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~Ch. 6~

~Good Intentions and Bad Relations~


Light Yagami hates many things in life; some things more than others. For one, he hates crime. He hates crime a lot. He never really thought about why that may be; perhaps a strong grasp on justice thanks to his father's career? Regardless, there are few things Light hates more than crime. One of those few things is, however, being messy. Light hates messes with such a passion, even Chuck Norris couldn't have gotten him dirty.

So where did we leave off with Light last time? Oh that's right, penniless, shower less, wet, and on the run. And when you're running through dirt while wet, that dirt turns to mud. Light and mud don't get along very well. Mud is much too clingy. Light wants mud to give him some space.

'I think we should see other people. This relationship isn't going to work out. I mean, I should be with a shower right now, and you down the drain; maybe with a nice dead goldfish to hang with…What am I thinking? That's it. I need to find a safe place to rest and get clean before I completely crack. But where to? Home is too dangerous. That is the first place L will look to find me. No. I need to go somewhere I'm unconnected with. Possibly out of the country. But is that what he'll expect me to do? In that case, I should stay put. Unless of course he had foreseen my thought process and begins the search right here . . . Ahggg! I'm over thinking! I just need to get to a safe house.'

Light turned left and a certain house came into view.

'No way, I'm not going here. Never in a hundred years. That would be awful and she'd never leave me alone. However, this might work. Not exactly the best solution, but it has some merit to it. This is the last place I want to be so no one would think to look here, and if I only stay for a short time, I should be relatively undiscoverable. I've handled worse situations and I'm sure she can keep a secret for me. But then again, it is rather risky. I can probably find a better place to stay if I keep going. Yes, it's best if I keep moving. I'll be fine.'

Light was just about to jog past the house when one last thought crept through his mind.

'She would probably let me have a shower if I went here.'

Light promptly turned around and walked up the steps to the door before knocking twice. This was the last person he wanted to get help from, however the promise of a shower was overwhelming. Before Light could change his mind and leave, the door opened and she looked out.

"Light? This is a surprise. What are you doing here?"

"Takada, I need your help." Although it pained him to say it, Light knew it was the truth.

"Well come in then."


As they walked to Takada's living room she attempted conversation.

"I don't mean to pry or anything, but why are you here? "

"I just need a bit of help and I'll be on my way."

"Well what do you need help with, homework?"

'That's right! She still thinks I'm a moron. I totally forgot. How careless of me. I can't afford to make mistakes. But that's for later. Right now I need to decide how much to tell her.'

"No, I need a different kind of help."

"While I'll admit that you're attractive, I don't mess around with people that are less intelligent than me. So if that what you're referring to, then leave."

'What! How the hell did she get that idea? Gross.'

"No not at all! I just need a shower and maybe some food. Then I'll leave right away."

"Oh god, are you running away? Your 18. You can just move out. It's legal now."

Light could just make out a barely noticeable moron attached to the end of her sentence.

"No, I'm not running away from home, I'm running away from L."

"Oh my God, are you a murderer?"

Takada was becoming rather pale. And Light hastened to get the truth out and calm her down.

"NO! I'm running from him because he took me."

However, yelling probably doesn't help anyone calm down, and Takada was no exception. Light could tell by her face that she was suspicious and a little scared.

"Ok, why did he take you. No offence, but you don't… er…seem very smart. Um not that your stupid! But L just usually goes after geniuses."

'You mean like yourself? Well, aren't you conceited. She still thinks I'm a murderer or something. I guess now that I'm in this mess I'll have to fix it. I have no choice but to tell her the truth.'

"Well you see, it all starts with the To-Ho exam."

"Why would you even take that exam. I got in so I know how hard that test is. From what I've heard, you're Light Yagami. Pretty boy with no brains, no offence. You're good at sports though I hear."

"Yes. But all that was an act. When I was five I read a lot of books. I was far beyond any other child's reading level. By this point I had already realized I was smarter than average. From the books I decided to pretend I wasn't smart. It started out a game and then grew into a life story. When I was 12 and the L stuff started up I realized I could never tell anyone the truth. This went on for another 5 years until I took the To-Ho exam."

"Why did you suddenly switch on your genius then?"She said in sarcasm.

'Well at least she's listening.'

"Like most historical tragic flaws, hubris lead to my fall."

"Your pride? How does that work?"

'She's starting to believe me, albeit grudgingly.'

"I wanted to prove I wasn't a failure."

"I see. Well, do you have any proof?"

'Great, I sense another quiz coming.'

"Ask me anything ever covered in school. Also, I'm fluent in Chinese, Spanish, English, Italian, German, Russian, Latin, Greek, and Norwegian. Languages are easy once you have the basics down. I'm well versed in almost all branches of science and math. I've also studied psychology and sociology extensively."

"Right… well for a start say, 'I am at the house' in all those languages."

