Well, I left you last time with a cliffhanger, neh? So, what is Edwina's fate? Time to find out.

This chapter is from Looten Plunder's POV.

From Edwina - Epilogue

Beep, beep, beep. The monitor repeated the tone over and over again. Laying motionless in the bed was Edwina, hooked up to the monitors aforementioned. Her eyes were shut, her body damaged, her future uncertain.

Looten Plunder sat in a hard wooden chair over the unconscious body of his daughter, her still hand clasped between his two. He blamed himself - it was his lack of forgiveness that had caused this.

When she was they argued very little. The only time he ever yelled at her then was when she played that music of her so loud, and even then it had been half hearted. He had seen, later on, her addition to construction plans of "sound proofing" and had smiled. She was a smart little girl. He pretended he didn't notice and let Edwina have it her way. It was his way of rewarding her for her smart move. Although he hadn't told her it, he was proud of her intelligence.

Soon after that had happened, she had asked him about her mother. He hadn't wanted to answer, but Edwina was too much like him - unrelenting. He had told her eventually. Maris, that had been her name, hadn't wanted Edwina in the first place - the pregnancy was unplanned, but he had welcomed it. When Edwina was born, he pampered her, after all that was what you were supposed to do with a little girl. Maris hadn't liked that and had tried to kill little Edwina - Looten had stopped her just in time. Maris had begged for his forgiveness, but Looten had refused her. Maris had done the only thing she could do - shot herself. Looten had returned with Edwina to find Maris's corpse and blamed himself for her death.

At night when he went to bed, he thought of Edwina. When she was still little, he had been plagued with worry over her - her happiness, her health, and her comfort. Some nights, his dreams were memories of her smiles and laughter. Others, he was stricken by horror when the bloody Maris showed up and blamed him for her death. Some terrible nights, he saw Edwina die and he awoke in a cold sweat and ran to her room. He would spend time in her bed next to her, but leave every time before she awoke. Once he knew she was still fine, he could go back to bed. She occupied his thoughts a lot.

After the story, he had intensified his efforts to show Edwina his love. He had continued his habit of giving her his special hot chocolate - filled with three different types of gourmet chocolate, syrup, whipped cream, marshmallows, and sprinkles. The ribbon on his cup had started as a way to make her cup more fancy. Later he had tied in on her finger on a whim - but Edwina had loved it so the practice had continued.

He wanted the best for her - she was sent to the top school, given the best food, and showered with his affection. Even so, he couldn't protect her all the time. He remembered the time she had come home from grammar school in tears - she had told him before how she had saved her classmate, but now those kids were picking on her. Edwina had been upset. Looten had pulled her from school that afternoon, along with the million or so he had been supplying as funding. He had hired a tutor for Edwina and then, to make her smile again, he had given in and bought what Edwina had wanted for years - a kitten. Edwina's eyes lit up like nothing else and she had smiled brightly.

He remembered the time they had argued about money. He had sent her out with $1,000 to try and make money. He had expected her to return in an hour or two tired and defeated. He hadn't expected her to come back late in the evening with a purple Lamborghini! He was shocked when she had shown him that, shocked and proud. She had his business savvy and sense! He was so proud of his little girl, but he couldn't bring himself to tell her that. They were both too proud.

When she turned 17, she had started her own company. At first she had been worried, but Looten had called her often and kept her she had done a singing career and he had been even prouder of her. She came home often and sometimes he visited her. Their lives had seemed perfect.

Then they had had an argument - he couldn't remember what it was about, but he had stormed out angry and been too proud to apologize to her. He didn't know where she had gone or what she was doing. She called once or twice for one or another reason but he always refused the phone. If she wanted to see him, why didn't she come in person? She had no courage to face him - so he had no reason to speak to her. Or so he thought.

The revelation had come from Hoggish Greedly, whom he had worked with for a while and was a close to a friend as Looten would consider. They were working on a scheme together once again. He had made some comment in reference to Junior, Hoggish's son who had turned to be an environmental activist. Hoggish has sneered out that his "little miss Plunder" was a whack job addict or something or the sort. He had been shocked. When Greedly had handed over the file, his heart had dropped. Drugs? Alcohol? Suicide attempt? Rehab? Psychosis? Depression? What was wrong with Edwina! What had happened? He had left in a rush, determined to look for Edwina with Bleak's assistance. He didn't expect Bleak to be waiting for him in the lobby with bad news.

He had felt cold all the way to the hospital sitting in the backseat of the limo. As they traveled, he thought of her, of Edwina, throughout the years. He was worried - his inability to forgive might now be causing the same harm to Edwina as he had done to Maris. If Edwina died, Looten would never be able to forgive himself. If she lived, he would have to make up for all the things he'd done wrong with her - he'd try to earn her forgiveness. After all, he abandoned her in her time of need. Now, as he sat over her, he still worried.

Six days. She's been unconscious for six whole days since her accident.

Six days with no signs of improvement and no signs of further distress.

Six long, hard, and painful days.

Six days of punishing himself for his misdeeds in his head.

Six days of reviewing his mistakes over and over again and wishing he could try and start over.

Six days where sleep was scarce and what sleep he did obtain was haunted by a bloody Maris.

Six days of worry, of fear, and of pain.

Six days of thinking he was the worst father on the entire planet.

Exhausted both physically and mentally, he broke down and started to cry for the first time in a very long time. The tears fell onto Edwina's hand still held in his two and dropped to the floor without a sound, as if they didn't matter at all. The sight troubled him further.

"I'm sorry, Edwina. I'm so sorry." The words were sobbed quietly to her hand.

He looked up at her face and started again. "I'm sorry, Edwina. I'm so sorry."

He gripped her hand tighter, bringing the still form to his face, to have Edwina closer to him. If he could have, he would have picked her up to cuddle her body.

The words spilled out along with more tears "I'm so sorry."

He closed his eyes and imagined her finger moving against his cheek and her suddenly sitting up to hug him, eyes warm. He imagined her forgiving him. He hoped for it, wished for it with all his heart. He imagined the finger moving again. Chucking softly to himself over his own delusions, he wiped the closed eyes off with his sleeve and looked back at Edwina.

Eyes the same shade of green and also brimming with tears stared back.

There were no words spoken - none were needed. The silence said everything.

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