Chapter One


I'm just a normal sixteen-year-old high-school girl. I don't do drugs. Not because I'm a goody too shoes. I just don't want to look stupid, and I don't want to be out of control. I NEVER want to be out of control. I also don't drink for that same reason.

Sorry if I led you astray with that out of control thing. I'm not crazy. And, no, I don't have an alcoholic father or mother. My parents are normal, almost boringly so. I have an annoying little sister. She's four years younger than me, still in grade school. She's still stupid enough to believe our parents words are law and ogle at everything they say. She's a bit of a tattle tale so I don't talk to her much, not that I do anything bad. Or at least, not that bad.

I'm actually a pretty good girl. No drugs. No sex. No boyfriends. Not because I don't want them. It's just that no one is interested in me. I mean. Why would they be? I don't put myself out there. At all. I don't like social occasions, of any kind. Talking to people makes me nervous. I kinda feel like they don't understand me. I can't really blame them though. I don't talk. Period. Okay, that's a bit of an overstatement. I do talk, just very little.

I keep to myself at school. No one talks to me. I do have some 'friends' that I hang out with, but I don't share much with them. They like to talk about themselves a lot though. I probably know more about them than they know about themselves. I listen better than I talk.

So yeah, I'm a pretty boring person.

People at school call me emo girl. It's probably because I dye my hair jet black, and keep my bangs over my face. I don't want people to see my face. It's not a pretty sight. At least, I don't think it is. I wear eye liner that no one can see. It's not for anybody. I just like putting it on. It would bring out my blue eyes if my bangs weren't in the way. My eyes are really blue. When I was a kid, people used to comment on them. 'Oh, she has such beautiful blue eyes. What a beautiful little girl!' Yada. Yada.

I guess my eyes are okay. I don't think they're that great though. They might look better on someone else, with the face I have.

I'm not smart either. Nor am I all that stupid. I do okay in most of my classes. I slack off in history though. It's just so boring and it's not like I'm going to be a historian or an archeologist, so I don't really need to bother with it.

I don't know what I want to be. Maybe something that doesn't involve people. I can't really think of a job that doesn't involve people. I guess I'll just be a hobo.

If you're not bored of me yet it won't take too much longer for you to be. I wish I was a person that could say there is something interesting about me, but there's not. Nothing. I'm so normal it's weird.