I have always felt like I was falling.

Not just because of my "gift".

I was falling behind with my friends,

until I become a hazed figure in the background.

I knew my family was there to try and keep me together,

but even then I didn't feel….down to Earth.

Then Mr. Lehn- Magneto, came to bring me to Xavier's Academy.

Soon, I was the center of attention because I was the only girl to have enrolled in years.

I still was falling.

I, also, soon met John and the Hellfire club.

John was fire, wild and free.

Hot passion was over spilling from him.

But, even when I was with him, when I was kissing him, I didn't feel… secure.

I think my heart was with Bobby the whole time.

He wasn't what every girl's dream guy was; soft, warm, caring.

He was the far opposite.

Bobby was ice; hard, cold, distant.

But there was something that drew me to him from the first slam of his book and cold stare.

It wasn't love, more like curiosity.

He made me feel on Earth, not falling through layers of dirt and rock.

I met more friends that became family.

Professor Xavier and Magneto and Kurt and Fred and Scott and so many others.

Even the Hellfire Club became part of my family.

But then the New York incident happened.

Alex went berserk.

Innocent people got hurt.

Professor Xavier's legs got badly crushed.

I saved Bobby.

As I looked into his ice colored eyes,

I felt a tug at my heart.

Soon the semester had to end and everyone went home.

I stared at pictures of the Professor, Magneto, and a few other teachers, some I know and others I don't.

I felt stronger then I was before I came to this school.

I said goodbye to Fred and Kurt before getting into the car that was waiting for me.

I found a cooler in the seat next to me.

I opened it and took out a heart made of ice.

I felt complete when I realized something as I held onto that heart.

I love Bobby the Iceman.

And he love me, Kitty the Falling Girl.

I was grounded to Earth at long last.