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Daryl's point of view

Sometimes I couldn''t believe that we used to hate each other, really hated each other. I always thought she was beautiful and sexy as hell, but I still hated her and she hated me. Of course, I didn't try too hard to make her like me when I first met her. I didn't need or want her to like me. Girls were good for only a few things, I used to think. Cookin, cleanin, and fuckin hard. She went against everything I had thought, pushed against everything I believed. I couldn't understand why my brother had been so nice to her. But then again, I guessed if someone could totally fuck my life with one word, I'd be nice to her too.

Now here she was, in my arms and we were makin out. She was completely naked and sitting on my lap. I had set my tent up as far away from the group as I dared because I hated people and now I was really glad because she was loud in bed and she made me loud. Our clothes were mixed together in a pile beside my side of the makeshift bed. Her chest was against mine and since I was naked too, she could feel the effect she was havin on me.

My hands slid up her bare back. Her skin was the softest I had ever felt. I made them slide back down her back to her hips right before I put myself inside her. Her hands tighten on my shoulders as she gasped loudly. She loved it when I first came into her. I closed my eyes as the sensations started right away. I latched my mouth on one of my favorite parts of her, the spot between her neck and shoulder. She started us into a rhythm that almost blew my mind. We stayed like that for a while because I loved her on top of me.

Damn, sex with her was amazin. She moaned as I sucked on her skin hard. I needed to think of anything and everything so I didn't lose it before her but it was always hard because it felt so good I couldn't believe it. I wrapped my arms around her waist to pause her movements briefly. I held her to me so I could lay her on her back. I laid over her, still inside her. Her small hands slipped into the hair at the back of my neck and she tugged it as I started movin again. She gave me chills every time she did that.

She moaned my name and I thought I'd lose it right there. I picked up my pace, desperate for her to cum and cum hard. I knew she was gettin close, I could tell by her moans and how tight she was startin to hold me. Before her, I didn't care if the girl I was with got off or not, I only cared if I did. I had been with plenty of girls, one night stands really. I knew for fact there were a lot of girls I had fucked that hadn't get off, not because I wasn't good but because I didn't try and make it good for them. And the ones that did get off had always said I was good in bed.

I looked down at her face, amazed at how much she meant to me, at how much I'd do to keep her safe. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I ran my hands through her hair and gave it a pull. She moaned that she was close and I moved faster against her. She moaned my name again and shuddered around me as she finally came. I loved the way she looked when she had an orgasm. Sumtimes she'd bite her bottom lip, sumtimes she'd arch her back and drag nails into my back, sumtimes she'd tell me she was cummin. I didn't care what she did, I loved it all.

" Oh fuck!" I moaned into her neck. Her breath was fast and her lips were parted as she rode out her orgasm. I felt my balls tighten up and knew it was only a matter of seconds before I came. I pushed hard into her and felt myself start to shake as my orgasm finally hit me. I came into her hard and it was my turn to moan her name. I tighten my hold in her hair as I closed my eyes.

I stayed inside her even though we were both done. I wasn't ready to leave her warmth yet. She was still clutchin my dick and I didn't want to lost that feeling. She took a hold of my face and kissed my cheeks then my eyes and finally my mouth. Fucking shit, I loved this girl. She loved me too, I was sure of it even though we hadn't said it. I wanted too, more then anything, but I stayed quiet. I ain't ever said it before, didn't see the point of it before.

When I finally slipped out of her, I moved to her side and gathered her to me. I needed to touch her always, I needed her skin against mine. I felt like she was safe when she touched me because then I knew where she was. She felt safe havin me with her. Both of us knew she was more than capable of takin care of her self, she was well trained with weapon use so part of me thought she only said that to appeal to my male side, my need to protect what's was mine. That's what she was, mine, and I was hers. I'd fuck up anyone who tried to hurt her, anyone who tried to make her upset. I'd protect her above all else, even my own self. Fuck everyone else, they can go to hell for all I cared as long as my woman was safe. Sumtimes I couldn't believe that I hated her at one time.

Four months earlier...