Flash back

"Hmm he isn't here either…" Sesshomaru pondered out loud. "I scoured the area Mi Lord! I report that there are no signs of him!" 'Why does he always state the obvious…?' Sesshomaru though. Sesshomaru sniff and then turned to leave. "Wind scar!" a voice shouted. Sesshomaru slightly tilted his head and the wind scar missed. "Turning to leave are you! Afraid!" Inuyasha shouted. "I have no time for a half breed like you…" Sesshomaru said continuing walking. "Come back here Sesshomaru!" Inuyasha said chasing after him. Sesshomaru turned around to face Inuyasha. "Huh… what do you want..." Inuyasha asked. "She's coming…" mumbled Sesshomaru. "What…" "Inuyasha!" Kagome shouted. "Oh hell!" "Good luck Inuyasha." smirked Sesshomaru as he flew away. 'Even though I did smell Kagome that's not the person I was thinking about…'

Flash Back Ends

"Interesting…" Rin mumbled. "Which direction did he go?" Rin demanded. "Um Northeast… why?" Inuyasha asked. "Oh course I plan to follow him!" Rin said with a squeak in her voice. "How are you going to get there…? Walk?" Inuyasha smirked. "Oh course not I have Ah-Un." Rin said turning to go back to the two headed beast she spoke of. When Rin was just about to board the beast Kagome spoke up "Rin maybe you should stay with us at least until Sesshomaru comes back. Rin lowered her head. "You just don't understand how I feel!" she yelled while jumping on Ah-un and flying away. 'oh but Rin I do understand… you love Sesshomaru don't you…' Kagome pondered awhile before saying "Inuyasha we are following Rin!" she jumped on Inuyasha's back and said "hurry up before she is out of sight!" "Hmm! You can say please once in a while!" Inuyasha said as he started running after Rin. 'Don't worry Rin I help you send you feelings to Sesshomaru'

Sesshomaru sneezed slightly. "Bless you Mi lord." Jaken said. 'Huh was someone talking about me?' he shook his head and moved toward the castle with the same smell as before.