I couldn't access my fanfic today so I just wrote a one shot in my lunch hour because I couldn't remember where any story was up to.

Someone Like You

Adele (Adele 21 cd)

I heard that you're settled down

That you found a girl and you're married now.

I heard that your dreams came true.

Guess she gave you things I didn't give to you.

Old friend, why are you so shy?

Ain't like you to hold back or hide from the light.

I hate to turn up out of the blue uninvited

But I couldn't stay away, I couldn't fight it.

I had hoped you'd see my face and that you'd be reminded

That for me it isn't over

Never mind, I'll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you too

Don't forget me, I beg

"I'll remember", you said,

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead,


Nothing compares

No worries or cares

Regrets and mistakes

They are memories made.

Who would have known how bittersweet this would taste?

Never mind, I'll find someone like you

I wish nothing but the best for you too

Don't forget me, I beg

"I'll remember", you said,

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.

Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.

SomeOne Like You

(Intended as a One Shot, now apparently to be a Two Shot)

Bella Swan sat in her car and watched the guests gathered in front of the beautiful old stone built church. Most of them she knew, and she smiled at how wonderful Esme looked, as Mother Of The Groom. She was wearing a mid blue frock and short jacket and looked like one of those elegant movie stars from the fifties. Her hair was swept up off her shoulders into some type of intricate bun, no doubt Rosalie's handiwork. That girl could take the plainest tresses and twirl and braid them into an amazing work of art.

Rose herself was in lipstick pink, not quite her usual fire engine red that demanded everyone look at her.

Maybe Alice had threatened her about hogging the limelight and taking the attention away from herself. For a girl who barely managed to reach five foot tall, she was a little dynamo and only she could have ordered Rose out of her favorite color and been obeyed.

Emmett, oh God, Emmett.

In a way, Bella had missed him almost the most of the Cullen family. He looked even taller than she remembered and the suit was a novelty, even to him. He had his finger in the top of the tightly buttoned collar and was easing it gently.

The buttonhole revealed what she already guessed, he was Best Man.

Emmett really was the perfect Best Man, he would get the groom to the church on time, and no matter how wild the bachelor party had been, that soon-to-be-husband would be there, spotless, dressed perfectly, standing upright, even if Emmett had to hold him up himself.

Bella had not been invited but that was no surprise, it had been a while since she had ventured home to Forks.

All communication with the family she had loved, maybe even more than she once thought she loved her own parents, had ended that day. The day she sadly packed her bags and gave up. She had fought the good fight, she had given it her all but it was true apparently, sometimes love alone was not enough.

And he had let her go, that had been the hardest part.

He had shouted at her as she threw her clothes into her suitcase. He'd apologized for not being what she wanted him to be and told her she knew she didn't want to stay, so just go.

Just go.

Everything had gotten to be more than either of them could bear and it had been better to just do what he suggested and go.

The emptiness of her new life was just a reminder of all she had walked away from.

Oh, there he was.

The groom.

From his shiny black shoes, to his tuxedo clad body that she knew oh so well, to that face that was the very definition of beauty and perfection, to the for once tidy mass of copper almost curls, he was still breath takingly stunning.

Her heart contracted and she felt the imaginary knife stab into it again and twist, twist and turn and destroy what was left, the tiny ragged remains that somehow managed to keep beating and keep her alive.

Why, she had no idea.

She guessed she still hadn't suffered enough. Maybe today would be the culmination of every pain she had ever felt over him, and finally she would be allowed to embrace the soft welcoming arms of darkness and she would sleep the sleep of those granted eternal rest.

Bella slunk lower into her seat and watched from her vantage point in the carpark. Nobody had even glanced her way but he was frowning, scanning the area, no doubt feeling that strange pull their bodies generated whenever they got within fifty foot of one another.

She watched as Emmett picked up on his tension and walked to stand beside him, a massive calming hand on his brother's shoulder as Edward shook his head and waved a hand vaguely around in her direction. They needed Jasper there, he was the one who always managed to pour oil onto troubled waters.

Bella knew he was in Iraq and was equally sure he would have been as reluctant as she was to watch this final, life changing commitment between his Alice and her Edward, as they had always been until a mere two years ago. That was, if they got together the very minute she left.

Maybe they just knew and it hadn't taken long at all.

She had thought once that she knew, and it still caused her endless pain that she had been deceived by her own heart into believing he was her One.

Maybe he was, it was just that she wasn't his.

Emmett shrugged and shook his head.

Nope, her car wasn't here.

Well, it would have been the old red truck he was searching for and it had met it's maker just weeks after she had fled. Nobody would have associated this modern little vehicle with Bella Swan.

