A/N: Well this is a story that was inspired by a question that pops up a lot. Where was Vlad during Urban Jungle? And a picture I came across on D.A. by: DinKelion. I asked her if I could write a story she said go for it:) So heres what I came up with. It's not much but I like it:) I own nothing. Not the show. The picture or well anything.

BTW: The italics are Vlad's thoughts.


Where Was Vlad?

Third Person P.O.V.

"I'll find a way to save you Sam...I promise." Danny took off top speed into the ghost zone leaving a very angry, possessed Sam behind.

"He will return soon...I feel it." She petted one of the many vines beside her.

Vlad's Mansion

Currently underneath in his lab Vlad paced in deep thought.

With this plant mess my businesses in the area are sure to loose money. From seeing the ghosts running around I can't do this by myself. Daniel is no where to be found, what am I supposed to do? Surely most of the ghosts in the Ghost Zone are hiding from that monstrosity! I have such little options. I usually am able to handle these situations. Maybe...

Vlad stopped musing to look around, thinking there was a disturbance. Nothing could penetrate these walls...could they? He kept pacing thinking hard. His ratings were at stake along with all of his plans of world domination. A crash was heard from the next room. Vlad ran over to see, but vines sprouted out of every direction. Covering his equipment. A couple decided to wrap around his waste and hands.

"What in blazes!" A couple of purple flower covered his hands reverting him to human form.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the second half ghost." Sam came drifting in. Thick green vines behind her. Her short green dress fluttered a little.

"...Sam...Samantha?" Vlad was astonished by the sight in front of him. Sam grimaced.

"How many times do I have to tell you people not to call me that!" Her already green eyes flashed. The vines lifted him up into the air just a little. "You don't seem so scary without your ghost powers do you, Vlad?" The billionaire raised an eyebrow at the girls question.

"Might I ask what happened to you? I knew you were all for the environment but this?" She smirked lightly. She decided not to answer but drifted closer. Vlad started squirming a little. She took a hold of his tie and pulled it loose so it just hung around his neck. She dragged her hand up his chest to the first couple of buttons on his shirt and unbuttoned it.

"You might as well relax, we might be here a while." Vlad opened his mouth to say something but Sam was drawing nearer.

"Sama...Sam...w-what are you doing?" He tried moving his head backward but the plants would let him.

"You look scared Vlad?" She smirked. "You won't have to be if you join us..." Us? Is she talking about that ghost that's controlling the town? Her hand was on his thigh tracing circles.

"Pray tell me why, I would do that?" He managed to get his hand free.

"Your thirst for power, no?" She was right but no way was I going to become an overgrown vegetable.

"Not like this." She pulled her hand up and glared but relaxed again.

"You are very confusing, Vladimir." She edged in closer to the elder hybrid. He was stuck where he was. He tried opening his mouth to say something but she closed the space between them. Vlad honestly was so shocked that he didn't move. It was so different. What madness had caused her to do this. She hated the man for gods sake! Then again she really didn't seem herself...so to speak. One of the vines rested on his cheek. There are some things that are never kept sacred...