A/N: Written for the "48 Hours or Less Challenge" at HPFC. My first (and super-light) femmeslash!

Ginny watched, arms crossed with curious adoration, as Luna pulled five small shakers from her belt—a pinch of this, a dash of that to what were plain mashed potatoes. "I always carry my own spices. Elf cooking is nice, but rather bland and lacking in nourishment for the soul." Luna indicated to the brown-freckled potatoes on her plate. "Cloves for balance, cinnamon for unity."

"Anything for me?" Ginny asked.

"Chili powder." She tapped the shaker with a slender finger.

Ginny looked at the pungent red dust that spangled her potatoes. "Are you trying to set fire to me or something?"

"It's for passion." Luna smiled blissfully. "So, maybe."