"Sigh, Wǒ de fángzi, Estoy en la casa, I am at the house, Io sono a casa, Ich bin im Haus, YA v dome, Ego sum ad domum, Eímai sto spíti, Jeg er i huset."

"Crap, I don't recognize half of those. Um, what is pi to the first 15 places?"

"3. -"

Takada was just staring with her mouth open at this point,


"Stop! Just stop. Holy shit. Uh, uh what's-"

"Incase you were wondering, you stopped me on the 1593rd place of pi."

"That's not even right. How the hell did you know all that. That's closer to a computer in intelligence than a human."

"I've had a lot of time these last 12 years, and I easily grow bored."

"What is the weight of one mol of Phosphorus?"

"30.9738 grams."

"How many bytes in a terabyte?"

"1,099,511,627,776 bytes."

"What are the numbers used in Lost?"

". . . I don't know that one."

"Thank God."

"I'm not much for media references."

"So you're not infallible after all. In case you're curious, it's 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, and 42."

"You watch Lost? I've heard of it. It's an American show, right?"

"I watched it while learning English."

"I see, so have I proven to you my intelligence level?"

"And then some. What is your I.Q.?"

"I have no clue."

"I just have one more question. Why are you running from L? With your brains, you could probably make it all the way through his program. Hell, you probably surpass him."

"I have many reasons, but the main one at the moment is that he has too much power. He's abusing it with all these takings. Someone has to show him he can't just do what he wants. I'll be that person."

"Wow, I never thought of it that way. You're like a hero or something. Genius, attractive, nice, and fighting for a good cause too. You're amazing."

'Crap, another girl in love with me. Oh well, now at least I can probably get that shower.'

As if reading his mind, Takada blushed. "So erm… about that shower, you can go ahead. I can wash your clothes for you and give you a robe while you wait."

"Ok, thanks."

"I'll have some food for you too."

"Thank you again. The bathroom is down the hall, correct?"

"Yeah. Second door on the right."

Light followed her directions and took a well needed shower. He emerged to find a clean and folded robe. He proceeded to the kitchen and ate a salad that was on the table. Takada was nowhere to be found.

'Hmm, that's rather strange. I'll just find the dryer, get my clothes and leave. No need to stay in one place for too long.'

Easier said than done. After finding and putting on his clothes, Takada came in from kitchen.

"Ah you're ready. I just bought some more food. Enough to feed us for a while. I can always go shopping more later. You can stay as long as you like Light. Is there anything I can get you?

'Well this is just a little creepy. Oh well, a house with food and a shower is good for now. I'll just have to keep an eye on things. Crap, that reminds me.'

"Can I use your computer? I need to leave a trail for a certain detective."

"Sure, anything for you Light."

'Hmm, I'm rather uncomfortable now. I should probably move on soon.'

"Thanks. Where is it?"

"Over by the loveseat. And I'm sorry but I don't have any other beds so we'll have to share mine."

"That's ok. I don't need to take your bed. I can sleep on the loveseat."

"Oh, I have no problem sharing with you Light."

'Ah, that's right. Now that I'm smart, I'm exactly her type. Ugh, gross. No thanks. I've got to leave very soon.'

"I see. Well anyway, I have to go use your computer now so…"

"You don't have to be shy Light."

'Time to leave! But I need a computer… It's not worth it. Bail. BAIL!'

"I need to use the computer, Takada."

Takada blushed very deeply."O-of course. Sorry. Go ahead."

Light left the room and had to stop himself from running out the door. Thankfully, Takada stayed behind.

'That was too close. Whatever. Now I just need to focus on hacking. I'll leave a trail for L, then leave this house for good. Now, where to go. Let's see. Some money wired from my account to the airline. An alias and fake passport created and used. Hack airport and now I'm on the plane. Destroy surveillance tape to "hide" me being there. Arrives in…Minneapolis, MN in the U.S. bus to Fargo, ND. Train to Bozeman MT. Disappears off map. Good. That should keep him occupied for a while. But just in case it doesn't, I need to disappear.'

Light stood up and quietly walked to the door. Unfortunately Takada was already there. She saw him trying to leave and ran over to him

"I'm so sorry for my behavior. I don't know what came over me."

"I understand, but I've got to go."

"Okay. But before you do, take this."

She forced an envelope into his hands.

"It's about 16,000 yen. It's not much and I can easily spare it so don't try to give it back. Use it to help yourself in your fight against L. Don't let him win. And always remember that you can come back if you need to."

"Thanks. I got to go. Bye Takada."

"Bye Light."

And Light left. Takada had given him a backpack and some more food and water. At the moment, all Light had to his name was some provisions, 16,000 yen, and some spare parts from L's refrigerator.

