Draco carefully smoothed the black collar on Scorpius pressed robe. He must look presentable as he would be representing the whole Malfoy family. It was important that his son leave a better mark on the school than he did. That was to say, Scorpius had better not destroy it, not attempt murder or curses, and make the right sort of friends. Friends like Hermione and Lovegood and Nott (who knew better than to be involved in Draco's bullying).

"There you go, son."

"Thank you, but dad, what if I get Gryffindor?"

Draco laughed. "Every Malfoy worries about that, son, but I will love you no matter what house chooses you. Your grandparents will too," he added before Scorpius could question it.

Draco's wife, Astoria, a beautiful witch with coal black hair and kinder doe eyes than any Slytherin he ever knew, touched his elbow with her fingertips. It alerted him to where her sights laid and there they were, the Potter's with their three young children, and Weasley and Luna Lovegood-Weasley with their twins.

Astoria turned to Scorpius and began lecturing him on the importance of his decorum while Draco made his way over to his old friend. He hugged her, and nodded to Weasley, whom he could never forgive. Even nineteen years later, he couldn't help the itch to murder him. Luna was the only one who mattered. Luna and Hermione's memory, and so he ignored the Weasel.

"Daddy, can Hermione and me go play with Scorpius," Lorcan asked. While he and his sister had inherited their father's flaming hair, they kept Luna's eyes, and the two colors of red and silver offset their whole appearance, making them more ethereal than Luna was in her day.

Weasley wrinkled his nose, clearly opposed to the idea as he always was, but Luna was the first to answer in the same serene voice. "I think that's a nice idea."

Lorcan and Hermione raced each other across the platform to stop short of Scorpius and instantly engaged him into a vibrant conversation. The wild gestured waving, he assumed, to mean the enormity of the rebuilt Hogwarts.

It was some years after Draco left the ruins of his school grounds that he met Luna again, their children in tow. Each Sunday they would meet at a muggle park and let the children run rampant together. It was to the utmost disgust to Weasley that their children were such good friends, which made it all the more fun.

"Hermione Granger would be proud."

Weasley's face hardened with dislike, and Draco straightened his back and sneered, "You have a problem with my son, Weasley?"

"That's - it's." He glowered, and was saved by Harry's presence. He had been talking softly with his son off to the side.

"Good to see you, Malfoy." He extended his hand in a more friendly way than his mate ever would.

"You too, Potter. The kids alright?"

He nodded, "quite alright," as James, Albus and Lily spotted Lorcan, Hermione and Scorpius and rushed off to meet them.

"How is young Scorpius," Ginny Potter asked sincerely.

"A strapping lad," he said proudly, looking over at his son in time to see Hermione blushing, Scorpius' chin head aloft in satisfaction. He wasn't sure how he felt about that yet.

Astoria reached into her pockets and withdrew three peanut butter sandwiches for the children. She was convinced that the food on the train was not healthy enough, and told Scorpius off time and time again for sneaking sweets into the house. What she didn't know was that Draco gave him those sweets, and every time she stuffed them into a drawer for the Houselves he snuck them back to their son.

She had apparently found a hidden piece of chocolate for Draco could hear her chastising him. "Scorpius Granger!"

Him and the Weasley's and Potters all laughed. Scorpius had a sly grin when his mother wasn't looking. Feeling like it was too much of a camaraderie, Draco went back to his wife and son. Draco sneakily slipped his hand into Astoria's pocket and took out the sweets.

The train whistled, and all of the parents hugged and kissed their children and hurriedly sent them off. Draco hugged Scorpius tightly, and whispered in his ear, "don't forget to write and remember, you're house is of no importance." He dropped the sweets into his pocket.

Scorpius grinned, and boarded the train, and Draco raised to his feet grasping Astoria's hand as Scorpius leaned out of the window and waved. Scorpius looked just like Draco when he was young and he had the same excitable eyes, glinting with joy.

Before the train went out of sight, Draco could see Scorpius leaning forward chatting happily with his friends. The good sort of friends.

Astoria leaned against him, and he kissed the top of her hair.

Luna approached softly behind them. "Lunch?"

"Lunch sounds lovely," Astoria said kindly.

And so they went, to eat and discuss their children, houses and futures, but that night, Draco would remember when he was eleven years old and he spotted a girl with bushy brown hair and large front teeth.

A/N: This is the end. For those wondering how Draco married Astoria, it was a set-up made by Draco's parents. While it being a good distraction at first, Draco did fall in love with her.

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