My mother said "it's just a phase," When she saw my pink hair. Her eyebrows arched as I hauled garbage bags full of my Anthropology dresses and J. Crew cardigans down to the basement. She began to panic when I came home with the shiny stud glittering in my nose. She thinks I'm doing this for attention. It's not attention. It's a cry for help. That day in Target was the breaking point. Seeing Beth with Shelby had ripped open the wounds that had only started to heal. I hadn't talked to Puck since. Shelby looked so much like him; it just hurt to look at him. I really do need to call him. It's not his fault. When I saw her, scenarios ran through my head the rest of the night. What if my mom had stood up for me when Finn had sung the news to her and my dad? My mother kicking him out instead of me? What if I'd taken her up on her offer to create a nursery and we had mashed together what little bit of family we had left? What if Finn had never found out? Would we be living together the three of us, poor but happy? But every scenario she ran through it was never Puck's fault. I picked up the phone and dialed his number.



Quinn hadn't spoken to me since we saw Beth in Target. Now she was acting crazy, sitting on Finn's lap, not looking anything like her. Maybe it really began that day in New York when she cut her hair. Maybe this was her big plan she had frightened Finn with. After Beth's birth, her sanity was already hanging on by a thread. She just wanted everything she had given up for Beth. She had started dating Sam pretty Quick but when things didn't go back to "normal" she went back to Finn. When Finn couldn't even erase Beth out of her life she broke down. She was no longer head Cheerio, Quarterback's girlfriend, Good moral Christian girl. She was just "that girl". The girl that got drunk off of wine coolers and was knocked up by a Lima Loser her Sophomore year. It was all my fault. She was still painfully gorgeous. But I have no memories of her pink hair landing in my face smelling like Jasmine and Lavender as we lay together. Only her honey blond strands. The bulky metal ring clashed with her beautiful delicate face. She thought the heavy eyeliner masked her pain and confusion, but her eyes still pleaded for me to hold on tight and never let go. My phone rang making me jump. As I flip It open I try to catch my breath. "Hello Quinn."

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