Summary: Three separate (or not separate, if you want) drabbles where Ulquiorra and Orihime spend some time together, resulting in some little surprises and cute silliness.

Author's Note: These were originally my attempts from the 30 Day OTP Challenge on my secondary Tumblr. Since many of them were really short drabbles, I decided to compile a few of them into one "chapter" based on similar themes.

- Turning Point -
(prompt: gaming or watching a movie)

"You'll protect me when monsters show up in the movie, right?" Orihime joked, turning on her DVD player.

"What?" Ulquiorra raised an eyebrow. "The Hollows?"

"No! I mean—oh, never mind." She giggled. "I guess you're not adjusted well enough for me to tease you like that."

"Tease me?" he repeated suspiciously.

She waved at him dismissively. "Ah, never mind, Ulquiorra-kun. Let's just watch, okay?"

"I told you not to use—"

"Shh, Ulquiorra-kun! It's starting!"


The movie began innocently; awkwardly, at that. Ulquiorra was not used to this form of entertainment, and Orihime was not yet completely used to him sitting right beside her watching them.

Sure, they were friends. Out of all of her nakama, Orihime was, by far, the closest person to him. Everyone accused her of them being more than that. The truth was, though, she and Ulquiorra weren't quite there—

She suddenly jumped up, rattled by the movie scene. And, of course, she grabbed the closest thing to her. Orihime found her face buried into the crook of his neck, her back mostly to the television.

Touches like these became normal after some point in time. But it wasn't as though they meant anything.

He reflexively shot his hands to her waist to peel her off.

Of course he would. Orihime wanted to kick herself for wanting otherwise.

But she was left unprepared for when he suddenly changed his mind.

For when he pressed her further into him instead.

- FWUMP! -
(prompt: on a date)

"Onna, I am not doing this."

Orihime frowned at Ulquiorra. "But don't you love me?"

Sharp green eyes narrowed. "Do you honestly doubt my feelings for you?… Of course I do."

Her face lit up with child-like excitement. "Good! Let's go then!" She dragged him by the hand to the ice.

Ulquiorra liked to think of himself as rather graceful. Poised elegantly, like everything he did was effortless.

This idiot activity Orihime insisted on for their date, however, presented him as the opposite, and it irritated him to no en—


"Oh, no!" Orihime exclaimed, although he could hear a trace of laughter in her voice. "You fell!"

Ice-skating. Out of everything to do in the living world…. ice-skating. It didn't matter if it was winter and an "appropriate" pastime for the season; Ulquiorra was not happy with this woman's choice for a date.

He tried to bat her hand away as she tried to help him stand, humiliated that he could not balance himself despite formerly being one of the surefooted Espada. His dignified form was now nonexistent.

Orihime grabbed him by the arm, anyway, forcing him clumsily to his feet. She bit her lip from giggling again. "Ulquiorra-kun, don't look at me like that! I'm only trying to—"


"… Ulquiorra-kun…"

"Silence, Onna." Ulquiorra hid his face as he sought enough balance to get back on his feet. He finally maintained a successful standing position. "I said from the beginning that I do not enjoy this useless activity. I'm only doing this for your sake."

"And I'm very grateful for it," she replied, assuring him.

As she took his hands to lead him along, he glanced at that endearing smile slowly winning him over… at that piece of his heart that made him a better person. Even more than that, she—


"It's okay to fall, Ulquiorra-kun! It's your first time. Stop being so grumpy!"

…. And here came that regret again…

- Cooing -
(prompt: kissing)

"Ulqui-ku~n," Orihime spoke up sweetly, running a thumb affectionately down his face, where a teal tearstreak used to be.


He wasn't amused. Not in the slightest. He hated that nickname. He hated the childish tone to her voice. Just because he was hers didn't mean she had to talk like he was a baby animal. He even observed her the other day speaking the same way to a small dog on the sidewalk. He, a former Espada, was not equivalent to some living world… thing.

The wavy-haired woman in his lap didn't answer him, much to his annoyance. Was she just calling his name for no reason?

Her face came closer, her small, delicate nose brushing against his. All he saw was her large brown eyes, and his rather irritated expression reflected in them. "I love you, Ulqui-kun…" she murmured in that same moronic coo.

No, the abundance of I love you's was nowhere near necessary, but the words still forced a tug at his lips. Despite his impatient tendencies, he did care for her greatly. Otherwise, he wouldn't have put up with her silly quirks.

"Me too," he muttered, thinly retaining the hard inflection he always tried to carry in his voice.

He moved forward to close the distance and kiss her, but she backed her face away. "Ulqui-kun," she said again.

The slight smirk of a smile faded from his face. "What now?" he questioned with a small sigh.

She cupped his face. Her eyes were sparkling with admiration, and while he enjoyed her attention and her respect for him, she said a lot of nothing. Was this, too, part of the concept of love?

"You're so cuuute," she quipped fondly.

Ulquiorra swore he felt a vein pop at his temple. "Onna," he ground out. "Stop."

She didn't. "Your eyes are so pretty and big!"


"You have such a perfect nose~"


"Ulqui-ku~n, you—"

Before she could finish another needless compliment, Ulquiorra shot his face forward and crashed his lips upon hers, tightening the hold he had around her body.

Shut up, the kiss ordered.

Short, I know, but it's okay. There'll be approximately two more installments of these drabbles coming out... soonish.