Her short, choppy hair burned a bright fuchsia color. Her arm was stacked with thick black and silver bangles that clanged as she treaded into the room in thick rubber soled combat boots.

"Qua. . . Quinn?" Mercedes said her eyes in disbelief. Rachel stood next to her, her mouth gaped open.

Quinn snubbed out the lit cigarette that was dangling from her mouth and tucked it behind her ear. "Yea?"

swallowed hard. "This certainly is. . . . different."

Quinn peered out from under her bangs at Puck. He sat still, his hands crossed in front of him.

Puck saw her thick kohl lined green-gray eyes glance his way. Her face was heavily made up, but he knew underneath all that was the simple, clean, girl next door face he had fell in love with almost two years ago. She shimmied across the room in her tight black skirt and sat down on Finn Hudson's lap. "How ya doin'?" She said breathy and alluring.

"Quinn!" Finn said pushing her off his lap. Rachel's face furrowed inward, her possessiveness of Finn showing through.

Quinn walked out of the choir room, smirking. "Screw it. I quit this stupid glee club."


It all started that day at Target. If Finn hadn't wanted stupid Halo 3 for his birthday, all of this would have never had happened.

"Noah! Just pick one. I don't think he cares!" Quinn snapped, her attitude contradicting with her lady like white lace dress.

He held two different versions of the game in his hand. "It's Halo. You can't 'just pick one'. "

Quinn was ignoring him now, looking off into the distance. "Oh so you're going to ignore me now?" Puck asked rolling his eyes.

Quinn stuck her hand, palm out into Puck's face. "Listen. Do you hear that?"

All Puck heard was a baby crying. "Whose baby is that? Give it something please. I'm trying to hear something."

The color was gone from Quinn's face. "That's our baby."

She was pulling him through the aisles of bottles, pacifiers, and tiny shorts before he could blink. She pulled them down behind a rack of Children's bathing suits. That's when he heard it. "Beth. Bethy! I know your teefers hurt. Let mommy find the Orajel and we can be on our way." The voice was thick and sweet, like honey. Even in her baby voice it had a sing song quality to it. It was Shelby. They glimpsed over the rack. Shelby was pushing a red Target cart, searching the shelves. A chubby baby girl sat in the front of the cart crying and chewing her fist. Two little pigtails of golden stands sat atop her head. Her big hazel eyes looked longingly at Shelby. "She looks. . . . She's . . . she looks just like" he turned to look at Quinn. Silent tears slid down Quinn's face. "I need to go home." er big hazel