It was a morning like every other. She woke up and stretch her arms and legs, she barely got out of bed and

headed to the restroom. She washed her face with cold water so she could wake up for good. Then she went

down stairs and looked at the table. There where some fried eggs and a glass of orange juice like every other

day. She sat down and started eating her breakfast. she grabbed her backpack and headed to school. She went

to her classroom and sat down in a chair that was at the very corner of the room. Alone, away from everyone

else. Everyone thought of her as a weird girl, but she didn't care about that, she was in her own world, a world

where no one except her and some other imaginary creatures lived. "Haruhi Suzumiya" shouted the teacher in a

loud angry voice. " im here" she said. "Well it doesn't look that way Suzumiya". it was the same scenario every

day, it was like she was living the same day over and over, nothing new, or out of the ordinary, she hated that,

she wanted a day where things changed, good or bad, she did not care , all she wanted was some excitement in

her life, something like an alien invasion, or a time traveler visiting her and taking her to the past and the future,

things like this, where the ones that she would like in her daily life. Suddenly the Bell rang and she snapped her

from her daydream, a very beautiful dream she have had since she could remember , it was break time, but

instead of going to hang out with her classmates, she would rather go to the school library. School was like her

second home, and the library was like her own room, she felt that sensation you get when you arrive from home

and lock up on your room so no one can bother you, it was the only place at school she loved so much, it was her

Dream world, there in the library she could find all kinds of books, she would even skip some classes just to keep

on reading books, they where her passion. After that she went back home, got up stairs and locked herself in her

room, she picked up a pen and a notebook and started writing in her diary

Dear Diary. Today was yesterday and tomorrow will be today, things are always the same, the same people, the same problems, the same feelings, everything, it almost seems like even the food is the same, I don't know what day it is or what month of the year, their all the same to me, why do they even bother in naming the days and months, its not like their different from each other, lets just hope tomorrow will be a day to remember.

She closed her diary and hide it somewhere in which no one would be able to find it, she leaned back on her bed,

and slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The sun was pouring through the window, it was the dawn of a new day, a day filed with hopes of becoming just

that, a new day. This time she quickly got out of her bead, didn't even had breakfast and run as fast as she could

to the school, she had this feeling, that something new was going to happen, something Fun. Suddenly she

tripped on her own feet because of her high speed and landed on the ground with brute force, her face was all

covered in dirt and she couldn't see a thing, she was just getting up when, out of nowhere, everything turned

pitch black.