Chapter 1, revised

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It had been a busy afternoon rushing between classes and then meeting up back home. We were both exhausted, but laughing as I unlocked the door and pushed it open with my shoulder since both our hands were filled with groceries and take out for the night.

I barely got through the front door, however, before my eyes fell on the mess of cushion stuffing and ripped material on the living room floor, and our four-month old puppy, Bear, curled up on the empty spot on the couch. His head was cocked to the side as he watched Edward and I walk through the door, his tail thumping loudly on the bare couch as he took in Edward and immediately jumped down from the couch to greet his Daddy.

"You…little…" I grumbled as Bear started to jump up to try and get into Edward's arms.

"No, you're naughty." Edward told him sternly, and Bear looked up at him with his glassy eyes and his ears back.

"I thought we put him in the kennel this morning." I sighed as I set some groceries down on the table.

"We did, he got out."


Edward just shrugged. He set his own things down on the table and went to grab Bear's lead from the hook by the door. In the meantime the puppy busied himself with yanking apart more of the cushion he had already destroyed.

"Bear!" Edward and I shouted together. "Remind me again why we got a puppy?" He asked as he slipped the soft cotton lead around Bear's neck and fixed it so it was lose enough to control him and not too tight.

"It was your idea." I retorted as an answer, unpacking the perishables.

Edward just grumbled as he took Bear outside so he could relieve himself. I stood there staring at the mess in the living room and tried to remember the exact conversation that had led to this moment, and the new addition to our lives.

2 Months Earlier

I moaned loudly as sleep began to wear off and my body began to wake naturally. Despite that it was Saturday, and it was July, I was still waking up between 6:30 and 7 in the morning as I did every day during the semester. The clock on my nightstand confirmed for me that it only quarter to seven.

So with a sigh I sat up and set my feet on the floor, stretching lightly. Edward mumbled something in his sleep next to me, but he didn't wake up. I was so jealous. I sat on the edge of the bed contemplating if I wanted to take a shower or just wander out into the kitchen. My need for caffeine won and I found my hand on the coffee pot switch without actually remembering walking in to the kitchen.

Edward came out a little while later grumbling incoherently about the early hour and made himself a cup before sitting down next to me at the table. I was going through my recipe box looking for new ideas to try throughout the week.

"So I was thinking last night about that conversation we had earlier in the year about you needing a car." Edward mentioned suddenly, catching me off guard.

"Yes, I do need a car. What were you thinking about exactly?" I pushed the recipe box to the side.

"I was thinking…since we're engaged and all." Edward flashed me a smile and his eyes dropped to my left hand, "and we'll be wanting a house someday, we should apply for a car loan and start establishing some credit."

I was surprised by his clarity considering he had just gotten up. "Ok, but will we get it on our own?"

"We should be able to, and my parents could always cosign if we need them to, but we would be the ones making the payments so the credit established would be in our name."

"So we would have to sign it both 'Cullen'?"

Edward shrugged, "I don't know precisely how these things work, but I can sign it under the name 'Cullen' at least."

"I suppose that works."

We sipped our coffees in silence for a minute or so before Edward brought up another topic. And not one I had been expecting to have for a long, long time.

"So while we're on the subject of things we should be taking care of before marriage, I thought we should talk about…"

"Please don't say kids." I interrupted suddenly. I held up one hand to caution him. It's not that I didn't want to talk about the prospect of children with him, it was just way too early to even think about the topic.

"Well, I was going to say, maybe, we should adopt a dog. To see how we handle having to take care of someone else."

For the second time this morning I was completely taken aback by the thoughts on Edward's mind. "Wow, I was not expecting that one."

"What do you think, though?"

I sipped my coffee, staring at him over the rim of the cup. He stared right back. "Puppy or full-grown dog?"


"You're sure about that?"

"Yes, preferably a rescue dog. That's what Marcus was before we got him."

I smiled at the memory of Edward's big, slobbery lap dog. If Alice hadn't put him out back last week at the party he would have made a new home on my lap and destroyed my dress. He was very affectionate for a dog that weighed almost fifty pounds more than I did.

"You really want to do this?" I asked him again. Sometimes he got these wild ideas into his head and there was no deterring him from them until he saw them through to fruition. "A puppy is a lot of work."

"Yeah, but if we adopt a puppy now, maybe a two-month-old he, or she, would already be on a solid food diet, maybe housebroken, and we can get used to a good pattern and routine before the semester starts."

It did make sense, in a crazy, completely stupid, what-the-hell-are-we-doing sort of way. "Ok, lets get a puppy. I want a pit bull."

"Well, lets go to the local SPCA and see what rescue puppies they have before you get your heart set on a pit bull."

So on Monday we located the SPCA and drove almost forty minutes to see their puppies. Edward had done a little research on Sunday to see what puppies they were currently housing and when the most adorable half pit bull, half American bulldog puppy stared at me from the screen I instantly fell in love.

Once we were inside, and surrounded on all sides by rooms of rescue animals, we told the volunteer who came up to help us that we were interested in adopting the puppy from the website.

She took us to the back kennels to show us the puppies, pointing out the little mutt who had stolen my heart with a simple picture. He was the sweetest thing I had ever seen and I knew I wanted him, but did Edward want him?

"Oh my God," I cooed looking down into those big, brown glassy eyes. "What's his name?" I asked Jenny, the volunteer helping us.

"Bear. The owners had to move because of a new job and they couldn't afford to keep him."