Matt, Mello, Watari, and L were all sitting in a room. Two minutes had passed since Mello and Matt had learned the full details on what was going on. L still had much distrust of Watari and was very pissed at the sleeping incident. L had been sleeping for five hours. Five hours! All time that could have been spent trying to find his future successor. All L got out of it was a barely remembered, drug dream in which all he knew was that Light made an appearance and the dream left him with a warm and satisfied feeling. Normally he would just disregard such a thing, but L had never had a dream that had such a lasting effect. And he didn't even remember this one. So he filed it away for further study and moved on to the problem at hand. What to do about Light Yagami.

"We must track him down. He is the first person since B to escape from my program, and I do believe he is much more stable than B was."

"I don't see why you need another fucking successor. And he sounds like a narcissistic, pretty boy to me. But, I'm sure Matt could find his trail if he used a computer."

Matt looked up from his game at a mention of his name. "Yeah, I could do that easily. But I want something if I find him."

Watari, who is used to dealing with Matt knew exactly what to say. "The usual 200 dollar addition to your game fund I presume?"

"Yep. And if Mello tracks him down, he gets the same addition to his chocolate and weapons fund."

Everyone was thinking in different directions.

Watari thought, 'I would be more worried about that name if I didn't already know every cent in that account goes towards chocolate.'

L was thinking, 'I am slightly confused as to why Matt always tries to benefit Mello in some way. This will require more thought at a better time. Now, where is Light likely to go. . .'

Mello was stuck on, 'Chocolate, how much chocolate can I buy with 200 dollars? I guess it depends on how high of quality it is. Then of course, milk or dark….Mmm. However there is that new Beretta coming out too. Too hard of a decision.'

Lastly, Matt. 'Hmm, good. Now Mello gets something too. It's cool we get to work on this together as well. Maybe I'll finally tell him. I just need to wait for the right time. Well first I need to find pretty boy. Maybe I'll just call him PB for short. Peanut butter, nice. I should probably start the search for PB then.'

"I'll start my search for PB now." Matt said, and everyone was jolted out of their thoughts at the strangeness of the outburst.

Mello was the first to respond."Dude, we just at like, 20 minutes ago. How are you already hungry?"

L and Watari at the same time, respectively: "Get started on the search for Light. Then Watari will bring you a sandwich." And "I can bring you food if you are hungry."

"I don't want a sandwich. PB is my nickname for Light. You know, pretty boy, PB. Like a codename."

"You're such a nerd Matt. Hurry up so I can get started on tracking 'PB' down, and get to my chocolate."

"Okay. I need a computer with the latest tech. I brought my own hardware. If there is a trail to find, I'll find it."

"Yes yes, you have all that. Watari get Matt's necessities; I want Light found soon. I must start his training as soon as possible."

"Of course L. Matt come with me to the computer room."


Watari and Matt left the room and walked to the lab. When Matt stepped in, he was happy he always wore long sleeves as the room was 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Uncomfortable for short sleeves, but perfect for long ones. Also, the perfect temperature for a good computer to keep running without overheating.

"Ok, while I work on this, where is all of PB's info so I know what to search for?"

"In the file marked LY137."

"Thanks. I can do the rest from here on. You better go check on Mells before he breaks something."

Watari left the room. Something was off with what Matt had said, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He heard a crash and decided there were more important things to worry about. Namely, Mello. So Matt was left alone.

'Let's see. First off, install my new program. Next open files on Light and pull up surveillance of L's base. Mello is throwing a tantrum of some sort. L is just observing. Ah and there is Watari. I wonder what L said to make Mello blow. Whatever. I don't really care. They can take care of it. I'll just set a beep to go off if they leave the room, and now I can have a smoke. Let me see the data on PB. Hmm, his faked personalities test, his To-Ho exam, basic details of his appearance, nothing of much use. However there is a Portal reference. Who'd of thought PB gamed?

Okay Matt. Find where PB is. Sort through all recent plane, bus, train, boat, and subway tickets. Cross reference price with PB's accounts and known cards. Yes! Four hits. Three are His father going to work, mother going to mall and father going on lunch. The last one, the price of a plane ticket overseas gone missing from your savings. Sloppy. Now where did you go. Ok, I pulled up all plane passenger s from all flights today. Check for Light Yagami. Zero hits. Must have used an alias. Search backgrounds of all passengers. Bring up all without a sufficient amount of history.

Two hits. Hmm, which one are you. Tsuki Asahi or Tsukune Akamari. Well, one has your actual name in it, the other is random. Bring up two screens. Search airport surveillance for person matching picture on exam. No footage found? Well that's a red flag. Tokyo International Airport it is. Now where'd you go? MN, USA. Well that certainly narrows it down. Now all that's left is to clear out the smoke and call L.'

Matt proceeded to do just that. 13 minutes later, everyone was gathered around Matt and his computer.

"So as you can see, Light's plane landed half an hour ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have a tracker set on him and his alias, Asahi Tsuki. He has yet to do anything else." Matt explained.

"Watari we're leaving for Minnesota. Pack-"

Watari interrupted him. "No. L you are currently working on a case here in Japan. I will not let you drop everything to chase Light halfway around the world."

