AN: I adore this pairing. Just a bit of pointless fluff, pretty short, but I like where it ends. I own nothing.

My pairing is RemusSirius.

The 48 Hours Challenge - Write a story in 48 hours or less.

Prompts - black coffee, rejection, the principal of the matter, spinning wheel

Remus awoke to the smell of coffee tickling at his nose. This was surprising, given the fact that Sirius would sleep in until three if Remus let him. Remus was usually the one who got up first and made coffee.

He walked into the kitchen and found Sirius at the table, nursing a cup that Remus assumed was made in his typical fashion – black. Remus could never understand how Sirius could drink black coffee, but the man downed it by the bucketful every day. Sirius was a coffee addict – literally. He'd actually suffered withdrawal symptoms when they'd run out once. Remus had quickly learned never to make that mistake again.

Remus fixed himself a cup of coffee – plenty of creamer, the way he liked it – and sat down across the table from Sirius. He inspected his friend.

Sirius had deep bags under his eyes, and his eyelids were drooping, but the signs of sleep deprivation worried Remus less than the dejection in his grey eyes.

"Pads, are you okay?" Sirius glanced at him listlessly. "I didn't hear you come in. Did you sleep at all?"

Sirius shook his head. "I was quiet. Didn't want to wake you."

Remus nodded once, softly, before asking again, "Are you okay?"

Sirius looked at him with bloodshot eyes. "Is something wrong with me?"

Remus blinked, furrowing his brows. "No, why? What's this about, Pads?"

"I'm sick of… of all the one night stands. I just want something that means something, for once. Is that so wrong?"

"Of course it's not. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and a lot of things right with it, for that matter!"

"Then why, no matter where I turn, is all I face rejection? Every time, Remus! Every time."

"There are plenty of fish in the sea, Siri." Remus remains calm, despite Sirius's rising agitation.

"It's not that! It's the principle of the matter!"

"Sirius, a lot of life is left up to chance. A lot of it doesn't come from any logical method, more like Fate is spinning a wheel with all your options on it and throwing a dart. Wherever it lands, that's what you get. But that means that you're likely going to end up with a lot of crappy throws before you finally land on one you like."

Sirius actually grinned mildly. "Always been one for metaphors, haven't you Rem?" he asked wryly.

Remus smirked. "Always." He sobered. "You just haven't found the right fish yet, Pads."

Sirius shook his head. "I hate fishing! I've been fishing for too long; I've caught way too many fish, but they all just hop off the line after a minute or two!"

"Maybe you ought to try a net?" Remus suggested teasingly.

Sirius scowled. Remus held up his hands in surrender. "Sorry, sorry. Joke."

Sirius rolled his eyes, smirking. Remus grinned back at him.

"Maybe… Maybe the reason you can't catch the right fish…" Remus murmured hesitantly, paused for a moment, then finally continued. "Is because you're missing the fact that you've already caught him."

Sirius blinked. Then he blinked again. "Does that… Are you…?"

Remus shook his head, smiling and rolling his eyes. "Merlin, you're thick sometimes, Sirius. Do I have to spell it out for you?"

And he kissed him.