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They were alone for about a week, spending their days hunting, swimming and having sex. Nights they spent by the fire, looking at the stars, talking about their pasts, and having sex. They enjoyed being alone and hadn't seen any walkers since the night they were attacked. They were both comfortable with the idea of staying in the woods for the rest of their lives. Jillian missed Andrea and Dale, even missed Glenn's cute smile but Daryl didn't miss anyone. He was enjoying his time alone with her. He loved walking around, holding her hand and making her smile.

Then, at the end of their week alone, they were spending the evening cuddled up on the ground, watching the fire. Neither one was speaking. He had his arm around her shoulders, she had hers around his waist, her head against his chest. She sighed as he kissed the top of her head. The night was cool as it was starting to get cooler at night the closer they came to end of summer and fall. Jillian was starting to get sleepy when they heard the sound of cars. She sat up as they looked at each other.

Daryl jumped up and pulled her up with him by her hand. They turned around and faced the woods as the familiar RV and cars were pulling through the woods. Jillian sighed and put her arms around his waist as she leaned against him. He put his arm back around her shoulders. He kissed the top of her head as the cars and RV came to a stop.

" Guess this means no more campfire sex." Daryl said.

the end for now