Emmett was being the perfect Best Man, walking Edward towards some newly arrived guests, shaking hands, distracting him.

That's what Best Men were for, to make sure, above everything else, that the groom walked down that aisle before the bride arrived, and stood waiting for her.

How disastrous had he not been there when she began that last walk as Miss Mary Alice Brandon.

Oh, movement at last.

Esme was calling to her sons, sending them inside first and then she gathered the guests like some overeager sheepdog and herded them inside as the limo hovered at the gate, waiting for them to get into their places before the bride and her stand in father arrived.

Carlisle would accompany Alice down the aisle and hand her over, not to the almost son they had all expected would one day be her groom, but to the beautiful Edward.

The grounds were empty, and the limo inched closer and next thing there was Carlisle, alighting, in his wedding gear, looking like the older version of Edward despite the different colored hair and eyes. His hair was so blond to be almost platinum, his son's such an amazing mix of brown and gold and copper. More like Esme's though even she knew Edward got the better, brighter, more unique version.

And Carlisle's eyes were ice blue, without the slighest coldness, just the color of corn flowers in the Summer sun. Bella had hoped had she and Edward ever had a daughter, that their child would inherit Carlisle's eyes.

Edward's own eyes were the purest, clearest green, prettier than emerald or jade, calm and welcoming like the sea. So easy to fall deep inside and drown. Too dangerous to pass on to a son of his own.

Rose alone waited, her pretty bouquet of roses and white lilies in hand and she smiled at Alice.

Carlisle opened the backdoor and out stepped Alice, the beautiful bride.

At her height, she should have looked comical, being almost as round as she was tall. Clearly they had left this wedding to the very last minute and if she wasn't quick on her feet, it could well be extended to include the christening.

Maybe it just wasn't possible to hurt more than she already did, so this didn't shock or distress Bella further.

He would be an amazing father, of that she had no doubt. He had always been so kind and gentle to small children and animals, no doubt this baby would have the very best father in the universe.

She hoped the baby's photo would get printed in the local paper, she must drop in at the newspaper office and subscribe. They would happily post her weekly copies to her each month. They'd always devoted a whole page to any new little newborn residents arriving in Forks, it was that kind of publication. More interested in someone's new baby than what was happening out there, in the rest of the world.

Bella knew she was crying silently but she ignored the tears and crept from her car and walked in a huge semi circle to get to the graveyard behind the church without going near that building itself.

There it was , the plot that had become the final home for her father just a little over two years ago. His death had shattered her in ways she hadn't expected. Who knew how distressing it would be, losing him like that? All those years while they had lived together in the little white clapboard house, just the two of them.

Renee long gone, just the ghost of her kept alive by Charlie's insistence of keeping the wedding photos, and the family portraits, on every bit of available wall space.

Of course, with Renee leaving when Bella was only six years old, the photos ended then, and there were no embarrassing updates as she hit the chubby pre adolescence period, or the gangly too long in the legs and arms stage that followed as her body slimmed and became almost boyish. Though mercifully that stage had not hung around for long.

Puberty had worked it's magic and replaced the flat board look for curves and bumps in the right places and an impossibly tiny waist in the middle.

And the scraggy hair had suddenly thickened and grown so long she could sit on it, and her dull plain eyes had changed and become 'interesting' her peers assured her.

Edward had loved her eyes.

Alice's were brown too, maybe he found them similar.

She pulled away the struggling weeds from the side of the concrete slab and tossed them to the grass at the far side, and brushed away the scattering of dirt.


Beloved Father


So few words. She wished now she had thought of some words to really describe how precious he had been. Of course, she hadn't really appreciated him in life, he always seemed to want to interfere with her life as she went through the teen years with no mother to guide her or be on her side.

It was as if he had been convinced Edward was only out to seduce her and break her heart, not love her and cherish her and give her everything he possibly could. The years with him would always be the golden years of her existence.

For seven years, from the age of a mere fifteen, he had been hers and hers alone.

And she had been his.

Nobody would have ever convinced her back then that things could change so fast your head would spin and leave you out there in the cold, wondering what the hell had happened?

She still wondered.

There had been no betrayal, no suggestion of anyone else coming between them, just her deep grief over Charlie had clouded her mind and her judgement and suddenly nothing Edward did was good enough.

He hadn't changed, he was exactly the same wonderful man he had always been but it just felt like he had the wrong arms.

All the years she had lain in those loving arms, suddenly she wanted her father's arms around her and the knowledge that this was impossible had shattered her. She had tried to change Edward, make him more like Charlie.

How insane was that?

