by Gunman

Disclaimer: I own neither Evangelion, Captain America, or their characters.

Summary: Shinji gets teleported to 1942 America and gets transformed into a Super Soldier like Steve Rogers. There he becomes his teen sidekick, code-named Star.

My thanks to 'Cylon One' for the suggestions and editing on this story.


Chapter 1
Enter The Sidekick

(Operation Rebirth facility; Brooklyn, New York; May 1942)

The procedure had been a success.

The chosen candidate had turned out better than they could have hoped.

Of course, since he was not much to begin with, the expectations should have been pretty high.

"How do you feel?" the brown-haired woman in the military uniform with the British accent asked.

"Taller." the blond-haired young man said with a deep sigh.

"Uh... yes." the woman said, staring at the man's muscular and exposed chest.

"The son of a bitch did it." the gruff-looking Colonel Chester Philips said with a laugh.

"You actually did it." Howard Stark, the civilian scientist, declared.

"Yes, we did." Dr. Abraham Erskine, the older-looking German scientist, replied.

While everyone was congratulating everyone else on the success of the project, the German assassin, Heinz Kruger, grinned as he made his way towards the traitorous doctor. Having snuck in as part of Senator Brant's entourage, Kruger was expertly placed to strike out at Erskine.

However, before he could even reach him, a strange energy started surging in the middle of the room. Everyone paused as a strange, black hole appeared in the midst of the group of people, a young human figure exploding through the hole.


He crashed into the wheeled and covered cart which held the last vial of formula that they had used on the skinny, blond-haired young man. The vial of blue liquid dropped down, shattering on a piece of metal and poured onto the young man. More specifically, into his open, gaping wounds. His skintight suit was shredded open, as was his skin, allowing the blue chemical to quickly absorb into the open wounds of his chest and arms.

Not a single drop of the blue liquid touched the floor.

"What the hell was that?" Colonel Philips asked after the black hole suddenly vanished.

"No clue. It wasn't anything of mine." Howard Stark replied.

"What's wrong with him?" Steve Rogers, the blond-haired young man, asked, crouched near the boy who looked like he was on the verge of a seizure.

"The formula that I used on you. It's in his wounds. But... something is wrong." Erskine said.

"What? What's wrong?" Steve asked.

"It's interacting with something in his own system." the elder scientist said.

"Can we do anything?" British Agent Peggy Carter asked.

"What about the Vita-rays? It could stabilize him." Howard Stark said.

"It could save him... or it could overload his system and he could die." Erskine said.

"He'll die if we don't do something! We have to help him!" Steve declared.

"Are you sure? We don't know who he is, really." Erskine said.

"Exactly! Is he friend or foe?" Colonel Philips asked.

"Look at him! He's a kid!" Steve said as he gently picked the twitching boy up. "God, he reminds me of... me."

"He's Japanese!" U.S. Senator Brant shouted.

"He is still a child! Bring him over!" Erskine shouted.

"Right! Here we go!" Howard Stark shouted.

Steve put the teenager in the Rebirth Chamber, as Howard Stark activated it.

The machine powered up as the group stood apart from it.

A flash and hiss, the explosive sparks of the machine, a blinding light, all became apparent as the young man was infused with vita-rays same as Steve was.

The machine opened with a hiss, and from within, the young man who had been as thin and as unhealthy looking as Steve himself before he went into the machine, came out only a few inches taller than before, but with an athletic physique that was more than twice his former size, and 3X as ripped!

His skintight suit, or at least what was left on his body, strained against his new muscles, but it was evident that his wounds had been closed and healed.

And what's more, the boy was conscious.

"Hey. Are you... alright?" Steve asked the boy.

(Where... where am I?) The boy asked in Japanese.

"Uh... can anyone translate?" Steve asked.

"I can." Peggy Carter said as she stepped forward and cleared her throat. (Hello. My name is Peggy Carter. What is your name?) She asked in perfect Japanese.

"She speaks Japanese?" Steve asked Howard Stark, who only shrugged his shoulders.

(Ikari Shinji.) The teenager replied, looking around in confusion.

"His name is Shinji Ikari." Peggy translated. (And how do you feel?)

(I feel... good. Really good.) Shinji replied, though Agent Carter actually noticed his confused expression at his own words.

