Mike Ross is one of the strongest people Harvey Specter knows.

Which, if you think about it, doesn't really make sense. If you ask Harvey he'll probably tell you that the strongest person he knows is someone like Jessica Pearson, or maybe Donna, or maybe - depending on his mood - he'll tell you the strongest person he knows is he himself. But never in a million years would he answer Michael J. Ross. Because really, anyone who looks at Mike knows that calling him strong is crazy. They know that it just doesn't make any sense.

Except it does.

Because Mike is the kid who has been beaten down more times than Harvey cares to count. He's the kid who's lost nearly everyone he cares for, and who spends more time working than he does eating or sleeping because he wants to keep his grandmother in a good facility where she will be comfortable.

Mike's the too-thin kid who carries the weight of the world on his too-thin shoulders and yet somehow manages to keep on standing, smiling, and living.

Except for when he doesn't.

Because there are days that Mike's strength falters and those too-thin shoulders sag beneath the burdens they bear. And though it hasn't happened yet Harvey knows it's just a matter of time before the kid cracks, just a matter of time before he can't carry everything anymore and his strength finally ceases to just falter and instead gives out altogether. It's only a matter of time before Mike falls.

The strange thing is this shouldn't bother Harvey. He shouldn't worry about Mike and he shouldn't notice when his associate comes to work with just a little less bounce in his step or real happiness in his smile. Because that would indicate that on some level Harvey cares about Mike, and of course he doesn't.

Except he does.

And somewhere deep inside, in a place that he won't even admit to the existence of, it scares Harvey, this knowing that one day Mike is going to fall. Because he's not sure that once he falls Mike will be able to pick himself up again. And it bothers him that there's no one else to pick Mike up, either. There's no one to stand by Mike when he staggers, no one to steady him; there's on one to get him back on his feet, to dust him off, to slowly start putting the pieces back together if - when - Mike finally shatters. There's no one.

Except... maybe there is.

Mike Ross is one of the strongest people Harvey Specter knows. But even the strongest people stagger, the strongest walls crack and crumble, and when they do they need someone to be there to catch them and set them right again. They need someone to care.

Harvey knows that someday Mike's strength is going to give.

And Harvey is determined to be there to catch him when it does.

A/N: Yeah... just a random idea that struck me as I was sitting at my computer wishing that I were watching Suits (has it really only been a week since the season finale? How am I supposed to survive 'til next summer?). Not entirely sure I'm satisfied with it (I have such a hard time writing for this fandom for some really depressing reason...), but what did you guys think? I'm really afraid that this was kind of OOC so your reviews/suggestions/constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :D