Author's Note – I'd love it if you don't read this extra chapter; since to be honest, I prefer how I ended Lie to Me on Chapter 13. But since a lot of you want a happier ending, I made this alternate ending about what happens after a few years have passed since the end of Chapter 13. Again, with all due respect, I suggest you to stop reading.


"Is here okay?" the raspy voice of Shiki, one of the prominent members of Tokyo's underground broke the silence. The slender man looked outside of the tinted window, looking at how flakes of snow fell gracefully onto the land that has already covered in pure white color.

"It's fine," Izaya nodded. The adult man smiled thinly to himself. He put a small package covered in brown envelope inside his jacket and opened the door, sending his regards to Shiki before getting out of the black sedan.

Izaya closed the door and breathed the winter air of Ikebukuro. It has been so long since the last time he stepped on the grounds he used to step on so often years ago. The now more matured information broker sighed heavily as he scanned his eyes on his surroundings.

"Nothing has really changed, huh." Izaya smirked to himself. He started walking, reminiscing the scenery he has missed for so long.

For the whole years he avoided doing anything that has to do with Ikebukuro, more over the certain blond named Shizuo Heiwajima. He buried the bittersweet memories he had with Shizuo deep beneath the abyss of his mind. He swore to himself not to let himself slip and fall pathetically like he did under Shizuo's feet.

Despite vowing to himself, he kept finding himself setting hidden cameras to keep track on what was happening with the blond and everything around him. It was very disgraceful of him to do that but he couldn't help it. The feelings he has for the blond was like a persistent stain on a piece of white cloth that wouldn't disappear no matter how hard he scraped it.

He stopped walking when he saw a vending machine flying across the sky.

He felt his heartbeat loudened. Beneath the pockets of his jacket, he could feel his hands curled into fists, so hard that the nails dug into his skin.

Should I run? Should I leave?

Those are the questions he kept repeating inside his mind, but his body said otherwise. Instead of walking away, he walked further forward. Despite his vows, he dragged his feet closer to what might turn to be another living Hell to him. Despite how hurt his heart was, he couldn't lie to himself.

He knew what he was doing now might turn the years of forgetting the blond into vain. It would end up as nothing.

But he kept walking, walking, walking. His pupils widened when the figure he longed for the longest time was seen meters away from him.

He let himself be satisfied with only pictures of Shizuo. As long as he knew what the blond was doing, he was happy.

How is Shizuo doing? Ah, I see he's fine and having fun with others.

His face is as adorable when he eats ice cream.

He was shot in the stomach in the alleys? Is he okay? Will he be alright? Don't worry, I've sent someone to save him.

He's finally discharged? That's a relief.

Without his consent, tears started falling again.

'That's disgusting. Why crying again? Now of all times?' Izaya wiped his tears away. He kept staying behind the shadows, didn't want the blond to notice his whereabouts. 'I've never knew seeing him in the flesh would break my resolve this easily. That's so pitiful.'

Shizuo panted heavily as he walked closer to the already unconscious man in front of him. He grabbed the collar of the man's shirt in anger, before inhaling deeply to yell, "You're saying you needed the money to date that girl!? And now when I asked who the girl is, you don't even know her name!? YOU SAID YOU TWO LOVE EACH OTHER!? ARE YOU FUCKING PLAYING AROUND WITH ME!? HUUUH!?"

"Shizuo, that's enough. He's fainted already," Tom Tanaka, Shizuo's boss, finally grabbed the tall man on the shoulders. "Haaah, now that he's fainted, we can't even find out where he hides all the money."

"Ugh." Shizuo let go of the man's collar and fixed his glasses. "Sorry."

"That's fine." Tom sighed. "Shall we call it a day, then?"

"Ah," Shizuo nodded. He stood up and reached for his lips, only to find out that the cigarette he was having was already lying flat on the ground. "Che," he scoffed, irritated.

He was about to turn around and follow Tom when his nose found a smell. The smell he hasn't smelled for years. His eyes widened when the smell got stronger. He was near. He was coming near.

Shizuo looked around, his eyes searching intently, but he couldn't find the only one who has such a strong smell. The only one who could flip his life upside down. The only one he could hate and love the most.

'Izaya.' Shizuo's eyes twitched. He turned to face Tom who was already staring at him suspiciously.