"He says he feels good." she translated. (Do you know where you are?)

Shinji shook his head 'no'.

(What is the last thing you remember?) She asked.

(I was inside my Eva... I was... dying... and then I remember a bright flash... and then I woke up here.) he explained.

(What is an Eva?) Peggy asked.

(Evangelion. It's my giant robot that I use to fight the Angels.)


(Giant monsters that are trying to destroy the world.)

Peggy cocked her head to the side, wondering if the boy wasn't delusional.

(Shinji... what year is it?) She asked.

Shinji looked at her strangely. (Uh... 2015. Right?)

Peggy gasped when she realized the boy wasn't lying. "Oh, dear."

"What is it?" Colonel Philips asked.

"Uh..." (Shinji... it's 1942, and you're in America. New York, to be precise.) Peggy explained to him.

At hearing this, Shinji's eyes went wide with shock.

(I'm where?) Shinji asked.

Taking his shock at face value, Peggy continued.

(Can I ask... who won the war? And I mean 'World War II'?) she asked.

(The... Allied Forces won. It's 1942? Really?) Shinji asked.


"Agent Carter!" the colonel snapped.

"He... says he's from the year 2015, he is the pilot of a giant robot called an Evangelion, and he says that the Allies won World War II." she said.

The group looked at each other for a few seconds before Kruger made his move.

Looking past them, Shinji saw a clean-shaven man dressed in a gray, pinstripe suit and glasses who was moving up behind an older man wearing glasses and a white coat, with a small beard and mustache. He also noticed the mean glint in the clean-shaven man's eye, like the one his father and Asuka used to have.

(Look out!) Shinji shouted, pointing behind the group.

The group (which consisted of Colonel Philips, Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, Steve Rogers and Dr. Erskine) all turned around as Kruger made his move, setting off an explosion in the upper viewing area at the same time pulling out a gun and firing at Erskine.

Steve quickly moved towards Erskine, grabbing him before he fell, and set him down gently on the ground. The assassin made a break for it, only to get shot in the arm by Agent Carter, who gave chase to him as the man made a desperate break for it.

Colonel Philips and Howard Stark quickly went to Steve's side, trying to help Erskine, while Shinji just looked at the entire situation with a stunned expression on his face.

He looked over at the older man lying on the ground, who just lifted his hand and pointed at the blond haired man's chest, not saying a word.

As the man's head fell to the side, indicating his death, Steve stood up, turned to Shinji, pointed at him, and then waved him over.

"Follow me!" Steve shouted to Shinji.

Not understanding what he was saying, but perceiving the meaning, Shinji raced after the athletic blond haired young man.


Having saved Peggy from being run over by Kruger's stolen cab, something that she actually took offense to, Steve and Shinji raced through the streets of Brooklyn, New York, chasing after the assassin who had killed Dr. Erskine and was making a beeline towards the harbor.

Running after him on foot, the Japanese teenager was actually stunned by what was happening. More from the fact that he was keeping pace with the blond man, than the fact he was chasing an assassin with a gun.

What the hell am I doing? Shinji thought as he obediently followed behind the blond haired man, his own shock at being able to keep up, not to mention jumping over fences, over cars, from the roof-to-roof of the cars, and he wasn't even breaking a sweat. How am I doing this? And why am I... not afraid?

Eventually, the pair caught up to the cab, jumping onto the roof and holding on tightly.

Steve was up front while Shinji was behind him, falling backwards onto the trunk.

The assassin tried to get the pair off his stolen cab, swerving and even firing through the roof to hit Steve, and out the back window to hit Shinji. But this distracted him, causing him to strike a large truck which sent the cab tumbling over and over until it came to a stop.

Steve and Shinji had been thrown from the cab and, going limp, rolled over and over until they too came to a stop.

The assassin got out of the cab and took off towards the docks.

Steve and Shinji followed close behind him, seeing the assassin quickly taking a young boy with red hair and brown clothes hostage.

He pulled his gun up and took aim at the pair. Shinji, reacting on an impulse he wasn't fully aware of, pushed Steve out of the way as the assassin fired, striking the Japanese teen in the arm.

Steve grabbed the broken-off door of the taxi cab as a shield as the man fired again, striking the door but not Steve.

Shinji stayed behind Steve, but followed him into the docks area where the man had drug the boy.