'Watari has been saying no a lot lately. I need to start plotting ways around him soon or I'll never get Light.'

"This is ridiculous. I can solve this case just fine from the US. I need to get Light."

Watari stood firm.

"You can send someone to do this for you, you know."

Mello realized this was exactly the opportunity Matt brought up for him earlier.

"I'll go for you L. Pretty Boy won't get away from me. I'll hunt him down and bring him back before you even have a chance to solve your case."

L decided this was all he could do for now and conceded. However, he was already going through several scenarios in his head so that whenever the chance arose, he would be the one to go after Light. It was only a matter of time.

Mello had just landed in MN after a quick flight in L's personal Jet. Quick being relative. That flight was long. Even he didn't have enough stored chocolate to last the whole flight. Upon landing, he received a call from Matt.

"He took a bus to Fargo ND. Get Watari to drive you there. He'll be arriving in an hour. You're looking at. . . at least 3 hours."

"Got it. Keep me updated. I don't want to lose him."

"I will."

'I've always got your back, Mells.'

After Light left Takada's house, he immediately started a plan. That plan included many things, but it can be summed up in 5 steps.

Step 1: Buy a computer with the money.

Step 2: As this will be a very cheap computer, use spare parts from fridge and a pawn shop to get it working well.

Step3: Using all my skills as a hacker, take 10 dollars each from the banks of the wealthiest without a trace.

Step 4: Transfer money to a new card with a new name.

Step 5: Find/buy an unsuspicious place to live.

After all was said and done, Light found himself a real steal on the real estate market. The most amazing little place. Utterly gorgeous in decor…It's a dump. And yes, Light still hates being messy, and a messy house is pretty bad for that particular mindset.

'So gross, why was this the cheapest place I could find? It's disgusting. I'm sure this place has rats or something of the like. I feel gross just standing here. That's it; I need to fix this place up. And get out. Okay, I'll just go to the mall and get some things to tidy this place up. And maybe some new clothes. I've been wearing these too long. '

So Light left for the mall. After a long and awkward bus ride, in which several people stared, he ended up at the mall.

'Cleaning items first. That's what important. Ah, a mop and some bleach. A good place to start for now. Next, I really want out of these clothes soo…'

Light entered the department store.

Immediately an employee appeared before him."Hello sir, Can I help you find what you're looking for?"

'Im pretty sure I can find it myself.'

"No thank you. I know where to get what I need."

"Alright. But if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask."

'Hmm, she said that with a lot of conviction. Why do girls only care about looks? It's so stupid.'

"Great, thanks."

Light walked towards the shirts. He didn't even care about other people at the moment. All he wants is some new clothes and to feel clean again. As he passed the newspaper stand, he didn't give a second glance. But if he had, he would never have made his next mistake. And this mistake is going to cost him.

He first noticed something was amiss when he had to walk through the woman's clothing. He couldn't ditch the feeling that someone was watching him. That watching turned to following after a short time but when he turned around; he didn't notice anything out of place.

'All this L stuff is making me too paranoid. I need to calm down. No one is following me . . .Or maybe someone is. I can't be too careful. Malls have cameras, and I wouldn't put it past L to have access to them. That's it, I'm leaving. This is too risky. Wait, no. I came here for clothes, and I'm going to get some. I won't let L completely ruin my life. Now back to shopping. I'm not sure how long I've stood here, but I'm sure I look quite weird.'

Light was startled out of his thoughts however, by a rather loud and very happy voice.

"Hi! Are you ok? You've been standing here for a while and Misa-Misa was wondering if you were ok."

'Crap, who is this? And who is Misa-Misa?'

Light looked down to see who had spoken and gained no real insight on the matter.

'A rather short, blond girl? That's rather uncommon here. Well she does look slightly familiar. I must have seen her somewhere before. . . I don't have time for this. I'll just get rid of her.'

"Ah, no I'm fine. You can pass that on to Misa-Misa for me as well. Thanks for asking."

"Oh, how silly of me, I'm Misa-Misa! Or that's Amane Misa in full."

'Why does she use her name to talk about herself? It's very annoying.'

"That's a nice name; I'm- "


"Asahi Kira."

"Kira? Like 'killer' in English?"

"No, my mother just really liked the name from when she visited Canada."

"Oh, that's cool. Oh! Would you like to go on a date with Misa?"

'Where'd that come from?'

"No thank you. I just need to get some clothes, and then I'm going home."

"Is your girlfriend waiting for you?"

Light didn't quite register the question as he was too busy trying to simultaneously lose Misa and find some clothing.

"No, I don't have a girlfriend."

"Then you're single?"

"I guess, but I'm not looking to be in a relationship with anyone."

"So you don't want to date me even though you know my name?"

'What does her name have to do with anything? Besides, she is completely not my type.'

"Not really. We have just met after all."

'And your gothic Lolita outfit is appalling.'

"So you don't care that I'm a model?"