"Sorry, Tom-san. I've something to do…" Shizuo scratched his head.

"I know," Tom smiled knowingly. He knew the only who could make Shizuo make such a vibrant expression. "Well then, I'll be just hanging around the usual place."

"Sorry," Shizuo nodded gratefully. He walked away and let his instincts lead the way.

Izaya was already sitting on one of the benches on a park near Sunshine 60. He let himself absorbed in his thoughts, regardless of drops and drops of snow falling on his head. He stroke his hands together to make himself feel warmer.

'What am I doing here, really…' Izaya asked himself. It was one day in February, where illumination lights were already turned on to lighten up the gloomy sky of Tokyo's Winter. Izaya stayed despite the snow, his eyes looked longingly at couples that walked past him, hands holding tightly to each other.

'It was around winter, too… When Shizuo finally regained his memories…' Izaya thought unconsciously. When he realized he was, once again, thinking about the blond, he sighed in pity to himself.


Izaya widened his eyes upon hearing his name called, called with that baritone voice he knew too well. Slowly he turned his head, and it wasn't just a dream: The blond named Shizuo Heiwajima was really standing across him.

It was so long since the last time he saw him with his own eyes. Shizuo sure grew taller. His arms were more toned now. The golden strands of hair were now a bit longer than he used to see.

"…Shizuo?" Izaya whispered, making sure that it was really Shizuo he was talking to, afraid that this was just his imagination.

"What are you doing here?" Shizuo walked closer to him, his expression tepid.

Izaya grabbed his knees tightly. "I have work that needs to be done around here." His heart throbbed despite himself. It wasn't easy to stop loving someone that you already showed your true self completely, after all.

"Is that so? Don't get too caught up in work," Shizuo chuckled. It has been a long time since he could speak normally with the Flea he used to hate so vigorously before. After years of not seeing him, Shizuo could feel that the hatred he had was slowly dissipated. That, and he didn't sense any maliciousness within Izaya like he used to when they first met during their high school days.

Izaya simply nodded. He kept his tough face on display, afraid that Shizuo might see that beneath his masks he was trembling so heavily, his heart thumped so hard it could explode any time.

"Hahaha, I knew it, this might turn very awkward," Shizuo laughed sheepishly. He looked down to Izaya who was still sitting in front of him, before reaching his arm toward the raven.

Izaya stared at the blond's hand for some good seconds before looking up questionably. "What's this?"

"I'm Shizuo Heiwajima. Nice to meet you," Shizuo smiled cheerfully. "It's always you who initiated the introductions, so for a change, I thought I should do this, too."

"I don't like you." Shizuo grunted. The sight of that sly raven smirking around annoyed him.

"Oh, yeah?" Izaya scoffed, not getting scared one bit. "Too bad. I thought we could have fun together," he sounded like he was belittling Shizuo.

"Noisy," Shizuo looked away.

"Don't say such a thing, Shizuo-kun."

"So let me introduce myself again, Shizu-chan." Izaya who never left his smirk, snatched a flick blade from his pocket and slashed Shizuo's chest, leaving a thin red line on the pale blue fabric.

"I'm Orihara Izaya. We'll have lots of fun."

"—But…" Izaya hesitated.

"C'mon! I've been wanting to do something cool! Heh!" Shizuo wiped his nose, feeling like his pride has boosted.

Still lingered in hesitation and fear, Izaya slowly reached out his arm and touched Shizuo's hand. He couldn't help that his cheeks reddened when their skin touched.

When Izaya's hand touched his, Shizuo tangled it in a strong grip and shook them together.

"Now, for a good fresh beginning for us, why don't we visit that new bakery shop? Their strawberry chiffon cake is the best!" Shizuo grinned widely as he pulled Izaya's hand and forced the raven to stand on his feet.

When Izaya felt Shizuo's hand patting the snow that has already piling on his shoulders, Izaya finally braved himself to believe that this was real, that he wasn't dreaming. It was really that Shizuo Heiwajima that was walking beside him, with wide smile on his face.

That he was smiling despite knowing that they used to be mortal enemies.

He never felt so fulfilled before. He felt like the burden in his heart and mind has finally lifted. He looked up happily at the illuminating lights that lit the wintry road.

Izaya finally smiled openly without hesitation, truly from the bottom of his heart.