"Don't!" Kruger shouts, pointing the gun at the boy's head.

Steve and Shinji emerge around the corner, their arms raised, the man aiming the gun at both of them and pulled the trigger, only to hear a 'click'.

His gun was empty.

Thinking quickly, he tossed the boy into the water and ran down the docks towards the far end. Steve and Shinji ran up to the edge of the docks, staring over at the boy in the water.

"I can swim!" the boy shouts. "Go get him!"

The pair raced after the German assassin, who had jumped into a strange submarine and starts heading out of the docks past the ships.

Steve quickly jumped in the water and was able to catch up to the submarine. He punched a hole in the windshield and pulled the assassin out of the craft.

He tossed Kruger back up onto the dock, where Shinji was waiting.

Seeing the injured teenager, Kruger lunged at Shinji, grabbing him by his neck. Shinji grunted as his foot lashed out and kicked the man in the crotch.

"ouch." the man said in a very high voice as he dropped to his knees, his hands over his groin.

Steve scrambled out of the water and grabbed the man by the collar.

"Who the hell are you?" Steve demanded.

"The first of many!" the man cried out in a very high voice.

Steve looked at the man in confusion. "Why do you sound like Mickey Mouse?" he asked.

The assassin cleared his voice, coughing, and then said, in a normal voice. "Cut off one head, and two more will take its place. Hail Hydra!" he said as he bit down on his back tooth, a poison capsule spilling into his mouth and killing him.

Steve gasped as he looked at the dying man, then over at Shinji.

"Did you kick him in the balls?" he asked Shinji.

The highly athletic Japanese teenager just looked at the blond-haired super soldier, unsure of what he had just said.

"Never mind." Steve said as Agent Carter and a pair of soldiers arrived.


(Hours later, SSR Hospital Wing)

"Think you guys got enough?" Steve asked as he rolled down his sleeve.

"From who? You or Shinji?" Peggy asked. "Erskine's serum is integrated into your genetic code. Any hope we have of recreating it lies in your blood. But without Erskine, it could take years. Maybe even decades."

"What about him?" Steve asked, looking past Peggy and over to Shinji as another nurse extracted a needle out of his arm. The pair looked back to each other.

"You tell me." Peggy replied. "He was with you all the way, according to your report."

"Yeah. He kept up with me every step. He even took a bullet and that still didn't slow him down." Steve said. "Though... he didn't jump in the water when I did."

"Well, as you say, he was shot in the arm. But I asked him about that." Peggy said.


"He says he can't swim."

Steve looked at her in confusion. "He can't swim? That little boy who was taken hostage could swim, and he had to be younger than Shinji."

Peggy just shrugged her shoulders. "Apparently no one ever taught him. From what I gathered, he doesn't seem to have much in the way of family. His mother died when he was very young, his father abandoned him, and he was raised by a guardian who... didn't really enrich his life that much."

Steve looked at Shinji as a thoughtful expression formed over his face.

He is a lot like me. Steve thought.


(SSR Garage)

"My committee is demanding answers for this incident, Colonel." Senator Brant said.

"Maybe you'd like to tell me how a Nazi assassin made it into my top secret project in your escort?" Colonel Chester Philips asked the U.S. Senator.

"You ask me like I know. I don't." Brant said as the pair walked into the garage.

"Right." Philips said dismissively as he turned to Howard Stark, who was examining the mini-sub they had pulled out of the bay. "Well, Stark? What about this thing?" he asked the inventor.

"I don't even know where to begin. Speaking modestly, I'm the best mechanic and inventor in the country, and I couldn't begin to tell you how this thing works." Howard Stark said, standing next to the one-man submarine that they fished out of the water. "At least not right now. Honestly... we're not even close to this technology."

"So where the hell did it come from?" Brant asked.

"Hydra." Philips said.

"What?" Brant asked.

"You did read our report on them, didn't you? We sent a full briefing." Philips said.

"I get hundreds of reports a week. I can't read them all." Brant replied.

"Hydra is the Nazis' deep-science division." Agent Peggy Carter said as she, Steve, and Shinji entered the garage. "It's led by Johann Schmidt, one of Hitler's top minds and a ruthless bastard at that. He himself also a super-soldier due to stealing Erskine's original formula. His early formula."

