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Chapter 51


"C'mon Sky, just a little, for mommy?" Spencer smiled at his son.

Spencer was sitting on the floor playing with Skylar waiting for his husband to get home. Derek had gone with the team to Baton Rouge on a case and Spencer stayed back with Skylar instead of trying to find someone to babysit. Today was the day Derek was supposed to be home. Skylar was busy standing on his hands and knees and Spencer was trying to coax him into crawling.

"Daddy's coming home soon. Wanna see daddy, bumblebee?"

Skylar looked at his mommy before spitting up on the floor. Spencer chuckled, "Uh oh, did someone spit up? Are you a spit up baby today?" He asked as he stood and grabbed a burping cloth and wiped up the spot before picking up his son.

Skylar babbled and reached for his mommy's face. Spencer smiled and kissed him on the nose before standing up and taking him into the nursery. He quickly changed his diaper and his clothes making sure to put on a fresh bib before settling in the rocker to rock Skylar to sleep. It wasn't long before Skylar's eyes closed and Spencer gently laid him down in the crib and covered him with the blanket. He turned on the monitor and carried it with him while he went into the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee.

He glanced at the clock which read 12:14. He didn't know when Derek would be home but he knew he was coming home today. He set the monitor on the counter next to his cup as he opened the bag of shrimp he had taken out that morning. He poured it into a bowl and grabbed several seasonings and began to season the shrimp. He preheated the oven before sticking the shrimp in a baking dish with some oil and onions. He smiled as he stuck the dish in the oven. Once he cleaned up, he grabbed his coffee and the monitor and went to the living room to sit on the couch.

Derek was glad to be home. He wanted nothing more than to snuggle up with his husband and 7month old son. He unlocked the door and frowned when it was quiet inside. He chuckled seeing Spencer asleep on the couch, glasses and book askew. He glanced into the kitchen and saw food sitting on the stove covered. He gently took Spencer's glasses and book and placed them on the coffee table. He walked down the hall to his son's room and peeked inside. Skylar was lying in the bed with his foot in his mouth.

"Hey kiddo, what are you doing? That's nasty," he chuckled picking Skylar out of the crib.

Skylar let out this happy coo upon seeing his daddy. Derek chuckled and kissed him, "Yeah, I'm happy to see you too."


Derek headed into the living room with Skylar, "Hey baby."

Spencer smiled and went over to Derek and kissed him, "Missed you."

"Mm, me too baby."

"How'd the case go?" Spencer asked as they sat on the couch.

Derek shrugged, "its over, that's all I care about."

"That bad?"

Derek just sighed. Spencer nodded. "Guess what Sky did today?"

"What?" Derek smiled bouncing his son.

"He got up on his hands and knees and I swear he moved a little Derek. He's been doing the hands and knees thing for the past couple days but today I swear he moved."

Derek laughed, "I'm sure he did, baby."

Spencer just smiled as he laid his head on his husband's shoulder.

That night after the delicious dinner that Spencer had made and giving Skylar a bath which made him sleepy, Spencer and Derek lay in bed kissing.

"Fuck, Spence, you're gonna get me all worked up and I'm way too tired to do anything now."

Spencer chuckled as he laid his head on Derek's chest, "Derek?"

"Yeah, baby?"

"Have you thought of having more kids?"

Derek shrugged, "Yeah, I guess. I mean it's certainly a possibility."

"Really?" Spencer asked hopeful.

Derek nodded and kissed Spencer's forehead chuckling, "Yes, baby."

Spencer looked up and kissed Derek on the lips, "Good."

Derek frowned, "Why?"

Spencer smiled and took Derek's hand and laid it on his belly, "Because I'm pregnant."