'She's a model? That explains why she seems slightly familiar.'

"No, what you are doesn't matter to me."

"You're the nicest person Misa-Misa has ever met! Misa has many fans, but nobody has ever liked her for just herself."

'Why did she take that as a complement? Whatever. I have a shirt and pants picked out. I would like to get underwear, but I feel that is a rather unintelligent decision at this time. I just need to pay and I can leave.'

"That's too bad. I'm sure you're a nice girl. I've got to go though so-"

"Misa-Misa can take you home!"

"That's alright. You sho-"

"I won't take no for an answer. Come on Kira-kun! My limo is over in the west parking lot."

Misa began pulling him towards the door.

'It's bad enough I can't get her to leave me alone, but limos are very attention getting. This is a bad situation.'

"I'd like to be rather unknown in the eyes of the public so I can't exactly ride in a limo."

"Oh! You're scared of the paparazzi. Don't worry, Misa won't let anything happen to her boyfriend."


"I can't-"

"Misa is so happy! Misa-Misa hasn't met anyone as nice as Kira-kun since her parents died."

'Well now I'd feel awful if I just left . . . Stupid conscience. I wish I could just give it up with a few magic words and live the rest of my life with no problems. Oh well, she is a model and models are probably shallow. Once she sees my house and realizes how poor I seem to be, she should leave me alone. Now I just have to eliminate the limo threat.'

"I'm sorry to hear about your parents."

"Yes it is very sad. They were murdered when I was younger; their killer got off scotch free. Sometimes the world is unfair."

"That's terrible. I hate injustice like that. When I become a police officer, I'm going to make sure people like that stay behind bars or get the death penalty."

"Sniff- Your so nice. That's it. You are now Misa's boyfriend! I'll arrange us a less visible ride."

'Crap. Why can't I keep my mouth shut? Now I have to pretend to be her boyfriend or else I'll see myself as an awful person. I suppose having some friends with money and power is never a bad thing; especially with L after me. Maybe this hasn't been a total mistake.'

"Great, I need to be dropped off at my house."

"Ok! Misa-Misa's chauffer has a regular car with tinted windows for us now. So my Kira-kun doesn't have to worry about paparazzi or anything!"

Misa and Light walked out of the store and got into an inconspicuous Nisan with tinted windows. Seventeen minutes later, they were in front of Light's apartment.

"Oh no! Misa's Kira-kun lives here?"

'Here we are, the revealing moment. How will you react?'

"I have no issues with it. It is in my price range and-"

"No. No boyfriend of Misa's can live in a dump like this. You're moving in with Misa-Misa right now!"

'This sadly, was not what I suspected. However, who'd ever think I'd live with a model? So long as I stay a little low-key, no one will suspect me staying with her. Plus, I've never heard of her, so she must not be too famous. Yes this is actually perfect.'

"I don't reall-"

"Nope, it's official. Get anything you want and put it in my trunk. I'll tell my driver about the change."

'She sure likes to interrupt me. Whatever. This should be fine. L is probably half-way around the world chasing a ghost, while I'll be living like a millionaire. I win L. I so win!'

"Fuck, Watari! I know you're old, but do you need to drive like you're on your death bed? We're losing time that could be spent searching for Light. Fargo is reasonably big, and he could leave any second if he hasn't already!"

"Mello! Don't use profanities. They make you seem unintelligent. And I'm driving five miles over the speed limit. Anymore and I can get pulled over. We'll be in the city limits in 45 minutes."

"PB's already been there for over an hour! He could be anywhere if we don't hurry!"

"Has Matt seen any activity?"

"He hasn't sent me anything, no."

"Then he's still in Fargo."

"He might not stay there though! We need to go and get him. To win you have to make the first move. If he's always retreating he'll never make it, and I'll get him."

"You realize this is one of the reasons you can't be L. You have to think through your actions. Not just charge blindly into situations and hope for the best."

"What the hell! I always think through my actions. I'm just not like Near who only thinks and never acts."

"That's why you should work together. You would make a great team."

"I'll never work with that albino freak! I'd rather be tortured to death, brought back to life, be blown up and brought back to life again, only to suffer a fatal heart attack and stay dead."

"That's rather disturbing."

"Your face is rather disturbing. Now hurry up! We need to g-"

And Watari rolled up the divider. Thank god for limos. And although he'll never admit it, Watari also increased his speed to 8 miles over the speed limit. But that was only because he was old and had forgotten what the speed limit was. Of course that was why.

About 34 minutes later. . .

"Mello we're here."

"I know. Now unlock these ridiculous child safety doors before I break through the window."

"Just don't run off."

"I'm not fucking five. My god. Now shut up while I call Matt."

"Hello Mello"

"Any particular reason you answered in English when you've been speaking Japanese for the last week?"

"Well for one you're in the US, for two, it rhymes."

"You are so gay. Sometimes I wonder why we're friends."

"Hmm, yeah, and stuff and yeah. . ."