"So the Nazis have a super soldier. We have two!" Senator Brant said.

Philips looked at the Senator like he was crazy.

And he probably was.

"Two? More like one and a half. But the kid's not a soldier. Neither of them are." the colonel said.

"We're going to need all the help we can get, sir. According to Erskine, Schmidt has much bigger ambitions than serving the Third Reich." Peggy said.

"Hydra's practically a cult. They worship Schmidt, they think he's invincible." Colonel Philips said.

"So what are you gonna do about it?" Senator Brant asked.

"Spoke to the president this morning. As of today the SSR is being retasked." Philips said.

"Colonel?" Agent Carter asked.

"This facility has been compromised. We're moving Strategic Scientific Reserve to England's lovely countryside in order to be of better help to the war effort. We are taking the fight to Hydra. Pack your bags Agent Carter. You too, Stark. You're flying to London tonight." the colonel said.

"Sir, if you're going after Schmidt, I want in." Rogers said.

"No. You're not a soldier, son, you're an experiment. You're going to Alamogordo." Philips said.

"The serum worked." Rogers argued.

"I asked for an army and all I got was you. You are not enough." Philips said, looking from Rogers to Shinji. "Neither is he."

"Two are better than one, sir." Peggy said.

"First of all, Agent Carter, he's 14 years old!" he said, pointing at Shinji. "Secondly, he doesn't have any military training. And lastly, we don't know if he'll even fight for us!" Colonel Philips explained, counting each reason on his fingers.

Not waiting for a rebuttal, Colonel Philips walked away.

"Where's Alamogordo?" Steve asked.

"New Mexico." Peggy said.

"I'm not going to New Mexico! I didn't sign up to be a lab rat!" Rogers said to Carter, Brant and Stark. "There has to be something we can do."

"Not likely." Howard Stark said, coming over to the group. "As a safety precaution Erskine kept the formula itself in his head. I can rebuild the Rebirth Chamber that infuses a person with Vita-rays, but without the serum itself the whole transformation would... overwhelm and kill a person's body."

"Just like the serum itself." Peggy said.

"Exactly. They're two parts of the whole system. Without the other to balance out the entire formula, the results could be... fatal." Stark said.

Everyone looked out at the boy who was now sitting in a chair across from the mini-sub.

Shinji was dressed in Roger's old military uniform, which had been fitted for an adult male of a much smaller size than normal. With Shinji's new physique, it was a perfect fit.

"Well, I'm inclined to agree with the Colonel about the boy. Especially about his age. He's too young to fight in this war. About the only thing he'll be good for is experiments and blood tests by other scientists in order to continue Erskine's work." Senator Brant said.

"With all due respect, sir, both of them could be more valuable than mere test subjects. All the boy would need is proper training." Carter said.

"Well, fine then. You train the boy, and I'll take Rogers." Brant said.

"You'll take him?" Stark asked the senator.

"Since we're not going to get our army, not even a fireteam, of super soldiers, it would be far better to utilize the one we do have in a way that would help the war effort." Brant said as he showed Steve a paper of his heroic actions against the Nazi agent. "The recruitment lines have been around the block since you made the paper. You don't take a soldier, a symbol, like that, and stick him in a lab. Son, do you wanna serve your country on the most important battle field of the war? That is... if you're up to it?" the senator asked.

"Sir, that's all I want." Steve said.

"Then, congratulations. You just got promoted." Brant said as he shook Steve's hand.

Off to the side, Shinji was sitting in a seat across from the high-tech mini-sub while the adults talked.

Peggy Carter had explained a lot to him in the last few hours, and he was still processing it.

World War II. Dr. Abraham Erskine. Hydra. Johann Schmidt. How Steve was chosen to be the first candidate for the super-soldier program. Himself being a super soldier.

Needless to say, the boy was lost. Lost in another time, another place, a whole other Era. And from what he knew about the 1940's, they had no means of getting him back to his own time. Which they would not do, since they were in the middle of a war against an enemy he didn't fully understand. An enemy, who were members of a race that had ultimately led to Asuka's 'creation'.

Shinji pushed these thoughts out of his head, only because it was becoming too much of a headache to process it properly.

