"Rin stay here…" Sesshomaru said flying off leaving her with Ah- Un… again. 'no take me with you!' she wanted to scream out, but she knew better than to do that. 'He always leaves me behind… I want to make see he doesn't get hurt… I just want to make sure he's safe…' Rin pouted in her head. Rin was pacing across the forest floor wondering why Sesshomaru was taking so long… "What's taking so long…" she screamed out loud. After a few more minutes she grew impatient. "That's it Lord Sesshomaru I'm going to find out where you went!" she yelled boarding the two headed beast and flying away.

"Have you picked up his sent yet?" Rin asked the beast. It growled. Rin looked at it confused, but deiced to go with it. The beast stopped at a battlefield sight. "Wow… was Lord Sesshomaru here? I wonder who he fought?" Rin pondered. "Damn! That hurt Kagome!" a voice said not to far from the battlefield. Rin shook her head. 'Typical…' she walked over to the voice. Inuyasha tensed up. "What is it boy?" Kagome asked. "I'm not a dog! And someone is walking over this way." Rin popped her head out of a bush. "Ahh!"Inuyasha screamed. "Relax Inuyasha… it's just Rin… without Sesshomaru… or Jaken…" she said glancing around just to make sure. "Well actually I'm trying to find Lord Sesshomaru." Rin said in her cheerfully voice. Kagome and Inuyasha exchanged glances and then started whispering to each other.

'Do you think Sesshomaru finally abandoned her?' 'Who knows? Maybe she ran away and wants to go back.' 'You think that would explain what Sesshomaru wanted yesterday?' 'Maybe?' "Wait Sesshomaru was here yesterday!" Rin said startled. "yes…" Inuyasha and Kagome said turning around. "why was he here?" Rin asked. Inuyasha and Kagome exchanged glances again. "are you sure you want to know?" Inuyasha asked. Rin nodded. "well this is what happened."

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