"Dude speak up and stop mumbling. You better not be playing one of your stupid games. You need to tell me what Light is doing."

"He's not doing anything. At least he hasn't spent any money yet. I think you should just look around- Crap! Never mind. He's on the move again."

"Where is he going. What did he do?"

"He just bought a train ticket. It leaves in three minutes. Where are you?"

"I have no clue! I never studied the geography of North Dakota! I'm by a Barnes and Nobel."

"You're nowhere near the station then. You'll just have to meet him there. He bought a ticket to Bozeman MT."

"He's going West? I can beat him there." "Watari we need to move. PB's on a train to Bozeman."

"Alright. Get in the car. But looking at the g.p.s., this is going to be a long drive. "

"Just go. I'll stock up on chocolate at the next gas station. We've got to beat him to Bozeman!" "Matt, Im switching you to blue tooth. I want constant updates. If he buys a sandwich, I want to know about it."

"Ok, constant updates for the next 11 hours. This will be fun."

"Eleven hours! Jesus Christ. I'm going to die of boredom." "Watari! How come we don't just take the Jet? Or even the copter? They're both faster?"

"The jet needs maintenance after the flight from Japan, and the helicopter is in England. Neither option is available at the moment."

"Shit. Well what are you waiting around for? Get moving. I need to bring this guy down."

Mello and Watari started progress west. Of course there were stops for gas and chocolate along the way, however they were making good time. After about five hours is when Matt first noticed something strange.

'That's odd. Why did he purchase his ticket over the internet just before the train left? How did he have time? Crap, I have a bad feeling about this. . . Let's see if I can look into the buying of the ticket . . . something is off. . . Shit!'

"I do not envy me when I tell Mello this."

"Tell me what? What happened?"

'I'm starting to hate Bluetooth.'

"Er, I made a mistake."

"What did you do! Do you mean PB is not going to Bozeman?"

"That and a bit more. It turns out. . .Light faked it."

"What? Talk louder! What happened with Light?"

"He made an artificial trail. A computer program acted as a human and completed Light's plan over a time span that he preset. He made it all up. I didn't catch on to it earlier because I didn't realize how good of a hacker he was."

"So what now; where is he then?"

"I don't know. He's smarter than I expected, and hasn't left a real trail."

"Damnit! Matt I'm going to kill you when I get back!"

With that, Mello hung up.

'I'm sorry Mello. I screwed you over. I hope you don't hate me.'

' Shit, I think Mello's back.'

SLAM! "MATT! Get your ass out here!"

'Yep, that's Mello. I think I'll stay in here for a while. Although I did choose a rather awkward hiding place.'

"Where the hell are you!"


"Matt get out here now! I'm not going to tell L this by myself! Go tell him how you screwed up or I'll beat you until shit comes out your ears."

'I'll tell L of course, I just don't want you to kill me first.'

"Matt, I know you quite well. Now if you don't tell me where you are, I'm going to destroy the all things you care about!"

'How are you going to destroy yourself?'

''Ok, first thing to go, PSP."

Matt heard a crunching sound that fills his nightmares. The sound of good games and systems being destroyed.

'So that's what he meant. . . wait, NO!'


There was another crunching sound.

"If you want me to stop, tell me where you are you dumbass!"

"I'm in the closet."

"That's gay."

There was yet another crunching sound.


Matt couldn't take it anymore. At the sound of another game being broken, he slammed open the door and launched himself at Mello. Sadly, Mello was expecting this to occur. He had Matt in a head lock after about 3 seconds.

"Matt, you're really fucking weak."

"Shut up."

"God I am so pissed right now. How the hell did you mess this up? This could have been the event that pushed me ahead of Near. Now I look like a moron. Why are you so stupid! How could you ruin this for me!"

"Without me, you wouldn't even know where to start! So I screwed up, at least I have skills!"

"Skills? Skills! Skills my ass! You don't have a skill. I'll show you a skill!"

With that Mello released Matt from the headlock. Matt was wary, but he stood up and backed away.

'What is Mello going to do?'

With only that thought as warning, Mello attacked. First off, Mello slammed Matt into a wall. Then with strength Matt didn't know he had, Mello lifted him off the floor.

"You're so weak."

Mello threw Matt about 5 feet until he crashed into the computer.

"You are going to regret your mistake. I will succeed L. Nothing will get in my way!"

Mello proceeded to attempt a round house kick. Matt however had had enough. He blocked Mello's kick and gave him a punch that pushed him back.

"The reason you're not L is that you fail! You're such a fucking idiot sometimes. I help you all the time, and now you're trying to kill me. You're not supposed to kill those who are helping you, and you can't do it alone. Even L needs Watari."

Mello stopped playing around at this point. The fire in his eyes turned to an explosive anger. He only had one thought in his mind now. Make Matt pay.