What am I going to do now? Shinji thought to himself. I mean... I don't know this place I'm in, or how I got here. Everyone I know hasn't even been born yet. And here I am... changed. Different. So different than I was. Will they make me fight? Ms Carter said that they created the super-soldiers to fight and win the war. If I'm one of them... then I'll be forced to fight. But... I don't want to fight!

(Shinji?) a female voice said.

Looking up, Shinji saw Peggy Carter standing next to his chair.

(Y-yes?) The boy responded.

(Dr. Erskine is dead. Senator Brant is taking Steve in order to promote the war. SSR is being relocated to England. Which means we've all been reassigned. Including you.) She explained.

(You want me to fight. Don't you?)

It wasn't really a question.

Peggy sighed, hearing the reluctance in his voice.

(I know it's a lot to ask of you, Shinji, given that you're younger than everyone else. It would be better than sending you to a lab and using you as a test subject. And I wouldn't be asking this of you if we didn't have any other choice.) Peggy stated.

Just like Misato and NERV. Shinji thought, thinking back to his first day arrival at NERV. But... this is different. She's not trying to force me. There's no one ordering me or pressuring me to fight. No one throwing me into a fight I'm not prepared for. Speaking of... (I'm not trained. I don't know if I can do this.) Shinji replied to the woman.

(We'll train you before you get involved in anything.) Peggy promised. (But physically, you can handle all of this.)

She's right. I'm not the same I was when my fath- when the commander, ordered me to pilot Eva. They're not trying to force me to fight, like they did with Rei. I could refuse, but... if I do, things could change. The Allies could lose the war.

Fortunately, Shinji wasn't the kind of person who actually wondered about the ramifications of the future changing because he was in the past. He was only 14 after all. No, he got through life, doing what other people told him to do. It was his way of surviving.

The Allies have to win the war. Shinji thought, standing up to face the woman, he asked: (What do I have to do?)


With Erskine dead, and Senator Brant deciding to use Steve as a promotional gimmick to help boost the war effort, Shinji was left in the care of SSR, specifically that of Agent Peggy Carter.

Which reminded Shinji of how he had been taken in by Misato.

At Peggy's insistence, Shinji was trained extensively in hand-to-hand combat, marksmanship, agility, infiltration, languages, weapons, survival, and given a special costume courtesy of Howard Stark.

Because Shinji was not a regular soldier, both Carter and Philips agreed that it be best to train him as a 'special operative', and with Howard Stark's help created a costume that would conceal Shinji's identity as well as provide him some degree of protection.

The costume itself was meant to reflect the patriotism of the USA. It was mostly dark blue with red gloves and boots, white trim around the gloves and boots with white stripes up on the outside of the legs, a large red star on his chest, a red starburst on his forehead, a brown belt with several compartments with a belt-buckle that was a red circle with a white star in the center. It came with a mask (where the red starburst was) with built-in aviator goggles that covered his eyes yet still allowed him to see.

Personally, Shinji would have preferred a black costume, something that didn't stand out and would help conceal him at night. Like a ninja. But it did make a sort of sense to wear a red, white and blue outfit like that. After all, he was basically set up to be the super soldier Steve was supposed to be.

But while Shinji's identity was hidden from the world, most people who saw him thought that he was simply a young man. They just didn't know how young.

They also gave him a code name: American Star!

Though Peggy casually referred to him as Star.

In order to satisfy the scientists and possibly continue the super-soldier program, they withdrew a pint of blood from Shinji a week while he was training. On top of what they had already taken from him.

What's more, in order to make sure that no one really figured out Shinji's identity, Peggy convinced Shinji not to speak unless absolutely necessary. She compensated for this lack of talking by teaching him a method of communication that was both silent and covert. A combination of military hand-signals and sign language.

Shinji was trained extensively for the next four months following Erskine's death. Afterwards, he was sent into the field under the command of Agent Carter on special sabotage and infiltration missions that helped to put a crimp in the Nazis' wartime progress.

Shinji was also given a special weapon created by Howard Stark. It was a gas-powered grappling hook/harpoon that was attached to his left wrist. More of a tool than a weapon, Shinji actually found it to be incredibly useful. It was during one mission that Shinji acquired a more appropriate weapon, a small handgun called a Walther PPK, that he took from a Nazi officer who was trying to kill Agent Carter.

