the hell does that mean."

"What do you want with me bro, i haven't done shit to you what's your problem?"

"My problem is, you're trying to come in here like you own the place and like nothing ever happened."

"Cause I'm going to take your championship. That's why your just keeping it warm for me "

" Really, Really? You think you could beat my brother your just a wannabe rapper who has no talent and who only has three moves"

"Look who's talking?"

A voice from behind them said everyone turned around

"Maryse, you try so hard to think you are not a loser, face it honey I'm better than you will ever be"

Maryse smirked, surprising Rosalie who thought she could make her feel bad.

"Really...Really...Really? Sorry I've been spending too much time with the Miz. Rosalie you think your better than me just because you make people feel bad just admit all that stuff you say about me is about yourself so basically your calling yourself a loser Rosalie."

Rosalie was shocked this was not the Maryse she remembered the Maryse she remembered wouldn't hurt a fly and wouldn't respond to anyone like that.

"You see Rosalie, I play a Bitch on TV for a reason I'm not afraid to tell someone off now don't mess with Bitch cause I will beat you down. So leave me and my brother The Fuck alone before I rip your fake blonde hair from the roots."

" Bitch you don't want to mess with me I'm the real diva here all i see is the same girl in high school the difference is you are pretty now but your still the cry baby loser from before and my hair is a real blond yours is the fake i remember your real color which was an ugly brunette"

Maryse laughed

"You think I am afraid of you? I am the Sexiest of the Sexy I have been a Diva WAY longer than you have. I was a WWE Diva's Champion twice. So i am not afraid of a Fake, Loud Mouthed , Airhead Bitch like you. So don't Fuck with me."

Rosalie and Emmett had their mouth's wide open.

Maryse then slapped Rosalie who was shocked and from the force fell to the ground very angry.

" Bonne chance dans le ring. Vous en aurez besoin il"

Maryse laughed and did her signature Maryse hand and walked away with Emmett while they both laughed.