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'And such is my life.'

Kagome sighed silently, blowing her hair out of her face while glancing out of the corners of her eyes. She stared at the back of one of the top students of Japan (and perhaps even the world), and yet felt no awe as did most of her peers.

Just what was so special about Yagami Raito anyway?

Yes, he was smart and yes, he was good looking too – but it didn't particularly mean anything to her personally. However, her mother fawned over him and apparently, she should feel 'honoured' that someone like Raito would take his precious time to tutor her in math.

(Yeah, her math grades had fallen that low).

'But Yagami – he's no one ordinary...' The miko thought, biting her lip to keep her silence up as her eyes swerved to the corner of Raito's room. It was really hard to keep quiet too – with that Shinigami twisting up into weird and strange positions that she probably wouldn't be able to unsee for quite some time.

'I wonder if Yagami knows there is a Shinigami following him around...' She thought, making it so that she appeared not to see the Death God (though he probably knew that she could see him and possessed holy energy).

"Are you understanding the material, Higurashi-san?" Raito swung on his chair, checking on her with that polite yet disinterested smile that she could immediately pick up, "The problems aren't too hard for you?"

"No, the way you explained it makes sense." Kagome admitted, giving the exact smile back to him. She blinked when his brownish eyes seemed to flicker red, though he merely nodded and turned back to his own homework and the bag of potato chips on his desk.

She watched him curiously, wondering why he seemed so very focused on something that he seemed to forget that she was currently sitting on his bed behind him. The miko strained her ears when she heard Raito mumble something.

"I'll take a potato chip," His hand stayed in the bag for a suspicious amount of time for grabbing a chip... "AND EAT IT!" Her blue eyes widened when he seemed to make a big deal out of taking a simple bite of the potato chip.

The Shinigami snickered in the corner and Kagome almost felt like joining along with him, "Yagami... I think I've used up a lot of your time," He tensed at her voice, as if realising she were just there, "And you must be hungry, so I'll just leave now." She smiled tightly when he stood up, as if to say 'don't go' in that irritating polite fashion of his.

"If you're sure..." Raito could not believe that he had forgotten that Kagome was behind him, but it was of little matter since the criminal who deserved to be punished got what was coming to them due to the Death Note, "I could walk you home." He offered, knowing his mother would pester him to do so.

"No, I'm okay," Kagome smiled, waving it off, "So, I'll see you in a few days?" She asked, receiving a nod in return and gathered her stuff. However, before she left the room, as Raito was watching her, she made sure to give the slightest of nods to the Shinigami and she could not help but snicker under her breath as she proceeded down the steps.

"Ryuk, did she see you?" His voice seemed to lose its usual composure and she relished in causing that.

Well, even if Raito was a strange teenage boy who probably stumbled into something strange (at least, that's what she assumed since that Shinigami was there and all), she couldn't help but to think of one thing.

'Yagami can sure make eating chips look epic...'

Favourite part of Death Note – epic chip eating and writing skillz... XD