Matt didn't stand a chance. Three minutes later he knew he had a black eye and a broken nose. He could barely see anymore and his goggles where shattered. Matt hadn't landed a single hit on Mello, and Mello wasn't done yet. In fact, he was currently smashing Matt's head repeatedly into the keyboard. That was until Mello saw the message that was flashing across the screen. He immediately stopped his rampage and dropped Matt who crumpled to the floor.

"Matt, please tell me that this doesn't mean what I think it does."

Matt, who was used to beatings such as this, immediately switched back into friend mode. What? His best friend is Mello. He gets into things like this all the time.

"What is it?"

"It says,' All data deleted.' "

"No, this computer only holds information on PB. Don't worry about it."

"Is this all the data?"

"Yeah. It was all on this com."

"So, is it anywhere else?"

"No. This was the only com with that information."

They were both saying this in eerily calm voices. Things were silent as they both realized the impact of what they had just done. Matt was the first to speak.

"I really don't want L to find out about this."

"Yeah, . . . is there any way you can recover the information?"

"I doubt it."

"Try Damnit!"

"Ok, ok. Give me a minute to run a diagnostic."

A few minutes passed.

"Well, anything?"

Matt swallowed. "Er, no. There were no back up files. In fact, the data deletion reset the computer to its factory defaults. I think this is L's fail safe in case someone breaks in and tries to gain access to the information. It's gone. Completely."

"Fuck. We're so screwed."

"So who's going to tell him?"

"Not it!"

"You can't push this one on me! You're the one who hit the button!"

"It was your head!"

"You were slamming my head! It's your fault!"

"Fuck that. You have to tell him! You don't even want to be his successor!"

"I don't want to make the world's greatest detective my enemy!"

"I don't want L to hate me! Near is already his favorite. This would shove me off completely!"

"Well I'm not doing it!"

"I'm definitely not doing it!"

"I'll die before I do it!"

"I'll kill myself before I do it!"

Their argument carried on in this manner for some time before L, taking notice of the yelling, came to investigate.

"I'll lie my whole life and take this secret to my grave before I tell L."

'I wonder what it is he won't tell me. Did he eat my Belgium chocolates?'

"I'll cut my tongue out before I tell him!"

"I'd give up chocolate before I tell him!"

'Hmm, that's a serious threat coming from Mello. This must be bad.'

"I'll give up all forms of video games and cigarettes before I tell L!"

'I told Watari Matt smoked. All evidence pointed to it, but Watari never found any cigarettes. On that note, this is another rather serious remark. Just what did these two do?'


L finally spoke up. "Mello and Matt will tell L exactly what has happened."


"Oh . . . well this sucks."

"Well? What is it that you don't want to tell me?"

As Mello seemed to have lost his ability to talk, Matt decided to take one for the team. "Well, Mello and I kinda, um, erased all files on Light."

"I see." L said calmly.

Mello regained his talking ability immediately. "Shit L, I'm sorry. Please don't take me out of the running to become successor."

'Technically at the moment, only Light is in the running. I don't think I'll be telling Mello that though. Now, what to do with the loss of Light's information? I've memorized it all of course, so it doesn't really inconvenience me any. However there should be some way for me to use this to my advantage. Can I use this as an excuse to make Watari let me go after Light? Yes, I think I can.'

L let them stew in the uncertainty and fear of their thoughts for a while before talking again. Sure, L didn't need the information, but they had still broken something of his in a way. L never claimed to not be childish. In fact, he often claimed the opposite. After he was satisfied with his sort-of revenge, he spoke.

"I'm rather disappointed."

"We're so sorry!" They yelled simultaneously.

"Well, you can make it up to me."

Mello was the first to speak. "I'll do anything."

"Well, it's more Matt that I need to do this."

Matt warily spoke up. "What is it?"

"Come with me to see Watari. Tell him that Light hacked you're computer and deleted his files. You need to make him believe this."

Matt was surprised. He didn't see why Watari need to know about this at all. Let alone why L had to lie about it. But he wasn't about to deny a chance for Mello and himself to redeem themselves.

"Sure, I can do that. Where is he?"


"Follow me."

It was a quick trip to Watari's office. However L stopped along the way to grab cake. Matt and Mello followed him, but even Mello couldn't bear the thought of chocolate at a time like this. His future rested in the hands of a guy he just beat the shit out of. Matt on the other hand was happy this was all it would take to get Mello back in L's good books. He had expected much worse punishments.

"Watari, something has happened."

"Come in of course. Although I'm already aware that Light faked his destination."

"Something new has come up. Matt can explain."

"Well uh, Light seems to be a better hacker than we thought."

Watari responded with little interest. "Wasn't that the reason for Mello's and mine little trip?"

"Yeah, but even more so than that. He hacked your computer and deleted all files on himself."

Watari did not see that coming. "How in the world did he manage that? All the best at Whammy's made that computer unhackable."

Matt continued to lie. "Well, Light managed. I guess he's better than Whammy's best."

"I see."

