Chapter 5. The hidden meaning

Kaede was worn out from working all day. She understood the liability that came with age, but was grateful she had enough strength to make it through the day. Rin followed close behind her knowing that they both needed a well-deserved meal. When they reached their hut Rin went straight to her irises. Kaede thought it odd about the flower Sesshomaru chose. She was just as bewildered by the color scheme the Lord of the West picked for them. Kaede with her special training in plants knew that irises symbolized a fondness for the receiver. She also knew that yellow represented happiness while white signified innocence and purity. Purple symbolized royalty. That alone was shocking enough. Happiness, innocence, purity and royalty, all these could easily describe Rin and her character.

The old woman considered telling this to her young ward, but came to the conclusion that as her training with nature continued, Rin would come to this realization herself. She didn't even know if Sesshomaru intended to do this on purpose or if it just happened to be a coincidence. Either way Kaede knew that whether Rin chose to in live the village or with Sesshomaru the two were connected and always will be.