Charlie had annoyed the heck out of her at times and that had felt like the strongest emotions he had stirred in her, until it was too late and she realized how much she had loved him and needed him and how grateful she was that unlike Renee, he had seen her as someone of enough value to stay and love and raise.

She had never wondered if Charlie would have liked the chance to leave first, before his wife had, because he was not that type of man. He was steady and hard working and salt of the earth and he knew the value of having a daughter and he had put her needs before his own.

Other kids at school had been in the same boat, in the Disappearing Mother's club, but their Dad's had dated and subjected them to a parade of changing 'potential stepmoms', and eventually some had remarried, some had just liked the search so much they'd continued it forever.

Bella had been lucky. Charlie had always thought of the absent Renee as his wife, and the small matter of the divorce and her remarriage had never caused him to falter.

He had devoted his entire life to his sometimes extremely ungrateful daughter.

Of course, the fact he was wary of her relationship with Edward had come between them. She could never see a single fault in the beautiful man at her side and she had raged at her father for being able to stand back and judge him and sometimes find him wanting.

It was crazy, Edward was perfect.

Always had been, always would be.

And yet she had tried to change perfection.

Edward had not understood how she felt about Charlie's loss, but he had a family, a proper Mom, and Dad who was always there for him, encouraging, helping, being what a real father should be.

Esme was the perfect cookie cutter mother than you encountered once in a lifetime if you were lucky.

And he had his brother, Emmett, the perfect brother. Always up for anything, always ready to go along with the wildest schemes and the craziest ideas when they were kids, always there with a mocking put down when Edward got too big for his boots,but mainly, no matter what, Emmett had his back.

He would fight through fire and Hell itself to come to Edward's aid.

And then he also had Jasper, his 'brother to another mother', as if he needed more people on his side.

Bella wondered if Edward ever felt the slightest nagging guilt that he had stepped into Jasper's life and taken Jasper's woman?

They must have been done, Alice and Jasper, because Edward would never consider cheating or coming on to another man's woman, and Jasper's would have been the very last woman on earth he would have poached. So Alice and Jasper, that other forever couple, must have wavered and fallen just like she and Edward had.

Bella stole a few flowers from the border garden and placed them on her father's gravestone and wished she had thought to bring her own. Something fitting. Maybe not roses, or a formal bouquet, just some hand picked wildflowers.

That made her think of the meadow, the one place in Forks where wild flowers always abounded.

The place she had given herself to Edward, for the first time and for many following times as well. Somehow, making love out in the wilderness had just made everything even better.

They could have been spotted by hikers or even the Quileute boys who considered the entire forest their playground, but neither of them had even cared.

Of course, the time Jacob Black saw them and ran to tell Charlie had not been her finest hour but they had survived. The world hadn't crashed to an end. Charlie had blushed redder than his daughter and mumbled things like 'be safe' and 'please don't tell me details' and 'he had better intend marrying you' had crossed his lips but he had not even attempted to punish her as Jake had hoped.

Bella guessed Charlie always knew this was going to happen anyway and she was almost eighteen that 'first time'. No need to make matters worse and admit it was a reenactment of their actual first time nearly two years earlier, the very day she turned sixteen. He really wouldn't have handled that information nearly as well.

What else would Edward have given her? Her deepest wish had been for him to be her first, and embarrassingly, he was still her only.

She knew that was weak and pointless, but lust and love had never struck her simultaneously again.

Maybe now and then lust had tried to visit but she had closed the door on him for not bringing anyone for her to love with him.

She couldn't cheapen what she and Edward had shared by being that way with someone she didn't love and the day she did finally fall in love again, she would change that status and willingly fall into bed with the man who made her heart beat again but until that day, she was not changing a thing.

Someone like Edward. That was who she was waiting for. Someone just like Edward.

And she wouldn't attempt to change him, not in any way.

She knew she had been wrong and stupid and all she could come up with was, grief did strange things to people.

Now with the passing of time, she could sit back and see how wrong she had been, how unfair. How futile, and in truth, she would never have wanted Edward to be any other way than they way he already was.

It had clearly been some Freudian desperate attempt to get her dead father back.

Edward hadn't even come looking for her, and at first she had waited, inside her mother's house by the phone, afraid to walk a single step outside in case she missed his call.

It was only maybe a year later that she even realized she had never told anyone who her mother had remarried so searching for a woman named Renee Swan would have led all enquiries back to Forks.

Nobody knew about Phil. Bella had thought by never admitting he had taken Charlie's rightful place in her mother's heart, that he didn't matter or maybe even never existed. A childish reaction, for sure but her fantasy had always been that her Mom would wake up and see what she walked away from and come back and make them a family again. Then it was too late and instead, Renee had been overseas in some distant country and no contact details and had missed the funeral entirely.

