four years later...

It was the last week of August, which was always a busy time of year. It meant packing up, and heading back to school for ten months. In the years past they had spent some more time at home on weekends. Severus had never been a teacher to leave usually, except during holidays, before Harry had come back into his life. But being a father, and a husband, changed ones priorities quite a bit. He was still a very hands on head of house, he had an open door with his kids, but he didn't live for it anymore. All those who knew him, thought it was a change for the better. He thought so too, when he thought about it, though he might not admit it always.

He found his husband in the office on the main floor. He and Remus had been married these past three years. They had been friends because of Lily, and had become close again, because of her son. And in raising Harry these past five years, the friendship blossomed into love for them.

Remus looked up from his desk. "Anxious to go I see?"

Severus ground his teeth. "Better now, then when the alley is crazier later in the week."

Remus closed his book. "Where is our son?"

Severus shrugged. "I assume up in his room. I checked out back."

Remus laughed. "My boys. One always down in the cellar, and the other always up in the attic. What is it about dark spaces?"

Severus shrugged. "Maybe a sign our son will be a Slytherin?"

Sirius who appeared in the door ground his teeth. "I don't care how many years you have raised my cub, he will be a Gryffindor."

Remus just shook his head. "The way he is, he could easily be a Ravenclaw."

Severus could agree. "Another year."

Severus headed up the stairs to his son's room. At ten, Harry had changed a lot, since they had brought him home. It had taken nearly two years, but Harry had started talking fully. He was never much of a talker though, he was still a bit shy, but around people he knew he opened up. He was still the gentle hearted sweet kid, with the very inquisitive mind. The years of a stable loving home, had only seen that grow and expand. He was still in contact with Portia and Anne. Portia and her husband now had two kids, but counted Harry among their family.

Harry's room was no longer decorated by Narcissa. It was a real reflection of their son. His room looked like a mini library, the books just changing as he grew up. The roof instead of posters, was covered in star charts, and plant sketches and more. He still drew, both for his studies with the centaurs, and for fun. There were pots of plants, and tanks of animals, including a snake. Sprinkles was still his favorite though.

Severus didn't see his son at first. "Harry?"

Harry spoke up. "Hi Papa, is it time to go?"

Severus finally saw his son in a little nook by the window, with his sketch pad. "Uncle Padfoot just arrived."

Harry didn't put down the pad at first. "I just have to finish this sketch. I promised Magorian I'd have it finished."

Severus shook his head. "You won't see him till tomorrow. We want to get to the shops before they're too busy."

Harry put the pad down. "Okay Papa."

Severus kissed his son on the head. "I know you hate shopping, but we'll stop at the apothecary."

Harry was all smiles when he heard that. "Can we do it first?"

They had been going downstairs and Sirius heard. He groaned. "I thought we'd forget that one."

Remus eyed his son and knew him too well. "Take him up stairs."

Harry should have known he'd not get it passed his Dad. "He wants to see the alley."

Severus noticed his son's little albino grass snake was around his neck. "Listen to your dad, take Salazar back up stairs."

Harry headed back up the stairs. Though he talked, and he did have his rare moment where he was a normal kid testing boundaries, he was still extremely well behaved. Severus never thought he'd say it, but he thought the twins were a good influence on Harry, they brought it out. Harry had been threatening to turn into a little Percy, but the twins and Luna assured he didn't. He and Charlie remained extremely close, but Charlie was more a big brother now. Charlie had graduated in June, but he was apprenticing with Kettleburn, and playing for the Cannons. Luna and Draco remained Harry's best friends, but the twins, Neville and Susan too. Severus thought Harry and Luna would be like him and Lily, the best of friends, like sister and brother. Luna's mother had died two years before, after being in and out of hospitals, and Luna relied on Harry a lot. They were a year apart in age, but they would remain good friends, in school there was no doubt.

Harry came back downstairs. He had got over his initial fear of snakes, and now had two pet snakes, Salazar was his favorite though. He had been allowed to take Salazar out, but not when they went into town like that.

They got to the alley and Harry smiled when he saw his cousin. "Draco."

Draco grinned. "Good Uncle Padfoot came. He can take us to the joke shop."

Sirius smiled. "See that is the store a normal ten year old should want to go to."

Severus saw his son's smile falter a bit and shook his head. "He only says that as he flunked potions."

Harry's smile returned a little. "Does he still hold the record for blowing up the classroom cauldrons?"