Peggy actually agreed that it was a good choice, given Shinji's physical size. Though she also found the whole thing to be rather humorous. A Japanese super soldier fighting for America using a German firearm.

Shinji's effectiveness and success on missions made him something of a ghost story amongst the Axis forces. Something that could neither be confirmed nor denied. Basically the soldiers knew that he existed, even though the higher-ups disregarded it as 'Allied Propaganda'.

To the Axis, he was a silent specter of misfortune. To the Allies, he was an effective and needed weapon in a time of war.


(Northern Italy, nine months later)

Star flipped through the air and kicked down two more Nazi agents. The third one snuck up behind him and tried to knife him in the back. Star spun around, knocking the knife from the man's hand then striking the man's right ear to disorient him. He quickly followed up with a punch to the ribs and throat, before kicking his legs out from under him.

A fourth man fired his machine gun until his drum was out of bullets, hitting nothing but air as the teenage super soldier ducked, dodged, rolled and swerved to avoid the rain of bullets. His drum empty, the man turned and ran, his left hand clutching a black satchel as he took off.

Star aimed his mini-harpoon and fired it at a tall building's chimney, the hook catching the brick as the spool retracted and pulled the boy through the air. Swinging and flipping through the air after the running man, Star flew like an acrobat doing a trapeze act. Shaking his harpoon loose and causing it to disengage from the wall, Star fell upon the man, his feet striking him in the back, knocking him down and out.

"Excellent, Star!" Peggy Carter said as she ran up to the unconscious German man.

The boy nodded, but said nothing.

It wasn't out of disrespect that he didn't speak, it was more from necessity.

In order to keep his identity a secret, he had to forgo actually talking so that anyone hearing him would not get wise to either his ethnicity nor his age.

Shinji accepted this, and became known as the silent super soldier.

Which was where their silent communication had actually become a necessity.

"Now, let's see what these boys were carrying that was so important." Peggy said as she started searching the satchel the man had been carrying.

Inside the satchel, Peggy found something that was rather startling.

(Trouble?) Star asked in sign-language.

"Unfortunately, yes. These are supply logs which also contain a report stating that over a hundred American soldiers have been captured and taken to one of Hydra's bases. Thirty miles behind enemy lines in Austria." Peggy sighed. "These have to be the men from the 107th. Come on! We need to find Steve!"

At hearing this, Shinji thought back to how long it had been since he had seen Steve. While it had been nearly a year, it seemed much longer than that.

Time for the Super Soldiers to reunite. Shinji thought as he followed Peggy back to her car.


Shinji had waited patiently at the airport for Peggy to return. Upon their return to the airfield outside of Camp Sentinel, inside the free-zones of Italy, the pair split. Peggy to go see Steve while he was doing a USO show, and Shinji to take care of his equipment from Howard Stark who was at the airfield.

Stark, being the military's civilian weapons contractor and mechanics expert, was also a skilled pilot and had his own aircraft.

Shinji had an idea as to what Peggy was thinking. You didn't spend nearly a year with a woman like that and not get an idea what she was thinking.

What boggled Shinji's mind is why she didn't let him go in behind enemy lines by himself. He had been there before and made it out without a scratch.

Of course, it had never been to a heavily fortified Hydra base in Austrian territory.

Four months of intensive training, five months spent on special missions, Shinji had more than enough skills to pull off an infiltration mission. However, if it was a rescue mission, then Shinji wasn't averse to some extra help. Especially with someone who was a lot like himself.

And Shinji was going to need help. These Hydra guys seemed more dangerous than 'conventional' Nazis. Their technology was deadlier and far more advanced. Not to mention that Hydra agents themselves were more fanatical than any other Nazi he'd ever encountered.

However, Steve had been on tour across the US for some time, promoting the war effort as the 'star-spangled man with a plan', a superhero that Senator Brant's aides had dubbed: Captain America!

Because of this, he had no formal military training. Not like Shinji did. Which made the teenage super soldier wonder if bringing Steve on this mission was at all necessary.

It was less than an hour later when Peggy and Steve arrived at the airfield, Shinji was already waiting for them along with Howard Stark.

Steve was decked out in brown pants, boots and a leather jacket, a blue helmet with a white 'A' on the forehead, and a triangular red, white and blue metal shield that he had been using as a prop for his USO shows. Underneath these clothes was his 'Captain America' costume.