All she had said was "Bella, he was dead. He didn't know who turned up to see him buried and who didn't. Get over yourself."

Then Edward had said something similar, to her ears, at the time and she had never forgiven him.

"It's not Charlie, Bella. It's just his body. Think of it like your first car. You use it and then you sell it or scrap it and you never think of it again. Why, because you don't need it, it isn't you, and that corpse isn't Charlie."

Of course now she understood and knew he had been right but at the time it seemed like there was nobody on this earth on her side, who understood the magnitude of her loss.

There was the sound of music filling the air and Bella smiled, she knew who sat at that old piano inside the church and whose fingers caressed the keys and coaxed that blissful sound from it's tired parts.

His fingers had coaxed many moments of bliss from her own body and she was suddenly madly jealous of Alice, who would have those hands forever now.

Touching her, stroking her cheeks, her chin, her secret places.

Bella shook the image from her mind because of course, even as they were making the most precious vows to one another, the girl in the images was Bella herself.

She tried to stop the new images, the unavoidable truth, that Alice was giving him the child she had refused him.

Kids just weren't part of her lifeplan and she was unbending when he started to suggest it was time they gave it some open minded thought.

Bella had all but sneered at him.

A child? In this world? In a world where a wonderful, much respected Chief of Police could be gunned down by a fourteen year old with his stepdad's gun?

Nope, never happening.

It would be irresponsible to consider this crappy world was worthy of their child.

Of any child.

How many were starving, dying, and yet people made more instead of caring for those already here.

Once it became obvious Edward was not looking for her and would never call, she had joined World Children's Care and gone to Africa and helped feed and care for the poorest of the poor but it had been heartbreaking, for so many it was too little too late.

It had killed what little remained of her heart and she had come running home with no actual home to return to.

Charlie's house had been sold by whoever handled his estate, she presumed and the money sat in an account in her name.

Much as she wanted to just donate it all to the fund, she did have to eat and live and have a roof of sorts over her head until she found her place in the world and got a job.

A paying soulless job, like everyone else had.

She quite liked Florida, and Renee and Phil had moved on to somewhere else now, so she might go live there.

She quickened her pace and made it to her car just as the church doors opened and out walked the blushing bride and beautiful groom.

Camera's flashed, someone video'ed the whole walk back down the aisle as Mr and Mrs Edward Cullen walked into the fresh air for the first time as a married couple.

It was almost like the scene in a soap opera.

Alice made a few faltering steps and grabbed at her midsection.

Edward grabbed his hair and yanked all that perfected coiffering away as he panicked madly. Carlisle took over, shouting orders, Emmett was on the cellphone, calling for an ambulance.

Gosh, truly a day to remember.

Guests were milling about, not knowing what to do, and Carlisle said something and they scattered and headed for their cars. The cars that hid this very vehicle from the sight of the wedding party.

Bella started her own car and hoped to leave unnoticed, with the crush of cars all heading for the far exit, leaving the main one free for the ambulance.

Edward and Carlisle had both just climbed into the back of the white emergency vehicle as Bella drove out onto the road and headed for the small motel she called home tonight.

Tomorrow she would be gone and never return.


Morning broke and the door rattled as room service delivered her tray, with freshly brewed coffee and toast, scrambled eggs, orange juice and a complementary copy of Forks News.

The front page granted her wish, baby Jaxon Whitlock adorned the front cover and Bella frowned and read the story.

Our congratulations to Jasper and Alice Whitlock following the birth of their first son Jaxon Edward yesterday, just hours after the couple's marriage in Fork's local church. Edward Cullen, Jaxson's Godfather, stood in, as proxy, for Jasper, who was unable to get home from Iraq for neither the wedding nor the three week early arrival of his son. He is being flown home immediately now the baby has put in an appearance.

Our very best wishes to them all.

Bella put down the paper and wondered what an appropriate gift would be for this extraordinarily special baby, whose arrival had let her know the truth, and dispelled the assumptions she had made.

Maybe there was hope.

Maybe Edward would be willing to give her a second chance.

She would never know unless she went and asked him.

A/N If you've never listened to Adele sing Someone Like You, give yourself a treat. It never fails to make me cry even though, being married at 18 to the only man I've ever loved and still being on our honeymoon all these years and kids later, it shouldn't resonate with me...it's the way she sings it. You feel her words and cry for 'your loss' and it's just beautiful.A little annoying that the only pics we got here of Adele's US tour were ones of RPatz sitting in the front row...one pic of Adele wasn't reasonable?