L spoke again. "Watari, this is why you must let me go after Light. He is showing signs of being the successor we have been looking for. I can only trust myself in getting him."

"At this point, I must agree. We must get Light. I won't try to stop you anymore."

"Good. I'm leaving now then."

Mello was curious how L was going to find a man who left no trail. "How do you know where he is?"

"I don't. However I believe I know where he would go. I also have a hunch."

Watari decided to say something before L left. "Well good luck. Take a cell phone."

"I hate cell phones. They always interrupt me."

"Just take a phone." Watari swears to this day that geniuses are worse than five year olds.

"Fine. Good day Watari."

"Goodbye L."

"Good luck L." Mello said. He couldn't just let his mentor leave.

"Yeah, good luck." Matt said so Mello wouldn't stand out too much.

""Matt and Mello, you two should enjoy your time in Japan. You will be leaving in a few days.

"Ok." They said at the same time. Normally someone would argue, but they didn't want to anger L any more that day. And with that, L left.

L returned to see Mello eating chocolate and Matt playing Xbox. In other words, Matt and Mello being Matt and Mello. Matt's face was starting to heal, but it still looked like he had lost a game of chicken with a semi.

"How was the search?" Mello was, once again, the first to talk.

"Well he is in Tokyo, but I have not yet managed to narrow his position down more than that."

"How do you know he's in Tokyo?" Matt was the next to ask.

"If I were in his position, I would do the same."

Matt was skeptical. "Ok, but how do you know he thinks like you?"

"Because I am L."

'I hate when he uses that as an answer.'

"Mello, L, I'm going out to look around."

Mello could care less. "Whatever." Was all he said.

"L didn't even respond. Just went to the kitchen to eat cake and ponder Light's location."

'Yeah, whatever. I don't care what you guys think anyway.'

Matt knew he was lying about at least half of that sentence.

After walking around downtown Tokyo and finding nothing worth his time, Matt came to a stop at a magazine kiosk.

'Hmm, the new edition of Famitsu is already out. That's worth a buy. What else is here?'

Matt proceeded to scan the colorful magazines when something caught his eye.

'No way. Is that Light! What the hell is he doing in a magazine?'

"I'll buy that one!" He yelled at the man running the kiosk. The man in question looked at the magazine then back at Matt. Matt didn't understand what warranted the look he was being given. It wasn't until he was halfway backed to L's Japanese headquarters that he realized what magazine he was holding.

"Fucking Glamour Teen!"

"Mello! Mello! I found him!"

"What do you want! Who'd you find? Nemo? "

"No. Just no. I found PB- I mean Light. I found Light!"

"Where is he?"

Matt threw the magazine at Mello who caught it.

"You read Glamour Teen Magazine? Wow. You really should keep that secret under lock and key."

"Just read the first headline."

"Who is this mysterious man hang around with up and coming model Misa Amane? We conclude our three-part report in today's addition of Glamour Teen."

"That's a picture of pretty boy alright"

"Page 36"

"I'm going."

'Misa seems to have a new boy toy. Yep, that's right all you fans of Misa. Our sources reveal that these two are dating. But just who is the darling Misa with? We decided to find out. An anonymous contributor said, 'Oh, that's Light Yagami. He's super hot and sporty. He's like a total dream guy. I hear he cheated on some test or something though. But with looks like that, he could be a mass murderer and I'd still date him.' So just who is this Light Yagami, sporty hottie or cheating moron? We dug deep to get some exclusive information. It seems that young Yagami is lying to Misa. He claimed to be Kira Asahi according to someone close to the couple. Just what does Light need to hide? We wanted to ask Misa herself but she refuses any and all interviews claiming that her Kira-kun doesn't want any attention. So what do our readers think? Is Kira, aka Light Yagami a brainless pretty boy in love or does he have an ulterior motive? We'll leave it for you to decide.'

"There he is! L was right. He was in Tokyo the whole time."

"Yeah. I thought you could show it to him. I feel bad about the computer thing, and really don't care what L thinks of me. In fact, the only opinion I care about is-."

"I can't wait to show this to L. He'll be so impressed he'll make me his successor for sure. Bye Matt."

And Mello left, leaving Matt alone in his thoughts.

'All you care about is L. What about me. I try so hard and you don't care. I don't want to be L because that's who you want to be. I help you and try to get you ahead of Near so you'll be happy. I want to be happy too but I know that will never happen. I want you to like me; that's what will make me happy. But you only like L. I want you to look at me like you look at him. I want you to like me like you like him. Like me like I like you. Like me like I, like me like, like, like I-'

"I want you to love me like I love you."

A/N: Poor Matt. Yep, I've decided to add in another pairing to the mix. I barely remember where this was going before so I will probably add in stuff every now and again. Thanks for coming back after all this time. I hope you enjoyed it. It was a rather strange experience, as I listened to Du Hast and various techno while writing this. The mood of the songs and the Fic are er very different; in my mind at least.

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