It was one of those days when God was bored and wanted to 'have fun' with humans: In one Summer when the sun was as hot as an overheated oven, the usual roar of Ikebukuro's fortissimo was heard.

Most people who preferred to have a calm day because the heat was anything but pleasant, grunted in annoyance because they knew what would happen after a roar was heard.

Yes, they were so afraid because that meant they could die now, but damn it, it was SUMMER.

"IIIZAAAYAAAAA!" Shizuo ran through a sidewalk, a street lamp in his hold. He passed through the pedestrians that chose to live longer, chasing the 'flea' who was running a few meters in front of him.

"DON'T YOU DARE TO RUN, FLEA!" Shizuo threw the street lamp like ones playing darts.

The informant avoided the attack easily by jumped onto a shop's banner and grabbed a random window to provide him the leverage to jumped again onto a building's roof floor.

Izaya snickered. He was panting, but he wasn't tired yet. This was one of many chasing games with the protozoan and was a piece of cake to him.

He laughed when he saw the Neanderthal whipped his head left and right, looking for him. Things were going according to plan…

"It's time to shut you up, Shizu-chan…" Izaya licked his lips and squatted, he picked his binoculars to get a perfect view of one of thousands schemes he had planned.


Shizuo started to get angrier by seconds, mocha eyes squinting suspiciously.


Shizuo walked onto the middle of an empty, serene road to get a broader view.

"THIEF!" a really loud scream was heard from the other side of the road, coming from a girl that was pointing at a man who was running away from her.

"Ah?" Shizuo stared at the scene, registering whatever was happening into his brain.

He just figured out what happened when…

Well, yeah. Everything went black.

"Hehehe…" Izaya laughed sinisterly. His shoulders trembled. "Hahahahaha…"

"HAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA!" he curled his fists to contain his laughing fit, ignoring the binoculars which had fallen to the concrete floor with a loud thud.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Izaya grabbed his head with his hands, tangling his fingers between his hair. "SHIZU-CHAN! IS FINALLY DEAD!"

It was all over the news.

Izaya ran to his apartment to see the news himself on his TV. When he finally arrived, he was skipping his way, took the remote control, and turned on the TV.

"Look at this, Namie-san!" Izaya exclaimed happily. Ones shouldn't be too happy when someone died, but oh, well…

Namie simply took a glance from behind the files she was reading. She was born multi-tasker. She could read and listen to two different things simultaneously, so she turned her gaze to the files again.

[Breaking news!] The newsreader's face appeared when the opening sequence is done.

Izaya's grin grew wider.

[On Tuesday, June 14, 2011, at 15:34, it has been reported that a traffic accident happened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, near Sunshine 60.]

Izaya laughed maniacally when he saw Shizuo's face appeared on the screen.

[The traffic accident caused one casualty. The victim is Shizuo Heiwajima (27). Witnesses claimed that they saw the man standing in the middle of a road, attention focused on a robbery that happened near the scene, unaware of the truck that was coming to him.]

"Yeah, of course. He IS an idiot, after all." Izaya commented.

[The truck driver ran away. The Government released several polices to search for the suspect.]

But what Izaya heard after this wasn't a part of his scheme.

[The victim was quickly brought to the nearest hospital. The hospital officials reported that there is no serious injury, except a severe brain-shock due to a hard bump of his head onto the asphalt road.]

Izaya froze in his position, eyes blinking madly though he wasn't paying attention to a show that was now playing on the TV after the breaking news has ended.


Author's Note -Another fill from me for a prompt in the kink meme. "While chasing Izaya around Ikebukuro, Shizuo gets hit by a car (again). When he regains consciousness, Izaya discovers that Shizuo has completely lost his memory. This presents Izaya with a rare opportunity, a docile, maleable Shizuo completely under his control, so naturally he takes advantage. He tells him that they were lovers {purely for his own amusement, not out of any (conscious) desire for a relationship}. Shizuo believes this because he feels an instinctive connection between them, and moves in with him. However, the more time Izaya spends reacquainting Shizuo with the world, the more sides Izaya sees of him that he didn't know existed, and the more he wishes that the lie was true.

1. Gradual attraction please! Izaya tells Shizuo he doesn't expect anything out of him, although Shizuo feels bad that he doesn't remember someone so important.

2. Shizuo being shocked over his own strength. Also, if possible, I'd like his rages to still happen, because that's a part of who he is, although he's horrified afterwards."