Sirius didn't think it funny. Harry sometimes could be a bit sensitive, and Sirius had to be reminded, to watch it sometimes. He had always wanted to be the favorite Uncle, but while he was for Draco, not so much for Harry. Lucius and Filius shared the honor for humans, and Harry considered Firenze like a centaur Uncle. He had continued his centaur studies all of these years, becoming quite the expert on stars and healing herbs. Magorian was sure to turn him into an amazing healer one day. And he wasn't even in school yet.

Severus smiled in pride with his husband as they watched Harry in the book store. "Some things never change do they."

Harry was happy to head back to school. He was happy that Charlie was going to intern with Professor Kettleburn. He had still worried his big brother would run off to dragons, like Bill, well Bill was with the bank in Egypt. Charlie wouldn't be at school full time, as he was playing quidditch too, but he would be there. It would be a bit odd at school. But Dad still taught school, for not only him, Neville, Susan and Luna any more, but Draco had joined. And the twins were in school as well, they had been last year, and they were always fun. Harry was anxious to return, during the school year he had lessons with the centaurs, three days. He and Rodin were still good friends.

Harry had double checked all of his things, even with Wobbi packing. He needed his sketches, and his notes, on his own little experiments. He liked working with Papa in the lab, but he wanted to be a healer, or work in the greenhouses.

Harry spotted something out the window and smiled. 'She's here.'

His dad spotted him as he came bounding down the stairs. "Ready to go?"

Harry stopped. "Wobbi is sending the last off Dad. I just need to get Sprinkles."

Severus had come up from his lab, finished. "I thought I saw the cat in the sitting room earlier."

Harry thought quickly. "She ran outside."

Dad had one of those looks which said he didn't believe him but nodded. "Okay, but make it quick. Your snakes are in their cages right?"

Harry nodded. "Wobbi is taking them to Luna's later."

Harry wished he could bring the snakes, but his dads enforced the one pet rule. They had promised, when he was eleven, he could have an owl though. Luna always kept the snakes for him, she couldn't talk to them, but she liked them. Luna's dad allowed it, if it made his daughter smile. Luna had been pretty sad when her mom died. Luna had never been close to her mom, she had been in and out of the hospital so much, but she had seen it. Harry had spent many sleep overs at her house, after five years, he still didn't like when she cried at all.

He went out into the back garden. Sprinkles was out there, but because Harry had put her out. Harry went over behind the tree, where he found Luna, who was waiting for him. She had used their special signal.

Luna hugged him. "I'm going to miss you. I'll take care of the snakes."

Harry hugged her back. "I know. And you'll be at the school two days a week."

Luna nodded. "But it's not the same as when you're down the road."

Harry handed her a gift. "I want you to have this."

Luna opened it. She found a pendant with a flower on it. "It's a Lily. Was it your mother's?"

Harry nodded. "Papa gave it to her. It was one of the few things I have of hers."

Luna almost gave it back. "You should have it."

Harry shook his head. "Papa gave it to his best friend, because she was like his sister. You're my sister."

Luna smiled and let him put it on her. "You're like my brother too."

Harry hugged her. Uncle Padfoot used to joke, that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, but Harry shook his head. Luna was his best friend, other than Draco but Draco was his cousin, and she was like his sister. He was close to Susan, but not like Luna, they had a special bond. He knew Papa would approve, that he gave her the pendant. Papa had often said, him and Luna were like Papa and his Mummy. As much as he loved Papa and Dad, he knew all about his mummy and father. He had a picture of them by his bed, and loved hearing stories about them.

He went back into the house, promising he'd write to her. His Papa and Dad saw him with the cat in his arms, so couldn't question it. They took the bus to the train station. It was days before the students came, so only the teachers were on.

Harry smiled as he followed the music down the hall after the bathroom. "Concerto number 5 this year?"

Filius looked up with a smile. "My favorite little music fan. You have grown quite an ear for it."

Harry smiled a little. "Better music than Padfoot."

Filius laughed. "Well you are welcome to join me."

Harry did for a bit, before he went to find Charlie. Harry and Filius remained as close as ever. He was friends with most of the staff, he liked spending time with Hagrid as well. He had even started to like Poppy, though he hated being a patient, but she could teach him a lot. Though he loved their home, the school was definitely home too, and a big part of whom he was.

Harry returned to their compartment, but he stood watching his dads, reading together. He and Dad had done it since he came home to them when little, and though older now, they still did. But he noticed, when he was meant to be asleep and came down, his dads often read together at night.

He smiled as he watched the two together. "My family."

Author note: I hope this was a good end. Everyone wanted a chance to see how Harry was in a few years. I chose to stop at ten, not show what he was in school, to leave that open. No there will be no sequel. I hope this is what you guys were hoping for.

Thank you for all your support. I hope I did the original story justice. I am open for a challenge for my first original story.