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Portia hurried into the hospital, having received a call at home, on her day off. Her boss was always on her about all the over time she worked, but he knew she would have had his head, if she wasn't told. She had worked in social services for two years now, and this little boy had been her first charge, and still had a special place in her heart. He had been removed from his relatives, at the age of three, for serious physical and sexual abuse. They found no birth records, or other family, and he had been in foster care. He had bounced from home to home, often suffering more abuse than before, but they had nothing but doctors records. The little boy, nearing five, was a mute. The doctors assured her it was nothing physically wrong with him; he was just not willing to speak.

She had finally found him what she thought would be a permanent home. Anne was an elderly widow, who had the time and money. For the first time in two years, Harry had remained some where more than a month, six months.

She found the woman's son when she came in. "How is your mother?"

He turned to her. "She suffered a serious stroke. She will be in the hospital for a few weeks."

Portia had feared it. "I heard Harry called the ambulance. He has never spoken."

Adam nodded. "I was told by the cops. My mother has spoken of the little boy, she loves him dearly. She considered adopting him."

Portia sighed as she looked over at Harry. "I know, she asked recently, how long she had to wait to file."

Adam's eyes were on the little boy. "Mother will come home with me when better. Unfortunately, we don't have the time for a little boy too."

Portia understood. "Your mother told me of her grandchildren. I have been given permission to take Harry home for now."

Adam thought. "Is he permitted a cat of his own? My mother told me, how fond of her cats, he has been."

Portia knew that, and she wished desperately he could. She would allow it, but she knew the chances her and her fiancé would be named a permanent home for him, were almost none. She worked too many hours, and John was a police officer, neither was a good job for kids. They had a small second bedroom, but a tiny apartment, and had no backyard for the little boy. They wanted kids, and he was happy to have Harry come stay for a few days, but they both knew it would not be allowed to be longer.

Looking at Harry, she shook her head. He may end up in a group home, and even if not, he would likely not be allowed a pet. He knew Anne's cats had helped Harry to open up, and settle in with her. Anne's cats were all rescue cats, and would likely all be put down.

Portia knelt down in front of Harry. "Hey Harry, how are you doing?"

Harry looked up at her with terror in her eyes.

Portia sighed. "I know it must have been pretty scary, but you got Anne help, and she will be okay. You're going to come with me for now."

Harry just nodded his head, clutching at the little suitcase which held all he owned.

Portia offered her hand. "Come on Harry, you're going to stay with me and John for a few days. We'll find you a new home soon."

The little boy clutched at her hand, and followed her out to the car. How many times has she told him that, when she took him away? She had truly believed it, hoped with every home, she was right. In Anne, up until this stroke, she had been. Now the little boy was alone again. Portia and Anne had been the only people this little boy had ever shown any real trust in.

John was waiting when she got home, and watched as she took him, and got Harry into bed. He had tried to help, look for any of his family, since Harry had been put into foster care. But he had not had any luck in even finding out his birthday.

He held her as they closed the door. "We will find him a home."

Portia sighed. "I wish he could stay here, but I know he can't."

John kissed her. "I do too. I don't understand why we have such trouble. I know he is mute, but people take in handicapped kids."

Portia shook her head. "Odd things have been reported. Broken glass and more. Though one was by a total drunk who beat Harry bloody."

John was surprised. "He made it happen?"

Portia shrugged. "What the bastard claims."

John knew she thought it just drunk ranting. But he knew there was a chance it was more. His mother was a squib; she came from an old blood family, and had a close bond with her brother in that world. He had known about magic since he was little, and knew his Uncle and cousins. He had to wonder, if the little boy belonged to that world, and that was why they had found no one.

He kissed Portia. "Don't give up hope. I have a feeling things may turn around."

In the morning Portia went into the second room to check on Harry. John had left early; he didn't have work, so she didn't know where. He was mysterious, he had hinted about some hope, but she didn't know why. She loved him and trusted him, but after two years he had found nothing, and wondered what he thought he could do in days. Right now she was just hoping they could keep him out of a group home. He had been in one once, and had been removed by ambulance after a week, having fallen down the stairs.

Harry was sitting on the bed in the room, and she noticed he was holding something, but didn't know what. She saw a glimpse of fur, and at first thought it a stuffed animal, until she realized that she could hear a purr.

Portia knelt. "Harry."

Harry wouldn't look at her as he clutched a kitten."

Portia sighed. "Harry is this one of Anne's cats?"

Harry nodded timidly.

Portia reached out but he pulled away. "You know you can't have a kitten now. Perhaps when we find you a permanent home."

Harry had tears pouring down his cheeks.

John had come back and stood in the door. "Why doesn't the little cat stay with us? You know I always had one growing up."

Harry looked towards him with a little hope in his eyes.

Portia smiled. "I think that sounds like a plan. And then you can come visit him."

Harry looked back down at the kitty, but he nodded. She thought he must have hidden the kitten in his bag when the police had come. She remembered an old cat asleep on his bed, but it had one eye, and was not a kitten. She assumed the old cat had been too big for him to pack. Harry knew, the cats were rescue cats, and would likely be put down without Anne.

She led Harry out into the main room, John having brought home breakfast, after he had gone on some errand. She got Harry seated in front of the television, watching a Loony Tunes cartoon, with the cat, and having breakfast.

John turned to her. "I think I may have found his family."

Portia was shocked. "How? What do you mean?"

He kissed her. "I can't explain much, but in a day or two, we should know."

Portia felt both relief and worry. "I wish we could find his family. But why would they have not come for him before?"

John knew no more than her. "I don't know. But I have been led to believe, they were not aware where he was."

His mother had not told him much, but she had not needed to ask her brother, she seemed to know. She had assured him someone would come for the boy in a few days, when they had the paper work which would be needed. She had led him to believe, what the relatives had said was true, the parents had both died. But there seemed to be some family out there for the little boy.

John went and sat down with Harry. "You know we're going to have to come up with a name."

Harry looked at him in confusion.

John pointed at the cat on the couch. "If he is going to live with us, he'll need a name."

Harry thought for a moment and then pointed at the television.

Portia laughed when she saw what they were looking at. "Sylvester. Well he does look like the cat."

John agreed. "I think the name suits our new household member."

Harry sat cuddling with the cat, unaware of the rest of the talk. Portia watched the little boy, and had to wonder about this so called family, what they would be like. She truly hoped they would take care of Harry, and love him, but she couldn't help but have her doubts about them. Harry had suffered so much, including at the hands of his own family, she couldn't shut that off.

John just tried to assure her. "In a few days, we should see for ourselves what they are like."