"Edward…" I glanced up at him with the same eyes that Bear was giving me.

"If you want to consider adopting him, you can spend a few minutes with him in a private room to see how he takes to you." Jenny offered.

Edward was shaking his head. This had been his idea originally and I had had my doubts, but I was the one hopelessly in love here. I had to have this dog. I wanted to give him a good home with plenty of love.

Jenny went into the kennel and collected Bear then escorted us to a small room where we could sit down and play with Bear for a few minutes. She stayed with us, giving us a brief overview of the little puppy. He was almost nine weeks old, on a steady dry food diet, housebroken for the most part but he still had an occasional accident.

Edward and I sat on the floor rolling a tennis ball around and watching as Bear chased it back and forth between us. He continually leapt into Edward's lap and gave him plenty of kisses. I got an occasional lap full of puppy, but not nearly as much love as Edward was receiving.

"Why does he love you more?"

"No clue," Edward managed to get out in between the facial Bear was currently giving him.

Jenny stood by the door laughing quietly. "He's a very social puppy." She warned us. "He'll jump a lot, so you'll need to try and break him of that before he gets too big. His breed mix is mostly muscle weight, so when he rams into you when he's fully grown, you're going to feel it."

"And bruise," I added, knowing how sensitive my own body was.

Edward just chuckled and continued to allow Bear to lick his face.

It was only a couple hours later that, after Bear had been checked by the on-sight vet, and we had filled out a ton of paperwork and paid for him, that we took Bear home. We stopped on the way to pick up a new kennel, a dog bed for inside it, bowls, food and toys as well as other necessities for new "puppy parents" as Jenny had called us at the shelter.

Edward had thought we would be in and out of the pet store in no time, but Bear had a mind of his own and greeted each person we came upon, a wide grin on his sweet little face.

I was still picking up pieces of the destroyed cushion when Edward walked back in the door with Bear, grinning from floppy ear to floppy ear, so I assumed his business had been taken care of.

"Did you have a talk with him?"

"Of course, but I doubt he understood a single word. All he did was sit there and stare at me as if I were the most fascinating thing in the world."

I couldn't help but chuckle as I picked up the last few bits of the stuffing and tossed them in the grocery bag I was using for trash. I shoved what remained of the cushion back on to the couch and turned to face Bear, but he was currently curled up on his dog bed inside the kennel.

"Oh of course you go back in there now." I sighed at him.

Later that night, after we had shut Bear in his kennel for the night, Edward and I were attempting a little personal time together. It had been almost ten days since the last time we were intimate, and I was more than desperate. I knew he was.

I had one arm wrapped around the width of his back, my hand buried in his hair holding his mouth to mine as my other hand traveled down the length of his naked body to explore between his legs. Edward moaned into my mouth, detaching from me to bury his face in my neck. I began to stroke him, feeling him harden under my touch.

"More," Edward panted in my ear, his hips already lifting from the bed and snapping forward. "More,"

I stroked him harder, running my thumb over the head making him writhe above me. He pushed himself into my palm with each thrust forward of his hips. "That feels so good."


I wrapped my arm tighter around his back as he raised himself up on one arm, his hips moving frantically with the rhythm of my hand. He attempted to jerk down the boxers I was wearing tonight that I had borrowed from his side of the underwear drawer.

"No," I shifted to move his hand away, "let me…" I started, but failed to finish. Edward's mouth covered mine as he moved harder and faster above me.

"God, so close…"

Just then we heard the most pitiful wail from the living room.

Edward stopped moving but he was still panting. He collapsed, his body half lying on top of mine. He groaned into the pillows, his body twitching lightly. "He has the most inopportune timing." But his voice was muffled.

"We can't leave him out there like that. He'll wake the neighbors."

"Fuck the neighbors."


Bear whined again loudly from his kennel, the sound even more mournful than before. "I'm sorry, I can't just leave him out there like that." I threw the blanket back and headed out to the living room.

"He never did this before." Edward stated as he followed me, tossing on a pair of shorts. "I don't get it. He only started crying like this a couple weeks ago."

"Maybe he's just scared." I offered, flicking the light on.

Bear sat up in his kennel right away, his head cocked to one side as his tail thumped against the dog bed. He stood up as we approached, his tail now wagging as I crouched down in front of the kennel.

"What's wrong, baby?" I asked him sweetly. "You don't want to be alone?"

"He's not sleeping in the bed with us. He'll take up half the space."

"So we'll bring the dog bed in with us. He can sleep there."

"Yeah, but you know he won't."

I unlocked the kennel and let Bear out. Of course he went straight for Edward and jumped up so he could lick Edward's face. "What if he has an accident?"

"So take him out to pee real quick, I'll get his bed situated."

I was already back in bed when Edward and Bear came into the room ten minutes later. I had placed the dog bed on Edward's side, but instead of curling up on it, Bear jumped up on the bed and proceeded to spoon between Edward and I, facing Edward.

I huffed and turned over.

"What? I can't help that he loves me."

"Loves you more, you mean." I grumbled.

"Bells, turn back over, its lonely on this side."

"But you have him, what do you need me for?" I teased, laughing quietly to myself. I felt Edward's hand slip around my waist and he yanked me closer to him, effectively driving Bear out from the space between us.

He circled the bed until he realized the only spot left for him was next to me now. So what did he do? He curled up at Edward's feet. I sighed again, but turned over and snuggled closer to Edward, happy in the knowledge that at least he would spoon up with me if I asked him to.

So much for the personal time tonight.