Steve paused when he saw the masked young man standing next to Howard Stark's plane.

"Who's that?" Steve asked, grabbing his shield as he got out of the jeep.

"You don't recognize your former sidekick?" Peggy asked, indicating the young man decked out in his Star costume.

"Wha... Shinji?" Steve asked when he saw the costumed young man.

Shinji merely saluted the older super soldier and got into the plane.

"That is Shinji, isn't it?" Steve asked. "He looks different."

"Yes. He's been busy." Peggy answered.


Howard Stark flew his private plane over the Austrian borders towards their intended destination which was a Hydra base, with Peggy, Steve and Shinji in the back just talking.

Actually, Peggy and Steve were talking.

Since the last time they had seen each other, which was the first time they had actually met, Shinji had learned to speak English as well as German. However, due to his time spent as 'Star', he had become more adept at sign-language.

"Intelligence has located the Hydra base 30 miles behind enemy lines, near the base of the Northern mountains. It's heavily fortified and well guarded." Peggy said. "Even if you get in undetected, how will you be able to get those men out?"

"I'll think of something." Steve said as he looked at Shinji, who had taken his mask off since they had been airborne. "Nice outfit, by the way."

"Thank you. Mr. Stark made it for me." Shinji replied, in English. (Yes, Shinji had learned English in his nine months under SSR's guidance. Amongst other things.)

"Seems better than mine." Steve said.

"I don't think your outfit was designed for combat." Shinji stated.

"That's true enough." Steve stated, remembering all too well his public image, which he referred to as more of a trained monkey.

"Agent Carter, if we're not in too much of a hurry I thought we could stop off in Lucerne for a late night fondue." Stark said from the cockpit of the small plane.

Peggy looks awkwardly at Steve as Shinji rolled his eyes.

"Stark is the best civilian pilot I've ever seen. He's mad enough to brave this airspace, we're lucky to have him."

"So are you two...? Do you...? Fondue?"

"It's bread and cheese." Shinji said as he shook his mask clean of dust.

"It's what?" Steve asked as Shinji pulled his mask over his face, Star taking over. He even gets a good mask. Steve thought.

"Here!" Peggy said as she handed Steve a small mechanical device. "It's an emergency transponder. When you get to a safe area, just click the switch and we'll extract you as soon as we can. It's already tuned to a special frequency that SSR will be listening in on."

"Right." Steve said, accepting the device and putting it into his jacket.

"Just come back. The both of you." Peggy said.

"The both of us?" Steve asked.

"What? You didn't think we were going to let you go in alone." Peggy said, looking over at Star. "Shinji has been trained for this. He's got experience in infiltration. You'll need him." Peggy said.

"Alright. But if the shooting starts, stay behind me. This shield may be good for something after all." Steve said, lightly rapping on the triangular metal shield.

Star nodded, though a part of him felt like he was being treated like a sidekick instead of the one with the experience.

In all honesty, I probably should be the sidekick. Shinji thought. I'm young enough.

Suddenly, a hail of gunfire opened up around them.

"Anti-aircraft guns!" Howard Stark shouted.

Steve quickly went over to the door, opening it up and preparing to jump.

"Get back here! We're taking you all the way in." Peggy shouted.

"As soon as we're clear, turn this thing around and get the hell outta here!" Steve shouted over the whipping winds.

"You can't give me orders!" Peggy shouted.

"The hell I can't! I'm a captain!" Steve said with a smile before he jumped out of the plane.

Star was quick to follow him.

Peggy just watched as both chutes opened up before giving them a small salute.

"Good luck, boys!" Peggy said before closing the door.

And with that, Captain America and Star parachuted down into the dense forests of the Austrian wilderness.


Authors Notes:

What can be said. I know I'm gonna catch flak for this, but flames and criticism are welcome. I wrote stories for Thor and Iron Man, so why not Captain America. Everyone can just enjoy this as best they can, and hopefully leave me lots of reviews.

And if anyone noticed, I did base Shinji's costume off of 'Star', the superhero from the Savage Dragon comics, who once got his own comic series. This was actually deliberate, and I take no credit for it belonging to me.

And just so everyone knows... I will be changing alot of things from the original storyline.

Sorry. No Omakes. I was rushed to get this finished as soon as I could. Maybe next chapter.